10 key skills your marketing team will always need to succeed - Part 2

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10 key skills your marketing team will always need to succeed - Part 2

We all know that a good marketing campaign will end in sales, but how exactly do you get those?  It's not actually as easy as you would think and because of that, there are teams in place to run entire marketing campaigns in order to help increase the conversions rates of their websites traffic.

I wish it was as easy as setting up a PPC campaign and having people come to your pages which always turn into a sale.  But if you've every ran a PPC campaign, you will know that they simply do not work like this.

So what about SEO?
We can just have a whack at it and get a flood of traffic into our websites in order to get a dozen sales a minute, right?  Well if it were that easy, don't you think everyone would already be a millionaire by now?  When it comes to SEO you or your team will need to know a vast amount of knowledge and you'll also have to be pretty patient because it's not an overnight type of success.  You need to be hammering away at the work and getting as many high quality links as possible, but success will come in time if you're doing everything right 10 key skills your marketing team will always need to succeed - Part 2

Now then, let's get to part 2 of the 10 skills your marketing team will always need to succeed!

1. A Good Project Manager
When it comes to online marketing, you will always need to have a good project manager.  This way you will have someone managing everything that is going on when it comes to your marketing and nothing bad will usually happen.  Having a good project manager will ensure that your team stays on track as well as churns out great content, images, backlinks, etc. for every campaign you're running.  A big team of marketers will always need guidance because some of them may have one idea while the other half has a different one.  The managers job is not just to keep people in line, but to be the final decision on what to do and what not to do when it comes to the business.

2. Know everything about content marketing
Content marketing comes with the saying "content is king" and it's true.  But just writing up articles and posting them to directories is a thing of the past in today world.  Now you need to know everything from guest posting to infomercials that spread the word about your company and what they are all about.

Content marketing also aligns with online PR.  Your team will need to know how to interact with people through content.  They will need to know what they people are going to think of an ad campaign or content distribution campaign before they even think.

3. Programming
Now I'm not saying that your marketing team has to be all out programmers that can challenge Mark Zuckerburg to a scripting challenge.  I'm saying that they need to be just slightly competent in this area in order to stream line everything that is going on. 

Programmers are needed in every way when it comes to a website.  They can help the website load quicker which will help increase sales through conversions.  They will be able to help out when it comes to scripting anything on the website for the rest of the team to be less worried.  They will be able to fix whatever it is that needs fixing when it comes to the website not working properly, usually.

4. Having a vision
No marketing team will work well together if they don't have a vision of what they plan on doing and how to work on the plan of attack.  Every marketing team has a vision, even a slight one, when it comes to running a campaign for their own businesses or a clients.  Your team will need to look past short term goals, which could lose money initially, and focus on the bigger picture.  10 short term goals that lose some money will likely pull in a vast amount of profit once they are all linked together 10 key skills your marketing team will always need to succeed - Part 2

5. Proactive
When it comes to being proactive with online marketing, you need to be testing whenever you can and developing new ideas all the time.  You don't want to get left behind because that will only mean less sales and your clients may notice that you're slacking when it comes to cutting edge methods.  Your clients usually have a hands off approach to all of this and will trust every word you tell them, but there are a few that read all the time just to stay current on what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Being proactive doesn't just mean helping out yourself and your clients.  It means that your team needs to be working on new projects that will hopefully be bringing in some cash flow later on down the road.  A good cash flow for the company means that every gets to keep their jobs, so it really does pay to be proactive lol 10 key skills your marketing team will always need to succeed - Part 2

In Conclusion:
This second set of key skills any online marketing team needs to be successful is just the tip of the iceburg.  You will need to implement these skills and fine tune them to the best of your ability.  Some of them will come second nature while others you'll have to work on in order to perfect, but it's worth it 10 key skills your marketing team will always need to succeed - Part 2

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Before anything God is the first key for our business to be successful.

Top ten key skills are:
1. Adaptability: The world we live in is constantly changing, and with it, arethe demands of consumers. In order to avoid falling behind,marketers must be aware of and able to adapt to change as itoccurs.Some people thrive in a consistent environment, wherethings stay the same and are somewhat predictable; thesepeople should not be marketers. Because in marketing,uncertainty is the name of the game.

