How to legitimately sell leads to companies

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How to legitimately sell leads to companies

When it comes to lead generation there are a lot of people out there who don't know exactly what they're doing.  They will go on social media and spam their own profiles, they will set up a random adwords ad and hope for the best but in return fail, they will pay a college kid to hand out flyers door to door, and many other ways just to land a lead.  What if I told you that there are ways of selling legitimate leads to companies so that they don't have to worry about any of those random @ss methods I mentioned above?

Now this does take a bit of work, but you can do this over and over in any town you want.  You can even sell leads within a specific mileage away from a business if they have a service area.

Basically what I'm telling you is that you're going to be setting up a website and getting people to contact you about "your" services.  Now I put "your" in quotes because you won't actually be doing any of the physical work yourself lol.  You will be building small niche websites for your area like a "(your town) lawyer" and then forwarding them all of the people who fill out your contact form.  Do you see how this can be replicated hundreds of times and you won't have to worry about anything?  You can literally target every single town in your area with a different niche website and pull all the leads to you How to legitimately sell leads to companies  How many towns or cities are within a 25 mile radius of you?  Don't you think that someone will travel if they need a good lawyer or a dentist with top notch reviews?  They will!

Here's what you do....

I'll use "Dentist" as my target niche for this example.

You'll want to find a wordpress theme that comes with multiple homepage designs.  The reason for this is because you can use the same theme on a bunch of websites and none of them will look the same How to legitimately sell leads to companies

I did a quick 5 minute search and found this theme:

Now this theme is more or a broad target niche because it's more of an overall medical theme, but you can just add whatever images you want and change it to a dental them in 5 minutes lol.

Did you look at how many homepage options there are?  You have 12 to choose from!  This means you can set up 12 dental websites that all have different homepages and you can rank them all for the same keywords muahahahaha!!!!!  Now this does cost a little bit of money, but it's usually worth it in the long run because you can charge a pretty penny when you're sending leads to dentists How to legitimately sell leads to companies

What you'll want to do is have your own server with X amount of unique IP addresses for SEO purposes.  You'll assign 1 IP address per website so that it's not tied in with the others.  You could also go the route of setting up shared hosting for each website at like $4 a month through a small hosting provider, but that's up to you How to legitimately sell leads to companies

Now you don't have to start off with 10 or 12 websites, you can simply have just 1 in the beginning and still get clients How to legitimately sell leads to companies  All you have to do is generate traffic and you will be able to start getting clients, it's that simple.  Now some of you are saying "It takes months to start generating traffic to small websites like this!" and that's true.  What you'll do is set up a hitleap account and have a few thousand uniques come to your pages.  What you'll do is have the referrer show that the search engines are sending you traffic and when a potential client wants to see your traffic report, you can show them How to legitimately sell leads to companies

Some people will say that this is a shady tactic, but who wants to wait 6 months to generate real traffic from the search engines and then get some clients?  No one! 

You wont' be scamming these people paying you for leads, you're simply falsifying your traffic stats in order to get them to sign up.  You will have them pay you on a month to month basis, which means they will pony up the $500+ per month for you to send them leads.  Now you can set up a strategic Facebook ads campaign and target a lot of people within 10 to 25 miles of their offices.  If you're working with a dental office that specializes in braces, you need to target people who are 10 to 25.  If the office specialized in dentures, you then target anyone over the age of 50.  And if you have a client that does everything under the sun, you can set up multiple ads and have them run at $5 a day for X,XXX impressions on their ads each day How to legitimately sell leads to companies  You will get leads this way and everyone will be happy How to legitimately sell leads to companies

Some clients won't even ask to see your traffic stats!  They will just see the amazing design and assume you're getting a decent amount of traffic lol

So what did we do here?

  1. We set up a small niche site
  2. We got some initial (fake) traffic and said the referrer was the search engines
  3. We got a client by showing them the traffic reports
  4. We make the client pay $500+ per month for guaranteed leads
  5. We use 25% to 50% of that payment and generate leads from Facebook

It's as simple as this, people How to legitimately sell leads to companies

In Conclusion:
Generating leads for small niche type businesses isn't as difficult as you would think.  Sure it costs money, but you just have to get the client to pay you up front for the work.  They will ask to see your traffic stats, and you can show them all the hits you're getting How to legitimately sell leads to companies  The true beauty of this is that you can target any niche that needs foot traffic.  This method will likely never be saturated, so get to work How to legitimately sell leads to companies

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I have never tried hitleap before so I have to check out the means through which we can get the traffic. I think some of the leads would be harder to convert. So I am wondering what could be best way to make clients convert into proper leads. I guess with enough time given it would not be that easy to understand conversion. Some clients may just visit the website and may not turn out to be leads. That happens with fbads too.

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I wonder why some people would spam their own profile. Or maybe what you mean is when a social media timeline will contain so many posts about a particular topic like a business? Promoting in social media is quite tricky because it will always depend on the kind of people in your social media network. If you have lots of active friends who are willing to share your posts then you wouldn’t need to post a lot about your business.

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