4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

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4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

Social media has opened up so many opportunities for people who would have never been able to land a job in the field they wanted, media 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career Posting to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can get you noticed on a grand scale and help you make thousands from your own posts. But what if you can't get to that level and want to still make money with social media?

Well you can get noticed by large companies in the same niche you're passionate about and they will sometimes pitch to you a full time social media management gig. Usually these companies hire head hunters, but every once in a while you will get contacted by someone who wants to pay you a decent wage to do what you already love doing, posting to social media 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

You'll first have to build up your following and eventually you'll begin to be contacted by companies interested in you coming in and posting for them 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

Does this sound like your dream job?

Starting this type of job is difficult because you will need to do a ton of work before you begin to get noticed. You will need thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of followers who are engaging with you on every post you make to social media. This can be through liking your posts to sharing them with their friends and family. Run your own social media campaigns like you're running them for a business who is paying you for the work and you will get noticed. There are millions of people doing the same thing and not wanting a job, so you need to stand out from the crowd somehow.

4 tips on how to turn social media
into a full time job

1. Publish content within a niche you're familiar with
Companies will see your posts and instantly be able to tell if you know what you're talking about. If you're just posting basic images to Instagram with very little content attached to it, you'll get over looked. If you're posting to Facebook and not getting detailed with your images and content, you'll get over looked. You need to stand out from the crowd by knowing what you're talking about.

You'll need to be active as well because no company wants to hire someone that posts once a month to their social media profiles. They want to see a lot of content being shared for free because it will be easier to evaluate who you are and what you're all about. They won't be taking a chance by hiring someone that barely posts one or two things that could easily be reposts from someone else who knows what they're talking about 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

2. Figure out what gets the most engagement and focus on it.
You could be posting 3 times a day and only getting engagement on one or two of those posts. This could be for many reasons like the time of the post, the content, what you posted, etc. To figure out what time you should be posting for the most engagement you'll need to post like 5 times a day and spread them across the entire 24 hours, or get close. Let's say you do this and you figure out that 12pm (noon) is your best time to post. Now you can post 5 times between 10am and 2pm to figure out exactly what the best time to post is 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career Sure, you won't get engagement on all of the content and you should be posting regularly anyway, but now you'll know what time you have the best engagement and now you know when to post news related to you or when to pitch products 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

Your personal opinions don't really matter when it comes to posting on social media. If you're posting to get noticed, you'll want to figure out what the majority of your following likes to see and read. You could like snakes and spiders, but we know that the majority of people around the world are actually scared of them, so the only reason to post about something like that is if you're in the zoology or herpetology niche 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

3. Treat it like the job you want to be hired for
When you're doing your own social media management you need to treat it like you're alread working for a company, like mentioned above. If you run it like a personal account and post whatever you want, when you want, you won't get the attention you need.

Companies who are looking for social media managers want to hire people who are already being professional online. They don't want to see Stacy posting her weekend getaway trip to Cancun where she was drunk half of the time and when she gets back she decides to post about her niche again. They want to see someone posting regularly about what they love, and not themselves lol.

4. Don’t worry about your profits
You can't focus on your profits if you want to get a job with a big company as their social media manager. You need to focus on what you're posting and how to get the best engagement possible. Figure out what works and what doesn't in terms of timing, content and communication with your followers.

You can't focus too much on sponsored posts to bring in money because businesses will see this as a way to get a few extra bucks in your own bank account rather than post for them. Obviously you wouldn't do this on their profiles, but this is what it looks and that's what they'll think 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

Focus on posting quality content and images to your social media profiles and the money will eventually follow, hopefully. There's no guarantee that you will get seen by a large company, but doing everything I mentioned above will definitely help you get a few emails from businesses looking to hire you 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

In Conclusion:
Social media management is never an easy thing to do when you're trying to get noticed by larger companies in order to get a job with them. You need to be selfless when it comes to your posts and try not to make money off of them. You'll need to post at peak times during the day to increase your engagement because that's what these companies are going to be looking for 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

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You had me up until Point 4. What's the point? If you're not going to turn your passion into income, why bother?

That can't be the point you're trying to make. So let me see if I understand your logic correctly.

The popular rapper, Sean “Puffy” Combs aka P. Diddy, went to work at a company and offered to work for free because all he wanted was the experience. I don't know how long it took him to the gain experience he wanted and then make a move to become his own “money-making machine”. But clearly he did it!

So my question to you would be, what would be a reasonable time frame if one were to desire to turn their passion for social media into a profitable career where they can start focusing on profit and start earning cash?

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You can definitely make money from your social profiles by doing sponsored posts and such, but you won't get companies calling you if your social profiles are covered in ads.

I know plenty of hiring managers who work with social media experts and they don't look for someone who has a massive following and 50% of their posts are ads. They look for someone who is passionate and doing the work because they like it, not because they're trying to get rich. You only devalue yourself by selling ad slots on your social media profiles. Hiring managers want to see YOUR posts, not the posts someone is paying you to push.

Are you saying P. Diddy did an internship? Well I guess that's how you should run your social media profiles if you want to be seen by large corporations.

The problem with your understanding is that you think I'm talking about making money from your own social media accounts when in reality I'm talking about how hiring managers will see you and then contact you do do the very thing you love, social media management.

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You're right. I misunderstood you. My bad!

That's because I had come across something about making money via social media and I was sort of going in that direction. But you straightened me out.

