7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

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7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

We all know Instagram is a powerful marketing platform, but do you know exactly how to use it in order to use it to it's fullest potential for your business?  You can't worry about how many followers you're getting each day because you'll get discouraged quickly.  You won't gain 1,000+ new followers a day in the beginning, it's possible to do later on, but not with a new account.  If you do get 1,000+ new followers per day, you're the 0.01% of marketers lol.

You have to be different in order to stand out in your niche, and that means you need to post what others are afraid to post or something that makes waves.  You can't be seen as all the other people or companies in your niche, you need to be different. 

If you show up just like everyone else, you will not be able to sell your services at a higher price than everyone else.  You'll be seen as the same service but with a much higher price for some reason.  Be different and you can charge a little more than your competitors.  Now being different may be as simple as having amazing customer support which pleases everyone and also gets you known.  Making people happy is one of the easiest ways to get referrals, shares, followers, mentions, etc.

So what makes you different in a way that you stand out from your competition?  Will people want to pay for your services even though they've never heard of you? 

In this discussion I will go over 7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers.

Your Instagram Bio
Tell visitors to your profile why they should follow you and why they will benefit from it.  They could simply gain knowledge through your posts or enjoy the images because you're putting a smile on their face.  You can add a link to your bio in order to funnel traffic to your website, which will increase the chances of getting an email sign up or sale 7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

Add value to your posts
Figure out what makes you different and add value to all of your posts.  This will help you increase the amount of followers and sales you're getting because people will love your posts.  Each of your posts will need to have content added to them in the description section giving away something of value, whether it be the content itself or you're actually giving away something for free 7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

Make your posts about your followers and not yourself
You can begin to stand out by focusing on your followers and not your own business.  A lot of businesses fail in this part of their Instagram marketing because they're too busy trying to push themselves that they forget about their followers.

Talk With Your Followers
Ask your followers questions and respond to anyone that answers.  This will increase the engagement on your posts and likely bring in even more people through the internal search system.

Don't be afraid to get controversial
Your goal is to bring in your target market and repel everyone else, sort of.  You don't want to belittle everyone who isn't going to purchase from you, but you don't need to be entertaining everyone who isn't interested. 

Be Real
Be real with your audience because they will know if you're fake or not.  Being different than your competitors stands out and is great, but if you're not real with your followers they will know it and call you out.  You can do this by letting them into your real world by posting videos of you at the office, you at an event or just out to dinner.

Transformation NOT information
Your competitors will focus on their products and what they are all about, but you can get a little more advanced than that and focus on why your products and services benefit the consumer aka your followers.  You can talk about how if they work with you they will get increased sales, more traffic, better designs or whatever it is you're selling.  You will need to cover that how working with you will alleviate their stress levels, reduce their work load and make them happier all together.  This will position you as a leading authority over time, which is always a great thing 7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

Getting your followers to turn into life time customers can happen pretty quick.  All it takes is one single post that gets them thinking, in a good way.  They will see your profile as something they need to pay more attention to, and this will help you increase your client sign ups 7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

In Conclusion:
If you're not already marketing on Instagram you will need to start immediately.  Instagram is only getting better by the day and more people are beginning to become authorities through it.  People have literally become famous solely because of Instagram, and that just shows the power it has.  You can be a nobody and then a somebody overnight 7 ways that will help turn your Instagram followers into customers

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Talking to your customers is extremely important no matter what they say on your posts. I see a lot of social media accounts for businesses ignore certain comments because there is no easy answer. This is wrong. You should try to respond to everyone that comments on your posts. If it a negative comment, apologise to them and ask whether you can do anything to change their mind. If it is a positive comment, then say thank you and maybe even offer them a special discount for their next order.

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Totally agree with you. In this case, every follower is considered a potential client, so if you listen to what they want then you will be able to fulfill their inquires, and give them reasons to buy from you. Also, every follower/client that feels was considered, will recommend you to his/her followers and that means more potential followers/clients.

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The rule in social media for engagement is to always reply to a comment no matter if the comment is short but has the opportunity for an appropriate reply. Like a short thank you when your comment is about the posted picture, you can reply back with a short explanation why you said it was beautiful. An engagement like that gives the other party an impression that you are close to him and vice versa. Rest assured that you can reap a good reaction from him when you make a post about your business.

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I agree and I truly believe that the most effective way of turning the Instagram followers into customers is always by interaction. This doesn't simply apply to Instagram but to every other social media platform as well. When you respond you show that you care and you start building a relationship with the customer directly - not only through images or videos. You should always be opened to all of their questions as well.

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Cool, communication is important in ones daily dealings and it's the key in any platform you find your self, with the aim of wining their hearts to turn them to your customers, the importance of interaction can not be over emphasized, not only on Instagram but in every other social media plane. because with interactions you can win their hearts and trust and by then you can trigger in your products or sell your market.

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Thanks for the great tips for instagram. I don't have an instagram account but I would like to start one. I just have been debating how useful it will be. I guess it is always one of the sites out there that I have yet to investigate. It is just one of the options that I might use down the road.

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I have an account on Instagram,what really give me the needed traffic is my daily activities on there.I try to published my link daily on it,update the platform and answer to all queries.

You'll always meet with trolls and they will try to get you angry or dissuade you from advertising or publishing your link,the best bet is to press your ignore buttons.Don't allow that knock down your hustle.

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One thing about instagram that helped me is the cross promotion. Most of the established pages can do this for few dollars. And you can definitely make some money in due process. That being said, instagram followers take time to build. You can get customers but it may require the instagram ads to reach the right set of the people. So based on that it'd be interesting to see how the followers can be put to good use. I may in future try it through some influencer and see if that helps with the promotion.

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Nice outline.. I have an Instagram account with over 4500 followers but have no idea how to utilize it.
Have in mind to sell it off.


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I have an account on Instagram but don't really use it. After reading this post of yours I now want to explore Instagram. Thank you for those wonderful tips. I will try to use Instagram to advertise about my business. My first goal is to increase my number of followers.

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I couldn't manage to profit from my ig account. I guess I was doing it wrong. I will follow these advices you are giving and see how everthing turns. I'm not sure about being controversial. I once lost a lot of followers for being a little bit more controversial with my opinions than usual, and that's not the idea at all. I will try to do it again but with some moderation maybe...

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Thanks a lot for this wonderful tips for it has given me the hope that I can use the instagram for other basic business purposes instead of just having to upload pictures and videos on the internet.

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What attracts me to a shop that uses Instagram as a platform of advertising their products is the aesthetics of the pictures that are posted. It would be better of the overall look of the account looks professional but not that much where customers will be skeptical to click the link of your website. I think it will also help if you are able to create your own hashtag for your product.

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Ironically, being controversial can bring more followers. There is one blogger here who keeps on posting blogs not only of controversial issues but making issues controversial. One example is the news that US does not require visa for Filipinos anymore. You can imagine the traffic that will result from that title alone. It was a hit although majority of the comments are on the negative simply because the news is fake. But that blogger has gained popularity or maybe notoriety that she is considered an influencer.

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