5 core things your business needs before being successful online

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5 core things your business needs before being successful online

When it comes to your business, you'll need some core things in order to be successful online.  It's no secret that the internet is taking over as the main way to funnel traffic to your business and get new clients.  It's also no secret that a lot of business owners have no clue what they're doing when it comes to running a successful website. 

The main reason businesses are fearful to get into the online marketing game is because they don't know how much it costs and they are unsure of where to start first.  This is a common thing and I'm sure if you talked to 10 business owners, 7 of them would say they don't generate a decent amount of sales online through their websites.

Getting your business online is basically a requirement in today's world.  If you're not running a website for your business then you're already losing to you competitors who have been online this whole time.  People will go to your website and look up what you're all about before they step foot in your store, it's a proven statistic.  So what's holding you back?  Could it be the 1 core things that I'm going to be covering?  Or is it something else?

5 things any business needs to be successful online

1. Your Own Website
When it comes to being an authority online, you will always need your own website.  Sure you can sell on websites like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, etc. and make a good amount of money.  But you're just selling through an authority website and you're not branding yourself.  Obviously you can add your own branding to each order, but that's limited and you can't reach more than your current customers this way.

People want to see a website about a business they like going to.  They can get updates from you by viewing what you've been writing on your blog.  They can see what sort of items you have on your menu compared to the last time they visited.  They can even see your entire product line without leaving their couch lol.  Having a website will only make you stand out from the crowd who is selling on big authority platforms 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

2. Social Media Marketing
Now you don't have to go all out and hire someone to do your marketing, you only need to have your profiles on each big platform and be semi-active.  Post once or twice a week and your followers will see what you've been up to.  You can use social media as a spring board to announce new things you're doing or selling.  Think of social media as a sort of public newsletter, you will post something and everyone will hopefully see it lol 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

After you make all of your profiles you will then link them to your website and show people where they can follow you.  Most people have a preferred platform, so having them all available will increase your chances of getting a follow 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

3. Your Main Citations
Citations are those little snippets of information you'll see on another website that covers your business.  It'll show your business name, address, email, phone number, website, hours of operation, etc.  Basically it's just a page on a website that shows what people need to know if they want to contact you.  These pages can be powerful in many ways from helping you increase your local SEO rankings to actually sending you leads 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

You can build reviews on all of these citation websites and they will show up in the SERPs.  People will notice the reviews, hopefully they're positive, and make a decision on whether or not they want to purchase something from you or contact you for more information.

4. Updating Your Website Regularly
Having a website is great, but not updating it regularly will make it stale and boring.  What you'll want to do is post a few times a week, it doesn't have to be anything crazy, just put some information on your website in order to keep your pages fresh.  You can even outsource this work to a freelancer writer who is familiar with your niche and you can pay $5 for a decent article to be written. 

If you're on WordPress or another CMS that allows scheduling, you can write up dozens of articles and schedule them to post for as long as you want.  If you write up 30 articles and want one to post every 3 days, you just did 90 days of work on making your website seem fresh and updated regularly 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

Now you'll want to make these articles around 1,500+ words so that they have a better impact.  I'm sure you won't be able to write up that much content in one sitting without going insane, but you can write until you burn out and then schedule what you've done 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

5. Make it easy for people to contact you
A successful website and business will never make it difficult for a visitor to contact them.  The "Contact Us" form will either be on the homepage or one click away.  People usually want to know some additional information before they make a purchase, even if it's just a $5 to $10 purchase. 

With bigger ticket items you'll want to have your contact us form ready as well as a live chat option to answer any questions that come across your website.  This way people who want to buy, but don't have their questions answered, can contact you through your chat system and get and answer immediately.  I like using because it's free and possibly one of the better services out there.  You can download an app so that you can answer any question that comes through your chat pop up in real time 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

In Conclusion:
Some of these may seem pretty basic to you, but you may not be utilizing them to their fullest potential.  Look over your websites and check off what you're doing, then finish up by doing the ones you're lacking lol.  I know that on some of my websites I was lacking a bit and had to update them.  Now they are funnel machines and make me a little more money every month 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

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Excellent post there , and you touched on some good issues which I will make a note of . Hopefully this will help me with my business so thank you for this brilliant discussion from you and can't wait to read what you share next with us. Thankyou 5 core things your business needs before being successful online

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Well I agree with all of the above except that I think we must not forget the most important part of the planning process which is the market. Okay, we have a business, but do we have a market? Does anybody need our services so badly that they would have to research on the internet to find us? I think that's the most important thing to do first. Making sure someone will buy in.

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That is a good question about the market which means we should do a market survey first before we start up a business. What if your business is so big like a factory of bonnets but you didn’t know that bonnets are out of fashion already and what happens when the business starts and you find out that there is no market? It is a big disaster and devastating to your ego due the size of your business that you forgot to do a market study.

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Great post!

I think these five tips are the foundation for anyone to start getting online success. I believe that some other tips should be applied according to the niche of each business, but overall I think this is the basis for online success.

If I had to insert some tips I would say: Perseverance!

Working online and succeeding with this requires perseverance, because just like in a local business, you can only succeed if you do not think about giving up on the first difficulties.

Thanks for sharing your tips!

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So from what I gathered here even if you intend to work as a freelancer or other online worker you'd still need your own website? For promoting your work, maybe creating a portfolio section or your written content and such?

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I agree that quite some businesses are initially scared to enter the ''big bad online world''. So many honestly don't know where or how to start building their business and transitioning them onto the internet. As a business owner you simply have to accept that going online is the way of the future - so you either comply and adapt to that or you will have major issues a few years down the road.

This is why this post is perfect. It explains and lists the very basic things that you need if you want to have a chance of succeeding online.

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I have already most of these except #3. Citations are unknown to me. Otherwise, I have a website, I have social media presence, I update my website regularly and people can contact me easily through contact page. However, doing these things doe not guarantee you that your business will be successful. The most important thing is intent. You need to want it badly and you are doing anything for it. Secondly, you must have patience. No business will succeed overnight.

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Nice post, i love the five points they are highly necessary.. every online business should have a functioning website, address and contact for easy patronage. Also the social media impact cannot be outwayed it necessary to display ur products for people to know what u do.

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Just great Article. I hope it will help me to run my online business successfully. "Updating website regularly" and "main citations" points are really helpful for me.
So, Thank you very much for such a nice and helpful post.

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great post.. to build an online business will need much time to make it success.
I think to get some paid traffic will also help to improve your business.
Thank you for sharing with us this helpful steps.

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Yes, I can't stress enough that No.5, make it easy for people to contact you, were really like 50% of my problem issues. Once, I delegate contact to my staff that consists of 3. It all got mess up with information between them and made me lose my buyers significantly. Next, I assigned each of them one at a time, and it turns out to be perfect. Suggestion really helps a lot to improve your services. Great post and thanks for the ideas!

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To have a successful business online takes can have a website but with no consistency in updating it, much it will be on the floor.

the should be radical marketing to get many people as possible to see the business site and you might get much refferals from the initial users

online business can survive more because of the diverse people wouldn't be just a country kind of business.

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I find it a good combination to have your own website for your business and promote the same in social media. That is the usual marketing methods that I see now hence website owners are usually active in social media. It is far easier to gather traffic with your social media account instead of other means like backlinking and promoting to forums. With the social media, you can never go wrong with the big number of people there especially in Facebook and Twitter.

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