Should you be using Free Backlink services?

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Should you be using Free Backlink services?

When it comes to free backlinks, there are so many services out there that will do hundreds to millions of them for free.  Just remember that with all free backlink services there is a price.  Now you may not be paying with money for your backlinks, you could be entering your email to get the links or paying the ultimate price of decreased rankings...

In this discussion I will cover the good and bad things that could happen when using free backlink services.

The Good

Increased Rankings:
Not all free backlink services are bad.  In fact, I've found a few that actually did a pretty good job at what they were offering for free Should you be using Free Backlink services?  When you're getting a free backlink service I would never use it on your money website because it could be pretty bad.  I would test it out on some random website you find online that has no SEO at all and see what the free service can do.

Free Work:
A long time ago there was a service that ran some type of internal software every time you entered your email.  After you entered your email it would run the job and send you a report once it was finished.  This was pretty amazing because it would allow me to set up new emails on my hosting to use in the service and get a new job done whenever I wanted it.  After that I would just delete the email and be done with it lol.

But that's not where the free work comes into play.  What I did was sold this as a service and had people pay me $10 or $20 in order to get some backlinks build within a day.  The reports sent to me were super extensive and all I had to do was forward them to my clients Should you be using Free Backlink services?  I basically was acting as the middle man and I made a decent amount of money doing this.   It was a sad day when the website closed it's doors and I had to start doing all the work myself lol.

Free Tier 2 and Tier 3 Links:
When you're using a free backlink service you will always want to aim them at your tier 2 and tier 3 links.  This is because they will likely be low quality links and you don't want them aimed at your main pages.  You're going to be doing something similar to this when you run your own tiered linking campaigns, so why now have a free service run it for you lol.

The Bad

Decreased Rankings:
You could be killing your rankings by using these free backlink services if you're aiming them at your main pages.  I would never recommend using any type of software to build backlinks and aim it at your money site because it usually ends in something bad.

Some of these free backlink services are set up by people who have no clue what they're doing and will only post to websites that auto approve your links.  This usually gets you thousands of links from link farms, and that's never a good think to add to your backlink profile.

In Conclusion:
There's no way to initially tell if a free backlink service is going to be good or not.  You will need to test them out and make sure that it's worth aiming at your own tier 2 and tier 3 links before you pull the trigger.  If you find a good service that allows you to use the email trick I mentioned above, you can usually run it as a service and make a few bucks each month Should you be using Free Backlink services?

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well what are good paid back links then
how do you find them

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Oh wow, nice work on the service you came up and acted as a middle man, very clever. I bet those are hard to come around nowadays, free & good. Or am I mistaken?

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Great post razzy, What do you think about the free site linkcollider . It is likes a traffic exchange website and also social signal site. You earn points and others share your links all over social networks. Also you can use your points to get backlinks have you ever tried this site . Or as anyone ever tried this website.

I been on it a while now and its helping one or 2 of my websites pretty good really . There is upgrade options where you get free daily backlinks and free points you can also turn refer off .

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It looks like that Linkcollider is a good site because you said it is a social media network where you can mingle with other freelancers and as a bonus you can have free backlinks when you earn enough points. But my question about a backlinking service is if it safe and not susceptible to a violation. I have read in some discussions that a backlink service may not be safe at all especially if it is free.

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Why are everyone obsessed with backlinking? It is true that backlinking can increase your search engine page rank, however, it is also true that if you backlink to inferior sites, search engines will penalize you and down rank. You should always try for organic backlinking. Like organic traffic is better than paid traffic, organic backlinking is better than paid backlinking.
I never trust any backlinking service. They will of course generate backlinks for your websites, but they are most of the time backlinking to the sites that are low in quality.

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Yep, this happened to one of my friends. He used one of the free backlinks services for his primal website. His plan was to easily increase his ranking but the opposite happened. He decreased it and lost quite a few ranks. You can imagine how mad he was after...

That is why I really recommend that everybody reads this and see the bad sides. I really love your idea of first testing out the backlinks on some random site and not your prime one. Clever Should you be using Free Backlink services?

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My college spent around $3000 to buy a SEO services and after checking backlinks then they are quite low quality thus I would recommend not buy backlink services unless you know what you will get.

You can see paid backlinks can give you low quality backlinks then we are not maintain free backlinks will give you better quality to increase SEO rankings for your sites.

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Free backlinks are bad for your site. Quality backlinks from high authority site can increase your site ranking, same goes for low quality backlinks can reduce your site ranking. If you are going to use free backlinks, I agreed with Razzy try on random sites and see but never on your money site.

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Gee, that 1,500 words of an article is big deal to me. I remember my articles to be less than 1,000 words long and making 1,500 words is not that easy. But anyway, I agree that the longer the articles, the better it will be for the SEO capability of the website particularly if it is a blog. However, to make it better with the look, maybe I will add more images instead of making my article longer.

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