Hostgators Optimized WordPress hosting plans hate demo content

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Hostgators Optimized WordPress hosting plans hate demo content

When it comes to a website, you will always need hosting.  But how do you pick the right hosting for what your website needs?  Well it isn't always clearly explained by the hosting companies when you want to sign up for something and this is probably due to them just wanting your business.  They wouldn't get many sign ups if they told you that you would be charged for overages on your account or your websites design was to complex for the hosting you set up. 

Hosting plans can be pretty obscure because the companies put a little bit of information about each plan, which is understandable because they want sign ups.  But don't you think it should be the other way around and they should be giving us all the info we need prior to sign up?

A good example of this is when I was helping out a friend with his photography website.  I swayed him away from "custom designs" and showed him the glory of WordPress and the themes that can make his website look like a million bucks lol Hostgators Optimized WordPress hosting plans hate demo content  I had him look through themeforest for some themes he liked and then I looked at the final 3 he was interested in and chose the one that would work best.  I got him a fully responsive theme that was already a top seller so I know it had a decent support system if anything went wrong.  The theme had all the bells and whistles, which was nice, and the demo looked great. 

So what could go wrong? 

Well when I logged into his hostgator account I wiped his WordPress install and reinstalled it so I could start fresh.  I did this because it was easier than deleting other plugins and whatever he previously had on there that could conflict with the theme and plugins I was about to be working with.  So after hostgator refreshed and there was a new WordPress install, I uploaded the theme and activated it.  I then did what anyone would do and I downloaded and activated all the plugins.  So now he has a basic functioning website and I was about to download the demo content so that he could get a really good idea of how everything looked.  He basically would just have to edit the images to something he liked better, one of his own photos, and it would be complete. 

This is where I hit a snag....

When you're working with a theme and demo content, you can run into download/upload problems do to the PHP parameters not being high enough.  The parameters for this hosting plan were set at 29 seconds, which means if anything takes longer than 29 seconds to perform, the script is stopped in it's tracks and fails.  I got roughly 95% done uploading the demo content and hit a snag where I couldn't upload any other images because of the parameters.  Not a problem, right?  Wrong...  I contacted Hostgator and I was explaining what I needed and what I was doing.  The first guy I was chatting with said "Ok, try it now" and it still failed at the exact same point.  I talked with a second person and they then told me that the hosting plan I was on didn't allow me to upload scripts that take this long to load something when it comes to images.  I asked them if they could just increase the parameters slightly so that I can finish the upload, and they told me NO....  I then asked "Ok, so what's the point of having a WordPress Optimized hosting plan if I can't even upload the WordPress theme I just purchased for my Photography company?"  Obviously I had to pretend I was my friend so that they would talk to me lol.

There's more...

This is when HostGator told me to change my plan to a dedicated server or a VPS because they cannot adjust the PHP parameters on the WordPress Optimized plans.  I asked if they could just switch "my" plans and "I" would pay the difference, and I was told that was not a possibility.  Now when I looked at my friends subscription, he had just paid them over $200 for the year to keep his website hosted.  They wanted him to sign up for a new plan in order to use the demo content for his theme....

  1. What do you think is wrong with this?
  2. Do you think that Hostgator is in the "right" or should they have helped out a little more?
  3. Do you think they could have increased the parameters of the hosting for a little while until I got the theme fully installed? 
  4. Or do you think the person I was talking with just didn't have the access to do so?

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I am not surprised. I have lot of bad experience with their servers and hosting in general. I have uploaded two clients works on their server. But for some reason old cache version was being shown. And none of my work was visible. You can guess my frustration. And we had to get their server side to make changes. It seems their cache for that server was not updated for month. And old cached versions were sent. So it can be really bad as they are not very competent people over there. They were owned by EIG company recently so the quality has gone down ever since.

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I honestly had a bad experience with hosting Hostgator in the past and today certainly do not tell anyone.

After that I went through two other bad experiences and two different companies. I just went to have some stability on my sites when I chose to set up my own VPS server on Digital Ocean. For me, it was the best choice.

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I am not with Hostgators. I am a namecheap customer. Recently namecheap introduced wordpress hosting, however, I may not subscribe to this package, I will rather stay with my shared hosting business plan. Why? Because shared hosting is cheaper than wordpress. I can host upto 10 websites for $78 per year, which is great.
I don't see any point in using wordpress hosting. Wordpress is an open source content management system. You don't have to pay money to set up a wordpress website. Another good thing about wordpress is there are numerous themes and plugins available for free. You can create a great site with free theme and plugins.
If you don't know much about wordpress, take lessons instead of paying more for wordpress hosting.

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I am ignorant of hosting providers and this is a good information that Hostgators can give you a problem with the hosting. I have plans of having my own website and probably I will seek help in this forum for the best hosting provider. I know of some people who were duped by their host providers that they were asked to pay more for more service but the service given was the ordinary package.

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