How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing

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How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing

Content marketing can be tricky for some people who are new to the game. For this reason, new webmasters or website owners aren't sure how much they should be spending on content marketing, but I'm here to help you out as much as I can How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing You'll always need content whether it be on your own website or on a 3rd party website that is linking back to you. Google now values in content links pretty highly and you will also need to get them on credible websites which are sites with good authority in the eyes of Google.

You'll be paying for the work in one of two ways. You'll either be paying someone, or a company, to place the links for you as a service or you will be doing it yourself, which will cost you time. And we all know that time is money How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing

Most new business owners will not invest into any sort of content marketing until they know exactly how it will work for their business. This doesn't make sense to me because every campaign is different for each business. You can't really judge how successful your campaign will be compared to someone else's because no 2 campaigns will yield the same results. One business owner may tell everyone that they didn't have any success with their campaign and it's pointless to run anything with content. But they could have been doing it all wrong and actually screwing everything up, then spreading false information saying it isn't working. I can tell you that if content marketing is done right, it will show in a short amount of time because you will have a very nice ROI on your hands How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing

So when it comes to content marketing, how much should you be investing?

Your payoff
You'll need to figure out if it's worth it to invest money into a big corporation to do the work for you or if you should just be doing everything yourself at a slower pace. Sure, the big company will likely do everything much better in a quicker amount of time, and also cost a pretty penny, but it's usually worth it because they have an experienced team doing the work. You can easily do everything yourself, but the amount of time you will have to invest in this in order to do it right will take over your life and could hurt your own profits due to lack of customer support and other problems that will arise.

The ROI will show itself pretty quickly after a successful content marketing campaign is underway. You will notice your traffic increasing due to all the links being placed on high authority websites that are sending you direct traffic, as well as the search engines now sending you traffic because your rankings have increased.

The payoff could be a lot, or just a little, this is why I urge people to try doing content marketing on their own at first in order to judge the profit potential of a bigger campaign. Obviously you will have to do a good amount of work in order to get an accurate assessment, maybe 2-3 weeks of writing and posting. But this initial time invested will let you know if you're ready to put your website in the hands of a more experienced content team. If the profits are there when you're doing the work, imaging how much your ROI will jump if you use an experienced team How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing

Potential risk
Investing in content marketing can have a risk to it. You might do it all wrong or you might hire the worst company in the world who does very little work but keeps your money. Because of this, I urge everyone to do their research and figure out what they need to be doing before they go out on their own and publish content everywhere. You could actually hurt your websites rankings if you're getting your posts on just any website that allows you to write. You will need niche related links in order to have the biggest impact within the search engines. Not getting niche related links will just be wasted time because you won't get as much of an impact.

Running a content marketing campaign the wrong way can get you some penalties as well. If you're hiring a $10 service to do "content marketing" for you, you can be sure they're just publishing super spun content that isn't very readable. This will never be good for your content marketing campaign because Google is catching on to these spammy techniques and devaluing any website using them.

Your Results
Content marketing, just like any other online marketing, there is a curve. In the beginning you won't see much in terms of results because the search engines will take their sweet time evaluating everything before they begin to send you some traffic. If you don't notice anything in the beginning, this doesn't mean you should stop, it means you should keep a steady pace when publishing content to your own website as well as 3rd party sites.

The longer you've been posting, the more compound the results will get. Since most of your links will be permanent, hopefully, you will only be laying more and more links on your backlink profile and that's exactly what you need. Building up your authority over time will guarantee you top placements for a lot of your keywords, obviously the more difficult ones will take time.

Add quality AND quantity
Everyone said you should have quality over quantity, but I say that you should have both How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing Add thousands of high quality links with great domain authority and you will rank in no time. Do you think a good SEO company will run a content marketing campaign for $3,000 a month and only place 10 to 20 high DA links? NOPE! They will be busting their butts to get you as many high quality niche related links as possible! They want you to stay signed up with them, and if you're not seeing any sort of results after their first month of work, they know they could lose you as a client.

You can't use software for this type of posting. You will need to build up your 3rd party profiles gradually and then start adding links to your own websites when you can.

