5 ideas for your next startup business

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5 ideas for your next startup business

There are plenty ideas out there if you're looking to become an entrepreneur, but not everything is going to be a good fit.  Some ideas will be better than others, but each has a silver lining and profit potential.  You'll need to ask yourself if you're ready to sacrifice your time in order to start your own business, if the answer is yes, then you're ready to start (sort of).

You might have a nice 9 to 5 job with a decent salary, but how happy are you really?  Would you rather be making your own money and living happily while never answering to a boss?  Or would you rather sit at a desk having 9 different managers telling you what to do every hour of the day?

Some people take the security of the office job over the possibility of riches through being an entrepreneur because it's safe.  They have a family to support and they can't usually risk their time and money to start something from scratch, it's understandable.  But why not start something in your spare time and see where it goes 5 ideas for your next startup business  You don't have to invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each month in order to see if something is going to work out for you.

It's not always about making more money.  If I told you that you could make 25% less income working for yourself than you could at a typical 9 to 5 salary position, would you take it?  Hell yes you would!  Now I'm not telling you to just quit your job and start up a business lol.  I'm telling you that I know from first hand experience that it's possible if you put your mind to it 5 ideas for your next startup business

Below I'll go over 5 ideas for your next startup business

Idea #1: Vacation Rental Management
With airbnb being all the craze when it comes to low cost vacation rentals, there isn't anything out there that mediates the work.  And that's where you can come in 5 ideas for your next startup business

You can contact anyone with a vacation rental and have them sign a contract with you so that you can be the mediator or the rentals and times.  You basically be the person that the potential renters would contact and the owners don't have to deal with anything except accepting the payments and writing you a check for each sale 5 ideas for your next startup business

Some vacation homes will be listed for weekend rentals while others will be for 1 week to 1 year.  It all depends on what the house is like and it's location.  If your client owns a house on the beach, you can usually get a longer stay out of the renters because they want to be on the beach rather than going home.  If you have a cabin in the woods, you might only get a weekend trip from people throwing a bachelor party or a group of hunters wanting to get away.

The commission for something like this is usually around 20% of the total.  This means that if you get someone to stay for 1 month on the beach at a premium rental house, you can get a $1,000 paycheck coming in 5 ideas for your next startup business  Now this is a low chance because it would have to be a million dollar home in a ritzy neighborhood, but it's possible 5 ideas for your next startup business

Idea #2: Flipping Websites
This is a growing trend with people purchasing websites that are semi-profitable and then flipping them for more than they purchased the site for.  A lot of these buyers will get cheap website, build them up, then sell them for a nice profit.

This type of business is technical, so you better start learning how you can transfer domains and code to the buyers hosting account. 

Sometimes you can find a gem on or if you want to contact website owners directly, you can buy from them at a cheaper rate then sell it yourself on flippa lol.

Idea #3: Educational Content and Courses
An easy thing to do is create educational content and courses on something you're very familiar with.  I've done this in the past and I've written up courses on how to optimize your website.  It was a detailed course which basically started with the domain purcahse and ended with the first sale, and people seemed to love it 5 ideas for your next startup business

You don't have to just stick with things you know, you can go out of the way to learn something and then write up a course or "how to" and sell it.  You could even give it away for free and generate email sign ups which you can sell to later 5 ideas for your next startup business

Idea #4: Monthly "Box" Services
My girlfriend loves these types of services because she can pay $10 and get samples of makeup each month sent right to our house lol.  I've seen all types of these services going around, not just makeup ones.  The most recent one I saw was a dart board company taking $15 subscriptions and they would send out monthly samples of dart tips, barrels, shafts, flights, etc.  I was talking to the owner that started it up and he said if he puts a few different business cards in the box he gets additional sales through his websites 5 ideas for your next startup business

So not only are you making money, or breaking even from the box sales, you're profiting from the upsells 5 ideas for your next startup business

Idea #5: Ad Management Company
So many businesses are trying to break into advertising through adwords, bing ads, Facebook ads, etc.  But they aren't sure exactly what to do and where to spend their money.  This is where you come in with your ad management expertise and help them out.  You will obviously be getting paid a flat fee or a percentage, which isn't uncommon.

If you can get the company to spend $100 and bring them in $200, that's a good ROI and they will be willing to invest even more into their campaigns which you will make money off of 5 ideas for your next startup business

A lot of companies go with the commission structure, like if the client wants to spend $10,000 a month then you make $1,000.  I don't think this is actually the best model though.  You're not doing any extra work to be paid more, you're doing the same thing if they are investing $100 or $100,000 into their campaigns so you shouldn't get paid more.  Just work with a flat fee of $300 to $500 a month and you'll notice more clients will sign up with you.  If you end up making them a ton of money, they will usually give you a bonus 5 ideas for your next startup business

In Conclusion:
Every business takes time to get off of the ground, you won't profit right out of the gate.  If you do start profiting right away, keep that ball rolling and bootstrap as much as possible 5 ideas for your next startup business 

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Monthly Box Services is a great business but they are a big risk. And it's not easy if you do not have enough funds to invest into the business. You need to be able to setup a lot of special deals with suppliers to be able to do it properly. It's a bit tough to get into the market as well because of how many other services there are out there right now. Website Flipping is probably the best out there because you can start with a low budget. But you really do need to know what you are doing to make a good profit from it.