2. Results-Driven: MindsetAre you more about the journey or the end result? As amarketer, you should be primarily focused on the latter.Marketing is really all about one thing: conversions. There’sno point in blogging twice a week or continuously posting tosocial media if it’s not resulting in any leads or conversions.

3. Storytelling: It doesn’t matter the age; from three years old to 93 years old,human beings are drawn to stories. So if you know how to tella good story, congratulations—you’ve mastered one veryimportant marketing skill.

4. A Zest for Learning: In order to remain abreast of the latest industry news andtrends, marketing professionals must always be reading (orskimming, depending on time limitations), observing, andsoaking in information. For that reason, curiosity and thedesire (or at least the willingness) to learn are sacred traitsfor marketers.5. CopywritingFrom blogs and e-books to website copy and e-mails, as amarketer, you will never have a shortage of content to write.But college essay writing is a bit different than the type ofwriting you will be doing as a marketer.

6. An Eye for Design: From the creation of visually enticing infographics toattention-grabbing websites, design plays a significant role inmarketing. Unless you’re a designer, you’re probably notgoing to be able to create an infographic or design a websiteon your own; rather, being able to recognize good designfrom bad design, especially as it relates to your audience, iswhat’s important.

7. Technical: As a marketer, you’re not going to need to know the completeins and outs of technology. But the marketing world thesedays is so utterly dependent upon the evolutions oftechnology that it pays to be at least a bit tech-savvy.There will be times when you’re trying to get that email set upin Hubspot and the banner looks a bit off or the formattingisn’t quite right.

8. Team-Oriented: A career in marketing is not one in which you are secludedin a cubicle with zero communication with the outside world.On the contrary, you will be constantly collaborating andcoordinating with different team members and clients toachieve the desired end results. Everything is a team effort.The marketer can’t do their job without the designer anddeveloper to help create the finished product. And thedeveloper’s job is practically meaningless if there is no oneto market their creation in the end.

9. Proactivity: Do you wait until all your clothes are dirty before finally doingthat load of laundry? Or do you do it while you still have someclean clothes left in your closet? If you’re proactive, you’llprobably do the latter.Being proactive, or planning ahead and taking charge ofproblems before they even arise, is a crucial skill that everymarketing professional should have—or at least strive tohave. You can’t control every situation—but you can controlhow you handle it.

10. Detail-Oriented: Working in such a fast-paced industry like marketing, it’seasy to slip up and make a mistake from time to time. Ithappens to the best of us. Unfortunately, even just a fewtypos or sloppy mistakes can undermine a brand’scredibility. As a marketer, it’s therefore important to have akeen eye for detail, while simultaneously keeping an eye onthe big picture.

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I thank you for the first line that you said. I have seen successful businesses with God as their background. I am not saying that it is a lucky charm or amulet for getting successful in business but it is only right that we start on the right footing so that we can reap the rewards with our decency and fairness. With God in our passion and motivation, we can be successful in the right way.

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The last post you made was great and so is this one. I think that the vital point from this article would have to be #4, having a vision. I can say from experience that not knowing what you want and not having ideas for you business and its direction can hurt you further down the line.

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you are right on 3rd point of programmers, every business need programmers especially starters! now that hackers, malicious and malware are always there and everywhere and ready to attack your business data, you never know what might happen with your data and you might need a programmer to save them safely and protect them and keep those which are confidential to avoid from them getting into wrong people or destructed.

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I have been doing internet marketing since sometimes. Before I was an internet marketer, I was an online writer. As a writer, I did not require any programming skills, all I needed was writing skills, SEO skills, social media marketing skills. However, once I began working as an internet marketer, I required more skills and programming is one of them. Currently, I am learning programming

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When I was the overall in charge of a systems conversion for our bank, I chose 2 project managers who are not only diligent but also capable in terms of expertise. That was the key to the success of the said project. Without a good project manager, your team will suffer the lack of coordination and cooperation. It’s not enough for a project manager to know the job, he should also be cool when it comes to communications and dissemination of information particularly instructions regarding the project.

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