How to properly get your backlinks indexed

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How to properly get your backlinks indexed

When it comes to getting your backlinks indexed, it's not as difficult as you would think.  Getting your backlinks indexed will certainly help you out in the search engine results pages or SERPs, and there are methods you can use in order to do this quicker than normal.  There are various methods that people will swear by, but they always come down to one basic thing, they all are getting the search engine spiders to the pages where the links are placed and then it's up to the search engines to deem the pages worthy of being indexed.

In this discussion I'm going to cover how you can properly get your backlinks indexed in a short amount of time as long as the links don't look spammy How to properly get your backlinks indexed

1. Tiered Linking
When it comes to getting backlinks indexed you will have to use the tiered linking method.  This not only helps you out in the long run when it comes to increasing your search engine rankings but it will most definitely help you out when you're trying to get links indexed.

Why does it help get links indexed exactly?
You're building links that are getting spidered and then the spiders go through those links to find your tier 1 links.  They then see that another web-page is linking to your tier 1 link and it's likely a decent page to be indexed.
The tier 2 links are dofollow which will send the spiders through.  Nofollow links will stop the spiders in their tracks and they will not go through to see your tier 1 link.  Now you will need to mix in some nofollow links to be seen as natural, but that's fine as long as you're building high quality tier 1 links and aiming them at your money site How to properly get your backlinks indexed

2. Indexers
Websites like will always help you get links noticed by the search engines.  This is due to all the pages being made, which are highly spidered, which increase your chances of getting indexed. was actually designed for this specific reason, to help you get links indexed so that you have a bigger benefit in the SERPs How to properly get your backlinks indexed

3. Mass Ping Sites
There are a lot of these out there nowadays, but my favorite (for obvious reasons), is How to properly get your backlinks indexed

This website allows you to input a ton of links in order to ping them in hopes of bringing in the search engine spiders to hopefully index your new pages How to properly get your backlinks indexed is 100% free to use so I highly suggest you check it out How to properly get your backlinks indexed

4. Posting on High DA Sites
Now this is pretty common knowledge, but posting your articles on high domain authority websites will almost always get your links indexed due to the site being high quality and always being spidered.  You will usually have to post on niche related websites in order for your links to stick, but that's normal How to properly get your backlinks indexed

Some of these websites are pay to post, so you might have to open up your wallet in order to get an article on them.  Some of these sites also allow guest posts, but your post won't always go live, you will need to pass some editorial guidelines prior to getting your post past the gatekeepers lol.

In Conclusion:
These are just 4 basic ways of getting your backlinks indexed in the search engines, and I'm sure you knew at least one of them lol.  Getting your links indexed isn't always the main goal of an SEO campaign, so don't get upset if your links aren't instantly indexed overnight after you post.  It could take weeks, or months, before the search engines decide that your newly created pages are worth indexing.

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Nice Razzy that should do the trick!! There are a few more methods as well such as using actual link indexer services (linklicious etc) which are pretty cheap but not that cheap over a long period of time and most have subscription plans for this reason. I don't think there is a link indexer service like that which charges a one off fee each time based on the number of links is there? Other than the indexing services on here but not a site I've seen but then I don't really use them. That could be an idea for you to poke at Razzy! How to properly get your backlinks indexed But there's some software tools as well out there. They all mostly work the same though and do these things and more as there's other ways of indexing links too of course.

Personally, the way I've always thought about it is that if a links needs to be indexed. It's quite possibly not even worth having! Google indexes things really fast once it's discovered and crawled it. Obviously not all links are crawled such as internal links/pages on sites that have no internal links or even any dofollow external links pointing to it that Google simply can't reach. That's why it's so damned important not to create orphan pages and you can create some very powerful internal links by linking to it internally. Obviously I'm preaching to the quire when when it comes to you Razzy lol but that's one way of ensuring that those links are crawled/indexed, without having to do any of the above methods lol ;D

Basically, just one internal link from that site to that new page is enough for it to become indexed in Google (provided Google is crawling that site). For things like spammy bot created forum profile links where that is not possible, then try any or all of the above lol

I just can't understand why people would even create those links these days. Oh, bh! How to properly get your backlinks indexed

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Do you mean to say that internal pages have a lower chance of getting noticed by crawlers? I have been thinking about that since a long time ago because my idea of crawlers is that they just scrape the top of the website and they don’t go deep down the inner pages. What if your site is an e-magazine that have so many articles that the most recent is down the line of about 1,000 pages deep, does it have a chance of being checked by the search engine crawlers?

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I knew about all of these ways. I didn't know the names of specific sites, Glad you mentioned Index Kings and Ping Farm. I have affiliate marketing websites and blogs that are several years old and they are only now starting to appear in search results. There were moments I thought about deleting them. But a supportive friend told me, sometimes the older the sites, the better. Is that true? (Not that my friend would lie to me. But it would be extra good to hear others say so.)

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If you use wordpress, another great tip is to create and sitemap and submit the to search engine and everytime you have a post update, just go and refresh you sitemap on each search engine and you are good to go.

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Pardon me for saying that I seem to be totally ignorant of this topic. I didn’t know that backlinks need to be indexed by search engines. I understand that we need to be search engine friendly for purposes of SEO but I thought that backlinks are the links you just post and spreading more of the same will bring in good results. But I guess having the backlinks indexed by search engines will be a better option.

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"I thought that backlinks are the links you just post and spreading more of the same will bring in good results."

Yeah backlinks are when other websites link to your site.

Generally that is the idea yea =)

Keep on Trucking! =D

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