Getting a Bachelors degree in Online Marketing

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Getting a Bachelors degree in Online Marketing

Getting a bachelors degree in online marketing wasn't something we could obtain until relatively recently.  I remember when I started working online there was nothing that you could get in this niche besides a computer science degree, and that was basically a web design degree which didn't help you with online marketing.

I was recently looking through some classes at a local college and noticed that they offered online marketing degrees.  I was pretty happy and sad at the same time because it was like I saw the industry evolving so much that people now needed degrees for it.  I was sad because I saw a lot more competition coming out that would easily get a job over me if I ever had to apply for one.  I don't have a degree because I started with online marketing back in 2003 and never looked back.  I built my company and now I make a decent living, but if it were all taken away from me I wouldn't have a degree to fall back on, and that's kind of terrifying. 

Some people say "Well just go get the degree, it should be easy for you" and I agree that it would be easy for me to get the degree.  I just don't think that I would ever have the time to go to all the classes over the 2 to 4 year time span in order to get the fancy piece of paper called a diploma.  I work at least 60 hours a week and that doens't leave me much time to go out and do many things.  I've looked into online courses and even those would take me a long time to do.  I've thought about just joining the classes and testing out in order to get a passing grade, but I can't do that will all of the classes and I'd still be stuck working 60+ hours a week while going back to school as well Getting a Bachelors degree in Online Marketing

Getting a bachelors degree in online marketing is a great step forward for our industry.  It shows that we're now getting recognized in the world as a credible job.  So much that companies are now looking for people with online marketing degrees and not just any degree when they're trying to hire someone to do something with their website. 

I was doing some testing a while back to see how many companies would actually take me seriously if I didn't have a degree, and not many did.  There were so many companies out there looking for someone to handle their online marketing and they wouldn't even bring me in for an interview because I didn't have a bachelors in something.  I mean really?  I've been working online since 2003 doing the job they're trying to fill position for and they're likely going to fill that position with someone that has a bachelors in English or Fine Arts lol Getting a Bachelors degree in Online Marketing

I do understand that a bachelors degree shows some sort of ambition when it comes to getting things done.  But it also shows that someone borrowed money long enough to get a diploma and is now in debt for something they could have learned for free online.  The only reason I don't understand why anyone would take an online marketing class is because it's free knowledge shared online.  The online forums that focus solely on online marketing are better sources of knowledge because you have thousands of "professors" sharing their experiences and knowledge compared to the one you have to sit in front of in a classroom for an hour or two every week lol.

In Conclusion:
I understand why there are companies that will only hire people with degrees and I understand why people go to college.  What I don't get is why people would go to college for an online marketing degree, maybe because they think it's an easy degree that can get their foot in the door of almost any company?  Not sure lol.  What are your thoughts?

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you are right nowadays online businesses are rocking for real, now people don't need to travel to import their goods or export, all is done online, it's quicker and efficient really though we still struggle with scammers but still now we have reviews and it's easy to know who is real and legit, so all I can say is don't worry the world is getting better and even masters in online industries will come because online marketing is doing miracles for real people are making millions in online marketing so why not invest in this study and be a mogul marketer?

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The internet seems to be reinventing itself all the time. In the beginning there was only the email and then the personal websites and blogs followed by social media. E-commerce is getting to be the standard with internet users and maybe someday we would be learning more. With the academic studies I guess the online courses are getting better and getting more students that in the future an online degree will be respected.

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This is very interesting!

In addition to a bachelor's degree in marketing, I also recommend certification.

I myself have a certification by HubSpot in Inbound Marketing. Those interested can check the details at this link:

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Isn't this just part of the Marketing degree? Or is completely branched out and independent now? I haven't seen this sort of program at our universities or colleges yet... however, we can be a bit slow catching up with bigger countries.

I don't really see why you'd choose to get a degree in this though. I agree with you, you can literally self-learn over the internet and by the experience of doing online tasks/jobs. I guess the only downside is like you've said, that with the introduction of Online Marketing Degree, it might be much harder to get a job in such positions if you lack it. It will be interesting to observe how this develops in the future.

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There are lots of online courses today to which you can earn a degree. Its simple, effective and fast. The question is, will this online degree holders can compete with people who is diploma holders? I think i can say they can, because most online diploma holders are already equip with knowledge of their targeted course.