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The mention of having enough funds to invest in a business reminds me of my 2 failed offline businesses. The bankruptcy was mainly due to lack of capital. I thought that I could start small and grow but it did not happen. Albeit the influx of orders got me saddled with loans from lenders who charged me high interest rates that caused the downfall of my business.

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Those are some great startup ideas. As for me I started selling products online some years back and I have been very successful that I am considering to develop some new products. At first it was not really easy for me to get people to buy my products but with my hard work and advertising I succeeded. I started online tutoring recently and this is something that I totally enjoy. It is a different experience. I earn a decent amount online and when I was working offline I was earning lesser than that.

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What a plethora of great ideas here. I have not yet started selling products online just yet, unless you count my eBooks, but I am interested in getting started in this business. This is some good advice here about how to get started. I would most likely be the best qualified, after fifteen years in academia, at delving into Educational Content and Courses, especially in terms of writing tutorials and creative writing exercises. I could also set up sites which could offer educational material in how to navigate academic situations as a student and as a professor, and I could draw from my many years of experience to hopefully keep students and other professors from making the mistakes I have witnessed in my time.

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Thanks for sharing. The problems with job search is not the lack of work but lack of ideas and putting it to work.

A lot of persons have been jobless for decade all in the bid to get a work instead of creating one.

Nothing provides wealth and money like one talent.If we could put our talent to work,then we wouldn't lack money.

The listed businesses with the right attitude one can make a lot beyond one's expectations.

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Thanks for this comment here! I agree with you that the job search is dependent upon how resourceful and creative one can be. I have the positive attitude, and I think that I have a marginal degree of talent, but you are reminding me here that I need to open my mind to more and more options when it comes to employment. You can't sit around and rest on your laurels; you have to be aggressive and go out and hunt the jobs down.

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Cool ideas here, will look into the Ads management very soon, looks like it's a cool niche or should I say idea, but it looks like it requires expertise in the field, because I don't think any company will let you in or hire you without a some sort of certification or prove of been proficient in the management system. so I think it's a red flag for beginners.

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I think facebook ads definitely works. I have seen some people getting the install for their apps. And also there are times when the business gets harder on that point. I wish to try this for my business too. So far not much success. I wish to understand how to get the conversion for my personal website too. So far not much earning from it. And on that point you can see that startup business needs to focus on the results and then go with the idea that really converts well. Hopefully i can get conversion for my ideas as I am executing.

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Out of those ideas, I think that I'd personally pick either the flipping websites or the educational courses and classes. I have done flipping websites in the past and it can be very profitable if you know how to sniff out or guess what will sell. However, if you purchase a website and it doesn't sell profitably you will end up losing money quite fast. And then the educational area - this is always a big money maker. People always need and want the education so it's quite smart to present them some courses that will teach them various things.

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I actually tried flipping websites back in the day. Though I wasn't very much buying and selling but creating and selling. If you have a good budget, high technical skills, both coding and sys admin stuff, you can totally do this. But you also need to have an eye for marketing potential and know how to sell the website later on to make a profit.

So you basically need to be a veteran in online marketing to become a successful website flipper. I personally think this is a dying art but maybe this is just me.
I would rather buy semi profitable website and make the profitable and earn from them until I can earn no more.

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The ad management campaign sounds dooable for me. I'd like to explore this as well as other online avenues. I think I still have alot to learn in this arena. I hear people promoting products on their website and achieving remarkable results. I would like to explore this in it's fullest potential as it appears to be a very lucrative market.

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Referring to the online course thing, you need a lot of credibilities to be able to sell those. In other words, people won't just buy a course without seeing your real results. In fact, that's the big challenge of that idea besides raising the biz capital.

Anyway, another business you forgot to mention is web hosting. It's a fairly easy thing to set up. Just buy some reseller hosting, play around with cPanel to learn the tricks and you have made some of the first steps. Note, the 2nd ones involved, as with other businesses, are getting a good website, possibly getting good material for a blog, and getting advertising.

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I am a traveler and I have been checking on the airbnb offers lately. Although I still have to try it, I’m sure it is now the trend and maybe it will be the future of vacationers since the traditional hotels are expensive. Yes, there is a good percentage that you can earn when you market accommodation for vacation. But you need to be well-versed with the business because there are potential problems like when the client has complaints about the accommodation.

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