A Feedback section in the discussions

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A Feedback section in the discussions

There is a lot of great sellers on here there should be a special section called Testimonials in the discussions area. I know there is a feedback once an order is complete but it would also be great to have a topic here in discussions area so other members can have a good look at them and maybe it will help these members get more noticed for the ones who don't get many sales or so on.

I had a brilliant service with IdealMike here is a brilliant top seller I think on here for articles and I also recently used him for a YouTube service and must say wow it blew my mind. What a great guy and seller on here remained in contact with me throughout the order and also delivered fast and explained everything. There a lot of top sellers on SEOCLERKS and IdealMike is one of them some of these sellers need a SHOUTOUT and also be recognised more for their skills on here and will help other members find this discussions section and read the testimonials.

So Seoclerks please look into this as I do feel this is a good suggestion for your site and the member's beneficial needs.


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In our old forum, before moving it to community discussions, we had such section for seller's feedback / reviews and also for "callout" of those with bad behavior. However it was always very spammy and misused by many members without much potential for sellers to increase sales, so at time of moving to CD, admins decided to remove such section because there is different measurements and filters to choose right service or seller for what buyers need in marketplace. Service reviews and recommendations are good enough

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Hi there thanks for your nice opinion. I think it has discussed our old forum as anweb already mentioned. Yes your offer is great for new featured for testimonial for seller or buyer. it should be great idea. But, at this moment a alternative featured active on marketplace like a recommendation. If you like service from seller and as a seller like buyer activity both can now exchange recommendation each other beside explaining experience by feedback. So, I wish recent future Jordan will consider your offer as well. But, at this moment I feel all enough for both buyer and seller by rating and recommendation each other.

Regards by Ajlancer

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Well, this is a nice opinion, I think too that feedback is so important especially for buyers. We are looking forward to have something like this in this forum.

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This is a nice suggestions I know humans are more tilted to criticism than praises before one praises you then you must have over done a thing. I think a section of this nature should be created it will encourage the sellers to do more and help make others to do a good job. I hope the appropriate authorities will look into this.

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Yes, feedback from the buyers are important so that we sellers understand what the problems that customers are facing, how we can tackle the problem and make them happy. When customers are happy, more in coming sales and revenue for merchants.

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