You also alerted me to something else. I didn't know people sold ad slots on their profiles. I'm going to look into that because I'm not really trying to get hired for a social media job. I wouldn't mind selling ad slots on my profile.

I'm not sure if the work P. Diddy did was called an “internship”. He just told the guy he'd work for free so that he could learn the business. Fortunately for him he was young and still full of energy and obviously had another way to feed, clothe and house himself during that “unpaid on-the-job training period”. Whoever took care of him and kept him off the streets and not homeless, I hope he showed them some respect and paid them back. Anyway! That's off topic.

I'm wandering around in the dark at this site. I don't know much about SEO or a lot of tech-related stuff. That's why I joined the forum. The light is starting to flicker. Thanks so much for your patience and for providing a response that cleared up my confusion.

4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

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May I contribute my 2 cents worth? If you are earning money from sites that you go to and from the freelancing work that you do then that is fine. But if you are obsessed with social media that you spend your whole day in social media then it would be better if that obsession in social media can be used for earning money like doing marketing work in Facebook or Twitter.

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Obsession and social media just don't make a good recipe. But I am determined to use my social media activity to earn some money. My husband thinks social media is a waste of time and there is no productivity or profit in it. I know that there is and can prove it. I'm not obsessed. Just determined.

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I have recently started to learn about social media marketing, and think it's quite fun doing so. It would be nice if I can really treat it as a full time job. It always takes time to learn, but if it's something we enjoy doing, I think it's worth to do so. I have read that we can really earn from social media marketing. Perhaps the key is to be patient, especially at the beginning, and keep learning too. Thanks for sharing this!

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I agree with you for point 2. When I publish my blogs, I had to follow the international time, not my country's local time because Malaysia and USA time is a 12 hours difference. So, I had to publish at night when the time in USA is day time That is where the traffic comes in. People are awake, working, blogging during the day. Night time, most people are watching TV or sleeping, lack of interactions.

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hallo I always wanted to do exactly the same way this thread's tittle says but then I fear competitions, it's been five years now since when I tried to have a blog but I either start it and then be active for a week or two then come back very later and notice that someone commented on a post which is probably to late to answer back, and that brings me to your point about no company wants to hire someone who posts once a month or a year! too bad and I end up giving it up 4 ways to turn your social media obsession into a full time career

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I currently teach a part-time class for high school graduates who have 5000 and above followers and are very active on social media. These group of people are very energetic and active and what you have outlined in this article are stuff we cover in this class. If this is your passion, then go for it! Don't waste time writing CVs and looking for a job.

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Good tips. It is good to use those social media sites to ones benefit rather than waste time surfing through people one don't have any connection with. The urge to check each and every timeline is what made opt out of facebook. I am even sad there is not option to delete ones profile completely. Facebook just keeps someone's profile forever. It is absurd.

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I find it incredibly fascinating and brilliant how social media has changed the online marketing scene. When I joined Facebook I never thought that one day some of my favorite brand names would be duking it out on that platform, vying for the attention of millions of followers. Twitter is another example, as you have many instances of multiple brands communicating with one another, creating both drama and humor on a social media platform I would have never expected to see them on.

It's a strange, awesome age which we live in.

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I think social media influencing is something that is working. Not a lot of people can pull it off. You have to be among the friends list and constantly growing. I have found that some people can easily adjust with such type of the people. I think if you wish to make career out of it then look out for the money part. You'd be able to make career if you can manage the money and the satisfaction aspect of it.

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Thank you. That is what I am trying to do now. I want to create a car review blog so I can write about my fashion. I love cars, especially vintage cars.

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This kind of posts are so incredible helpful! Thank you so much for sharing all you know with us. Social media are nowadays such a powerfull tool for marketing that knowing how to manage them is so essential for any business and even to the ones that, like me, are freelancers and want to gain their own clients. Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the article,I found it really helpful. Especially the part where you said there has to be a time frame to post. I just realize I don't do that. I don't know what's the time peek for my followers, I just do it when I have time and does it. Something its for sure: consistency, determination and hard work is the key to success!

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That is a very good article you wrote. I have to admit, you caught my attention with that headline and made me want to focus on social media and used it as a full time job but I won't. But I know there will be some people that will and I recommend adding in ideas of social media jobs other than you tube cause er'body knows you tube.

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If you are very active on social media and you are doing this just for fun, you can make is a career. If you are active, you are likely to have many friends and followers. You are active means, you also post regularly. Posting regularly means you have a lot of engagements on your posts. IN that case, you might be an influencer. If you have an ability to influence people, you can easily drive traffic and sales. You can start your own blog, ecommerce site or work as a social media manager for other people and business.

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Exactly the post that I've been looking for on how to maximize my stay on Facebook to become a better person. You really made it easier for someone like me to understand how I can be able to do that.

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Nice piece up there.there's always a thing we have passion for which we can leverage on it.Social media is a place we spend so much time in we can turn obsession into money making that just using up the time for nothing.

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You are absolutely right. I have an online business on Facebook and I am always looking for new opportunities to make deal with other businesses. My success largely depends on how others perceive my business page on Facebook. Moreover having good customer reviews also helps. I try my best to maintain my Facebook page. Posting the right content and choosing the most appropriate advertising campaign equally helps.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of a position for a social media manager. But I find it practical to have for big companies. Social media is the in thing and it is predicted to override the traditional media in the near future so maybe big companies are preparing for that. I have many friends in Facebook who are online almost all the time they are awake. They probably would be good to be in the monitoring team of a social media management group.

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