How to get more tumblr followers

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How to get more tumblr followers

A quick simple guide and tips and tricks on how you can get more followers on Tumblr.

TIP 1 Likes

Giving other Tumbler members likes on their posts gives them feeling that you're friendly and prepared to collaborate with different clients on the web. On Tumblr, you can like a page by tapping on the heart symbol that shows up on the base right-hand corner of the member's posts. The more posts you like, the more likely you are to get followers consequently.

Tip 2 Reblogging does help

Reblogging is the point at which you repost content from someone else's blog onto your page. Reblogging another person's content/blog encourages that member's blog to get more presentation. While hoping they will return the favour and give back where its due by reblogging one of your posts. This doesn't alway's happen, but you do have more of a chance of it happening and new followers.

To reblog a post, you should simply go to the blog entry you need to reblog and tap the "reblog" catch at the point of the post. You can add an inscription to the post in the "Subtitle" area on the off chance that you like. Hit Reblog Post.You've reblogged your first post.

Tip 3 Simple as this Follow others

Simple as this FOLLOW a bunch of member's. Yes, that simple but why?
When I say this it helps if there in your same niche as you or in your same interests. Try using the Tumblr search bar say your Tumblr and blogs/Websites are about making money, Well search for make money in the search bar. When the results pop up scroll down now and click on the nearest what you're drawn.

Where you will see it will say notes and if there is high number this means so many people love this blog that they have commented and reblogged. Now go through and try to follow some of these members. Try using this method daily and hell you probably end up with following a lot of members but notice you will see your followers growing and growing.

Hope this helps I will write another similar post soon as I know a lot of ways for other social sites this also works a similar way with Pinterest.


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My Tips:

Tip 1: Use Tags

One of the simplest ways to have your content found is by using the correct Tags. In this way, your posts can appear in the home of Tumblr or for anyone who browses themes within social media.

Tip 2: Original and fun content

Tumblr is a popular channel for fun. Being funny and having good humor in your posts can help. However, avoid telling the same joke that hundreds of other Tumblrs have already told. Seek to be different and have your own content. Remember that on the website itself and other social media, such as Facebook, it is easy to see the same post several times.

The same goes for those who use Tumblr as a tool for exposure and work. Showing what you know how to do is a good way to expose your differentials and, consequently, win more fans, followers and, who knows, customers.

Tip 3: Buttons

If you have a blog or website, you can also embed Tumblr buttons on these channels. On the page itself it is possible to create and obtain the code of various button templates. Thus, you can insert them anywhere on the web as well as on your Tumblr. This gives you more visibility into your content, attracting more followers.

Tip 4: Keep your Tumblr always up to date

Posting often is a way to get more hits and reblogs on your content. In addition to worrying about quality, also be concerned about the periodicity of your publications. The Tumblr Tips page is full of shortcuts and tricks for emailing and even voice-over publishing. Did you know that using the J or K keys you can navigate through the posts and using the "Shift + R" keys can reload any post in seconds?

Tip 5: Be social

Interacting, visiting and commenting on other Tumblrs can also help you win more followers. Enable comments on your posts and answer everyone who asks questions. Visit Tumblrs from areas similar to yours and interact with the authors.

There is no formula for success. Produce differentiated content, interact and facilitate the spread of content with the help of buttons. That way your Tumblr can be shared easily in several places.

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That's a really great post and it has all of my tips in it! Tags are always pretty important in all of the social media platforms, well in the case of Twitter, the hashtags. Sadly, people often forget to take advantage of them, not sure why.

The most important thing for me though is to always be active. That's the key to getting more followers and for people to notice you.

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I'm happy to learn more from you on how to get more Tumblr followers. One thing that I have come to understand better on most social media networks is that the higher your followers, the better your chances of selling more.

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Great post. Tumblr is so simple but very powerful social network where you get great do-follow backlinks, so investing time to make more followers on Tumblr worth. You may also look for DA / PA metrics of some accounts which you follow or reblog so you easy build rank and authority of your profile very fast, then you can use it for authority juice to pas on your blog posts etc...

