Google Posts - New Google My Business Update

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Google Posts - New Google My Business Update

This week we got another big update from Google My Business. The all awaited Google Posts are finally live inside Google My Business. Of course, you will need to be a registered business with GMB but the benefits may be huge.

These Google Posts will appear both inside search results (in the GMB card) but also in Google Maps.
Together with the free "Website" service offered in GMB, Google is offering a full package for small businesses to promote themselves, inform their customers and keep everyone up to date with their latest developments.

If you already have a GMB verified accounts go to it and hit the "Posts" button, like this:
Google Posts - New Google My Business Update
Once you submit a post you will have a few options like adding a picture and writing up to 300 words piece of text.
You can even create an event for your customer, marking the start and the end of the event. These events can be customized with a cool call to action button leading to "Buy"; "Get offer"; "Learn more"; "Reserve" and "Sing up".
Google Posts - New Google My Business Update

So what do you think are the main benefits of using Google Posts? I personally think Google gets you the perfect option to inform your customers and users that are searching your brand name inside a search engine. Keep in mind the Google My Business card for you business only appears to keywords related to your business name.

Therefore if you have traffic on those keywords you would want to get all the benefits of what Google is offering and that means creating these posts, informing about promotions, special deals, events, and anything in between.
You can even promote certain products you sell, like a brand new product or something special you want to push.
Sky is the limit it terms of creativity, you can funnel them to end up on a subscription page, landing page, reservation page (of you in the food business), etc.

As far as I know, Google started offering a similar service back in 2016. But for some reasons only top dogs like political people or celebrities could use it. It gladdens me that Google understood the benefits or offering such a service for everyone and every registered business out there and is further developing Google My Business into something else, a conglomerate of useful tools every company should consider using to their full extent.


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That's actually pretty awesome Google Posts - New Google My Business Update This will give everyone a chance to show what they have on sale or what is the daily special if you're a restaurant Google Posts - New Google My Business Update I know for a fact that I will go to a food establishment if they have half off wings or some kind of endless soup and salad meal for the day lol. With google my business doing this update, they're allowing everyone to push their business even more, which is really nice to see.

I wonder how this will affect foot traffic?
Will people be more inclined to go to a place that has more images and text showing up when the user does a search, most likely lol. I know that people are visually stimulated and high quality images of the establishment, or food, will only entice people even more to come try out your business. I would think that most business owners set and forget their listing, so the ones who jump on this early will benefit much more than most people Google Posts - New Google My Business Update

I never realized that these features were only for political types back in 2016. Shows how out of the loop I was on Google My Business back then lol. I knew about it, I knew that my clients needed it and I would set up their pages almost instantly after they signed up. But I never knew these features were already available, but only to a select few Google Posts - New Google My Business Update I guess it kind of makes sense because you always want to beta test a feature before you launch it to the public. I guess our politicians were just guinea pigs for Google and their new updates they wanted to roll out lmao Google Posts - New Google My Business Update

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I think better images and text will entice people more as we are highly visual creatures.

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Very interesting!

Google is getting better with every passing day! I really enjoyed your review. Keep posting more tips like this one here.

Thank you.

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Amazing! Google never ceases to amaze me! I'm glad they are considering the average businessperson!

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Thank you for this information. I believe that Google is continuing with the innovation in order to be ahead of the competition. It is just sad that Google Plus is closing due to financial viability. Perhaps Google had misread the users into thinking that they will shift from Facebook to Google Plus. And when their expectation did not materialize they got frustrated hence they closed down.

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