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I'm not sure that a degree in Online Marketing is such a great idea, since online marketing, in its current form, is very much tied to Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other giants of the tech industry. It is very dependent on how the tech giants conduct their business. One might learn the basics of online marketing in just a few weeks, but an update from Google could render everything learned, to useless and outdated knowledge. I think the course should just be an elective subject of a Marketing degree.

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At the time when I had gone to college, I started noticing a greater degree of focus on online marketing than I had expected. I originally went to college for Graphic Design and Advertising, and over the period that I spent working on my degree, I noticed that the course began to change, and classes involving online marketing began to pop up that originally weren't even part of the degree. I became an eye witness to the influence that online marketing was having on many fields involving business and advertising.

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True talk, the industry is really evolving. But i would say anybody that is really into internet marketing and require results will certainly know that when it comes to internet marketing, experience and skills count more than a degree. I myself would rather go for an online tested marketer than for some one who just go experience on a paper. just my own take though.

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I'd actually recommend getting a certification instead of a bachelor's degree. For example, the AMA's Professional Certification in Digital Marketing -- it's a seal of practice granted by a professional body. That, in my opinion, beats the theoretical knowledge that you would get studying for a Bachelor's degree in marketing.

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I personally have a diploma in social media marketing and nowadays it helps out a lot since most businesses reply on the internet for sales and traffic. Audience is the real currency of today's world and the internet is the perfect way to find audience.

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I don't think degree is required. The reason being marketing is volatile field. And here most of the things change rather quickly. So mix of psychology, finance and the other content is needed for degree. So that being said, online marketing degree does not sound good. But who knows in future this sort of degree may have some value out of it. People need to try it and see if it helps the career.

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Getting a Bachelors Degree is a good thing.
It does say something about the individual who took the effort to pursue an advanced education.

That being said, long before there was an Online Marketing Degree, there was a Marketing Degree. Not trying to put anybody down if that's what they got their degree in. But me personally, I would have never gotten a degree with that emphasis of study.

Let's overlook the part about getting an education being a significant expense, requiring time, effort and energy, and you graduating with a huge pile of debt. Some people have parents who saved for the education. Some people get scholarships and grants. It's that way in America. Although many people these days are graduating with huge debt!

Let's look at the UP side of higher education.

Personally, I would have taken specific business courses related to marketing and might have declared it as a “Minor”. But never would it have been my “Major”. In the School of Business Administration, there is much more of a demand for people who graduate with degrees in accounting or finance (first), then international business and management information systems (second).

For me, I would get the BBA in accounting and/or finance and an MBA in international business and/or management information systems. Why? A potential employer is more likely to hire a person with those “professional skills” who also know about marketing, than the other way around.

If I were an employer, I would much rather hire a person who knows how to calculate my expenses and profit, understands the global business and trade arena, and/or understands a computerized record-keeping system; and also knows something about marketing: as opposed hiring a person who has specialized skills in marketing.

Basically what I'm saying is that, for business, the specialization in the other fields of study (accounting, etc.) versus a degree in marketing, make you, the job candidate, more marketable.

Unless I was planning to work for myself or with a partner, friend or family member who could give me a job, I would not get a Bachelors Degree in Marketing or Online Marketing.

Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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I enjoy marketing for it is all about trying to convince people to buy what you sell. I will check on the online marketing and see how it is going to benefit me in a way.

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sadly, anything related to "online" is not the part of the college and university curriculum in my home country. You cannot study SEO in college, you can study marketing, but it does not include online marketing. You can enroll in writing class, but not an online writing class. I think anyone interested in offering these courses can earn a huge money on my home country.

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Is this bachelor’s degree for real? Anyway, the digital world is so dynamic that they can almost think of anything. Now we have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. For a beginner, I think it will be attractive simply because it is a better alternative than getting a classroom bachelor’s degree that you need to attend for 4 year. Much more, internet courses are usually short term only and for a bachelor’s degree maybe the duration is just 2 years. Okay, let’s wait for further developments on this topic.

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I have a diploma in online marketing. I earned this diploma by studying online. I have seen Bachelor's Degree in Online Marketing being offered by various universities, however, these courses are only offered online, there are no such courses for the real colleges and university programs. The universities in our country offer graduate and postgraduate courses on marketing, however, the course is entirely focused on offline marketing. There are no chapters dedicated to online marketing.

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lol this is first time ever i heard that is that really acailable and can get degree for real,

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