I personally love Tumblr

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Any social media only works well when you engage with other users on that platform. So, I guess you need to engage with your fellow Tumblr users and providing a unique and eye-catching content on Tumblr. Fast engaging posts are funny stuff, music, memes, sports, creative crafts, etc. These type of content engage very fast and also generate lots of traffics.

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For me I never much found success on tumblr. I mean I never got any affiliate sales. Most of my tumblr followers are not buyers. So that makes me wonder if it is any worth to use it there. So mostly using the tags and getting shares. To some extent you can make some followers share your stuff. But apart from that it's not really working for me. I am looking more of a buyer type followers on tumblr. Not many are out there.

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I had an account a while ago on Tumblr, but I never got the hang of it and the account was abandoned. Recently, I have been been exposed to quite a number of articles like these on a couple of forums, all advocating for the benefits of having a Tumblr account. My question is if I already have FB or Instagram or Twitter working for me, do I really have to add Tumblr to my list? Is it really a case of the more the merrier?

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Follow others is one of the best tricks really. I've been doing it on a lot of social media sites and it works well. What I do is I randomly follow a bunch of people, maybe say 200 of them, then I let it sink in for about three days and unfollow those who didn't follow me back. There have been several famous Youtubers who do it too as their way of promotion (I'm looking at you BartBaker).

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Simply inviting friends to follow your page on your other social media accounts can make a difference, as well as following other pages asking for follow backs. Don't be afraid to follow people because that's one of the most powerful ways of getting recognition and with recognition people will know your page and if it interests them they will indeed start following your page. Good luck!

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Wow those are some awesome list you got there. Thanks for sharing.

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I have used tumblr in the past but to be honest it didn't give me a bit traffic as expected.
But anyway if we focus on some bookmarking sites then it also can give us some good traffic but needing more efforts.
I would suggest you focus on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to have better traffic to your sites.

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Google + isn't really good with traffic. It has a very low amount of active users compared to the rest you just mentioned and most certainly less compared to Tumblr. I do have to agree with you that it's very hard to get followers on Tumblr as your niche really has a big effect on how your Tumblr blog performs.

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I agree with all of the tips. Although I'm not quite sure I understand the one about "Buttons" mentioned by hermessantos . I like the fact that you can have multiple blogs under one Tumblr account. Currently I have 3.

  • One is for work-at-home and home business advice plus other topics that strike my fancy;
  • one is for food lovers; and
  • then there is one for "visual appeal". In other words I use it to reblog and share art and other stuff that attracts me.
You can have a Tumblr blog for a specific niche, you can map your WordPress blog to your Tumblr, you can have a blog for no particular reason and still have thousands of followers. Although I don't have that many followers. But I've seen others do it, So I have hope!

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UPDATE 07/28/2017:
Now I have 4 Tumblrs and all they're all nice Tumblrs. No brag. Just fact.

Even though these tips provided are good and true, the fact is, it really is not that easy to get followers by just following, liking and reblogging!! That being said, I still love Tumblr!

TIP that's out of your control: Tumblr Radar
Would be nice if Tumblr showed your post in their radar. If you can catch the eye of the Tumblr Staff, that really does help! Don't know how the Tumblr Staff picks them, but have been shocked a few times when I saw a few of my posts show up!!

TIP you can control: Dump Inactive Followers
Also, there is a rule that you can only follow up to 5,000. So every once in a while you should go into your dashboard and clean house. Yep! Unfollow the folks who haven't been active for a while. Some people create Tumblr accounts and then they vanish! Why should they be included in your precious 5K?

How to get more tumblr followers

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UPDATE 11/10/2018:
I now have 6 Tumblr blogs. I joined a group on Facebook hoping it would help me promote my blogs but it has not been fruitful. My primary blog has 1200 followers. I'm OK with that although I would like more. Next year, i.e. 2019, I will put more effort into increasing my following.

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I really like tumblr and I think the best way to gain followers there is to TAG EVERYTHING! I had found almost all the people I follow through tags! and I think they had found mine the same way.

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I am not saying that it is a trick or whatever but the simplest form of engagement in social media is the act of following a user. When I notice a new follower in my Facebook account, I would check on his profile before I would accept the friend request. When I find out that he has nothing on his timeline then I consider him a rider to my popularity that I reject his friend request.

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