Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

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Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

When it comes to ranking your website, you will always need high quality backlinks.  Backlinks have, and will always, be a key component when it comes to Googles ranking algorithm.  By getting plenty of high quality backlinks, you're showing Google that other websites really like your pages and that you should be rewarded with an increase in the rankings for your keywords.

It's not impossible to get niche related backlinks either.  You might not get your links on an eCommerce website if you too are selling similar products, but that's now what you should be targeting.  You should want links from all over your niche, and that means you can target any website talking about the same things you are Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

So what are high quality backlinks exactly?
Google is the judge on this, and there are a few things that they factor in prior to assessing if a page is in good authority, such as:

  1. Domain Age:  Domain age is exactly what it sounds like, how old the domain actually is.  There isn't a big difference between a website that is 6 months old and 1 year old, those are still considered babies in the website world.  You'll need to be online for a while before you can take over your niche simply with DA Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings
  2. Link Authority: DA, keyword relevance and many other things go into if something is blessed withe link authority.  You can use Ahrefs to figure out your link authority and other aspects of your link profile.
  3. Natural Linking Patterns: Back in the day we were able to publish dozens of articles on article directories such as ezinarticles and get a decent boost because we were basically piggy backing off of their PR (which doesn't exist anymore).  We'd basically build a bunch of high PR links on other websites and aim them back at out own, in return we achieved higher rankings.  Google got wise to this and nuked the majority of link farms like this which resulted in the SERPs going crazy for a couple weeks.  In today's world you have to do more than post a good article where everyone else is in order to get a boost in the rankings.  You need to get your content on niche related websites in order to get the total value of the backlink.  If the website isn't related, you won't get as much of a boost.
  4. Exact Match Anchors:  Exact match anchors are still a key factor in getting a high quality backlink.  This basically means you're using your keyword like "Dog Toy" and aiming it at your page that talks about dog toys.  Not doing this, or doing it wrong, will result in less of a ranking boost.  You'll need to mix in anchors such as "Click Here", "More Info" and your URL as a link to broaden you profile so it seems more natural.  Not everyone will be placing exact match anchors for you, so you shouldn't do it either Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

How do I get these high quality links?
Well that's easier said than done.  You can outsource this type of work to someone here on but you'll want to make sure that they are actually putting your links on high quality pages.  Avoid using any service that hasn't updated their listing and has it still saying "High PR Links" because PR doesn't matter anymore.  PR actually hasn't been updated in so long that their lists are probably wrong anyway lol.

To get actual high quality links you'll need to pay a premium.  You can't get 100 links for $10 and expect them to actually be high quality.  A company that I've worked with in the past when I had to send them work because I was too busy actually sells high quality links, but they're not cheap.  Each of these links was around $20 and you have to buy in lots of 10 or 15 at a time.  They would gladly split up the links to aim at different pages of your site, but spending that amount of money on a few links isn't what most people want to do, and that's why they usually gravitate towards the $10 links Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

What benefit do high quality links have over a massive amount of links?
Well that's pretty simple to answer actually.  The high quality links carry much more weight compared to the massive amount of backlinks you can get for a few bucks.  Think of it as a high quality link equaling 100,000 of your low quality links without the chance of getting a penalty lol.

High quality links will always be better than a massive amount of links because you will be focusing on quality and not quantity.  Quality links are always better to aim at your website because they will not only increase your rankings, but they will likely get you some additional traffic directly through the links themselves Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

In Conclusion:
Obtaining high quality backlinks for your website isn't always the easiest thing to do in today's market.  You will either have to search for hours every day in order to find a handful of them or you can outsource the work for a few hundred bucks.  Either way, you need these links if you want to be competitive in the SERPs Working with High Quality Backlinks to increase your rankings

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I agree with you that getting high quality links is crucial to driving traffic to a website or a blog.In order to get high quality back links one needs to create high quality content.This is very important because search engines such as Google rank websites with high quality back links higher than those that do not have high quality back links.

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I guess it’s not only the high quality links that matter but also the bad links that should be removed. One freelancer said that he had spread his backlinks in any site that he encountered not knowing that some of his backlinks may be in obscure sites that can be considered bad backlinks. The advice was for him to search for those bad backlinks and delete it one by one.

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A great post for everybody that's unfamiliar about how important the backlinks are for SEO. It's vital to get the high-quality ones though and ignore the bad links because those can actually hurt your ranks.

My favorite way of getting high-quality backlinks has always been through the guest posting. It is a proven and a working method. I have never tried to actually buy them from an actual company - I guess that's a faster way of getting them? How can you trust them though? Are there any ways of making sure that they aren't giving you false promises?

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I think having one dedicated writer and getting him or her to do the guest post can be good job. That's how I'd do the work. I dont think that a lot of backlinks can be earned shortly. I'd go for the quality. I have learned that if we go viral by other means, there seems to be no need for the chasing the backlinks. That is one more reason why people go for the quality backlinks. That's for sure as well.

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Excellent, post really enjoyed the read I mainly post my links on forums have them in the signature strips and in profiles. Also, on Pinterest, Reddit and other social top sites.

Recently I have been promoting a lot and also using dropmylink site which finds those sites which allow backlinks but I am interested in finding high quality.

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Very good article, as always Razzy. Is there a website where I can identify the reliability of High Quality Backlinks?

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I think the best way to get quality backlinks is by opting for guestpost. This worked for me and I can guarantee it is a good strategy.

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I think this is very interesting, as I have never really understood the process of getting backlinks. It is nice to know that people here are conversant with it, and know the proper steps in order to get high quality backlinks that can be utilized on your site.

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I always focus on quality, rather than quantity. Therefore, I am never after massive backlinks, instead, I will choose 10-15 top ranking websites and build links to these websites. While looking for websites to backlink, I always look for the website that has valuable contents.
I also build backlinks through guest blogging and forum posting.

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I didn’t know that the age of the domain has a value regarding search engines. Maybe that is one reason why some people buy an old website that has been abandoned just to take advantage of the value of its age. I agree that new websites are considered babies and don’t have much track record yet unlike the old ones of 5 years and older, they can be considered veterans in the online world.

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