In The End
You'll need to invest what you're willing to lose. You won't see any type of positive ROI right away so you will feel like you're just wasting money in the beginning. Do you content marketing for a few months and then you'll start to see the benefits of your investment How much money you should be investing when it comes to content marketing

There's not real number I can put on this because it's simply up to you on what you want to invest. You could be a multi million dollar corporation but only want to invest $1,000 a month into content marketing or you could be making $30,000 a year and want to invest half of your earnings each month into it. I would start slow and build up your content marketing over time. You never want to scale up too quickly and burn out before you become successful just like many companies have done before you.

In Conclusion:
Content marketing is a smart investment if you're working with the right company or you know what you're doing. You can write all of your own content and save $15 to $30 on a well written post, but that post could take you all day to write. You will have to weigh your options and figure out if it's worth it to you to invest your own time into the campaigns or is it smarter to pay a premium and work on other parts of your business.

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I do not know much about content marketing, but I think perhaps it is good to hire some professionals to do it for the business, and the business owner can focus on elsewhere where he/she has more expertise in. Thank you for sharing this!

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As per the advice above, you can hire professional writers if you need more content for your site that you cannot write all of it. I know of some website owners who owns not just 1 website but several websites with different niche like a blog and an e-commerce site. That may be hectic if you will try to write the contents by yourself so your only option is to hire writers to produce that content that you need.

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Great share Razzy! Content marketing should be done constantly, no matter your niche, domain or the general subject your want to promote. I've seen some great results with content marketing over the years I never thought possible, people in really difficult and rare niches managed to pull thousands of visits on their article just because they understood the potential of content marketing and how to exploit it.

You don't need to write 5 articles per day, but you do need to be constant with your posting. If you are a small business one piece of content per week or at two weeks interval can mean a lot. If you have a small budget you can write it on your own and pass the promotion part to a freelancer or agency. Depending on your niche and country, when it comes to small businesses there is really no competition when it comes to content. So you better exploit it before someone else figures the gap and does it first.

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Thanks Razzy for the educating post. When it comes to content marketing, I always advise my clients to write freely for the market. Do not get caught up in the keywords and all that difficult terrain. Once you have done your research and picked a topic based on what is trending or your product, focus on writing a quality content with the goal of solving the bit it was intended for, not writing like a robot.

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Content marketing is a smart investment, is true, but there is always a risk that you may lose it. Now all this depends on what capital you have or what return you expect to gain. You said there should be both but i think you should have quality over quantity, quality will bring costumers and revenue and will keep your investment safe!

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Halloo, From me I think if you're a content marketer then you need to do it yourself, Weite your contents and the longer you write the better you become on that and include things you want, But still if You need more time investing $5 on a freelancer to get your contents written well and eddited in less than 24 hours it can also be a good choice, so in short it depend but both writing your own contents and Get someone to write them for you are worthy investing in.

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If you have the on site writer or the VA then you can make them write the content. And this should reduce the amount of content you can churn out for the website. I have found that some of the time such way you can reach more people and ask for the guest posting. This way you can reduce the cost it takes for content marketing. And through this means you can save a lot of money. I have found that if you have such resources and options then you are going to save a lot of money.

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How much you should invest in content marketing depends on how much you are earning. I don't advise anyone to spend money on content marketing if they are not earning anything from the contents. If you are not earning, you should look for free marketing. Instead of starting an ad campaign on facebook, it is advisable to join groups, create pages and start promotion. There are many social sites where you can promote your contents freely. Spending money on content marketing does not guarantee you a success, Don't spend until you are not earning.

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My advise is never spend more than your willing to lose, because chances are your not going to make any money. And I am not trying to mr negative but its the sad truth. Pretty much these days everything is been there and done that and someone is already better at what your trying to do. However there is a very small chance that you might succeed, which is why I suggest not spending any more money than you're willing to lose.-

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When it comes to content, my take is to have a good writer. Whether it is you or someone else, a good writer can produce good content which has substance and relevance to your niche. Don’t forget that a writer is not just one who can write but one who knows where to source out the information when his knowledge on the subject matter falls short. That means writing content involves doing research whether in the internet or offline. It is not easy to come up with good contents because it requires effort.

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