Google Speed UP Mobile Event - Marketing Track

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Google Speed UP Mobile Event - Marketing Track

Last week I participated yet to another Google event. An event both for programmers and marketers focused on making both parties understand the importance of speed on mobile devices and what technologies are out there to make full use of the opportunities a well optimized and fast websites can have on your conversions. 
Google Speed UP Mobile Event - Marketing Track
First and foremost I love going to Google events! Because I get the chance to hear news right from the expert's mouth even if I'm already up to date with all the news they are talking about it is still important to hear it first had from an authority figure, it changes your perception on certain things you may consider irrelevant or with little significance. 

Second I love meeting new people from the same industry as me, at such events you have the opportunity to make some new connections that can lead to all sorts of good stuff, you neve know.

Third. The food and goodies Google provides. We are talking about Google here, a huge corporation with a huge budget. Every event I went too was filled with good food, a few sponsored goodies and of course awards like Chrome cast, Google cardboard, and even a Google Pixel.  

So what were the main subjects of discussion?

  • The main point was pretty simple. 87% of mobile users turn to search when they need information on something, the moment they need it. 
  • With the rise in everything smart, the search industry is trying to accommodate all that. 
  • Speed is important because most websites out there are over 1MB and 30% over 2MB - keep in mind that over 53  percent of people will leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 
What are the main industry leaders doing to improve all of this? 
1. They get fast websites.
2. Measure and attribute everything.
3. Automate as much as possible. 
The main speakers were: 
  • Regina Umbach - Google's Senior online sales manager for Central Europe
  • Mariusz Gasiewski - CEEGR Performance Sales Activation Lead for Google Poland 
  • Thomas Steiner - Customer Solution Engineer, Google Hamburg 
Google Speed UP Mobile Event - Marketing TrackAll of them were great speakers though some didn't quite manage to finish their presentations because there wasn't enough time. I believe every speaker should practice before presenting something, this way you can know for sure how much time it will take today everything you want to say and you can actually optimize certain things. I hate when speakers rush the presentation skipping useful information just to get on on schedule. 

The people there were also pretty junior level, most of them were hearing these things for the first time ever which struck me as unbelievable. To be fair most of them were indeed really young and all seemed to be at junior status but still, I expected a lot more from the people present there and I was very disappointed at the lack of interaction as well as the general lack of knowledge. 
I also felt Google was pushing an agenda, especially the AMP agenda. AMP already late a bitter taste in my mouth ever since the amp URL update: When the user end up from organic search on one of your amp pages the URL the user sees won't be it will be something along the lines of which is freaking annoying if you ask me and just singles what Google really want to do, a total monopoly over every website out there by offering free CDN. 

I also didn't understand the technical relation between AMP a PWA (Progressive Web Ap) and how the two can work together and where exactly the transition will be made from AMP to PWA. 

Overall this event had its ups and downs but I'm glad I've been a part of it and hope I'll be able to participate in future such gatherings. 

PS: If any of you is interested in all the presentations the speakers from Google made at this event, shoot me up with a private message here on SEOclerks. 



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Wow 87% of mobile users go immediately on the search to find answers, those are very interesting numbers, so getting a website to load faster makes a lot of sense. I think this effort should be made by many companies, not just Google, in order to progress the online search engines and satisfaction of the users.

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I think most of the AMP efforts and the adsense is going to make money through the googles mobile efforts. I guess in future most of the changes that happen with the mobile would be worth checking out. I have not much done in this process. I guess we have to see how the event is going to affect in such case. I am looking forward to some of the changes in the analytics and the AMP. That's worth watching.

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It is interesting that Google is so concerned with speed, yet blogger runs very slowly for me. I don't know if I am the only one who has this problem, but whenever I try to add a new blog post, it takes forever and a day to get the platform to load. It also takes a long time between the time I post and the publishing. It can be rather frustrating!

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Halloo Kgor, you are right but In your case I think you need some good tips to speed up your blog :-)
Verify and see if the problem is due to the hosting you are using if so then change it into another better one or use a content delivery network also known as CDN that can help you speed up, I can't see myself trying to post just a content all day :-(

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I think that you are right, but in my case, I think the windows updates are the problem. I think I might be able to solve the problem by using Chromebook, as obviously the windows updates are not an issue on there. I will look at this in the future, and see if it will solve the problem.

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I think it is exciting to attend such events because you get to meet the people in the industry. There is no events of that kind here but in case there is I would probably try my best to attend not exactly for the lecture or distribution of information but more for the festive atmosphere. I had attended marketing events before and it’s fun to see the people in the industry to be friendly and accommodating.

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