Helpful design features for your eCommerce products

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Helpful design features for your eCommerce products

Designing an eCommerce website isn't as easy as you would think it would be.  You always need to be cutting edge when it comes to your design so that visitors will want to purchase what you have listed on your website.  Every day it gets more difficult to stick with the trends that keep people purchasing form your website.  It could be a new social platform popping up for your niche which you need to exploit or a Google algorithm change that makes it so that you need to edit every single page on your website.  If you're not standing out from the crowd, then you're going to get left behind while others take the sales that should have been yours.

I'm going to go over a few ideas I've been mulling over for a while now on how I can get my items to sell easier.  Of course I won't be able to get an accurate assessment on which works best until I split test them, but who knows, maybe I'll pick right the first time lol.

Here are a few ways I think that sales could increase through your eCommerce product pages.  Interested in what everyone has to say in terms of tweaks and recommendations Helpful design features for your eCommerce products

1: The Search Feature - One of the easiest ways to find an item on a website is through the search function.  If the website has thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of items liste, it's probably easier to type your keywords into the search bar and hit enter to find them.  This search function allows users to find items from multiple categories that match the keyword you entered.  They may not have thought to look in one of your categories for what they were looking for, but now they've found it and you made an additional sale because you had that search function on your website.  I've noticed that 99% of eCommerce themes have this function already coded into their designs, so I'm not going to worry too much about this one since it's usually defaulted anyway Helpful design features for your eCommerce products

2: Quick Viewing - With this option I can have users simply click on the picture within the category or search results and it will pop up with the basic information about the product such as the pricing and a short description of what it is.  This allows users to click on the image, get the information they're looking for and not have to leave the category or search page they were on.  I could even have something like an "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button on the pop out in order to increase conversions.  I'm sure a lot of people would click "Add to Cart" and keep shopping, which would increase my profits per sale overall Helpful design features for your eCommerce products 

3: 360 Degree Viewing - This isn't a well established design idea because not many people are doing it, obviously lol.  You would need to have access to the items and a camera system that will allow you to take a 360 degree picture, which isn't cheap I would assume.  People like drop shippers who wouldn't have access to their items wouldn't be able to do something like this, but they could always take multiple pictures so when clicking "Next" or an arrow to view the next picture, it would look like the product is turning in a 360 degree motion.  It's the same concept except the user has to click more lol.

4: The Grid - When searching through products, you may want to have as many of them showing as possible.  With the grid option I can get 3 or 4 products on a row instead of just 1 with some basic information.  I can pair this up with the pop out info feature to maximize my revenue, but I'm wondering if the grid option would be best.  I have my doubts about the grid option because people may get sensory overload due to all the product images showing up above the fold which could cause a type of ADD when it comes to viewing web pages online lol Helpful design features for your eCommerce products

5: Continuous Scrolling - This is a newer feature I've seen people using and sometimes I think it's pretty annoying.  I've been to blogs that use this on their homepages and I can never get to the footer to see any of their information because the page constantly keep loading more and more content or products.  I honestly won't be using this but I had to add it because it seems to be a newer trend.  I really hope this dies out or Google penalizes websites that are using it so that no one continues to enable it lol. 

Now these are a few ideas I've been thinking about because I'm getting back into eCommerce and Dropshipping, but I'm still fairly new to it compared to a lot of the people making full time incomes through something like this.  I'd love to hear what you all have to say about the features that work for you so that I can try to implement them into my websites and hopefully increase my sales Helpful design features for your eCommerce products  I've got a pretty good understanding of what I'll be doing, but no one person has all the knowledge and I'm not shy about asking for help if I need it Helpful design features for your eCommerce products 

So what do you think will work best when it comes to design features on an eCommerce page?
Do you think I should try to utilize all the features I listed, a couple of them or none at all?

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I think out of these, the search option is the most important feature for sure. I hate it when certain pages don't have the option to do a search. It's annoying having to manually search through everything and on top of that, it's also time-consuming.

The most important thing is, of course, the design itself. You want a clear and easy-to-navigate site. I'd also like to point out how crucial it is adding the feature of supporting all devices - this includes mobiles, tablets and so on. You have to scale some things so they fit in onto all screen resolutions. Just look at the numbers of how many people access websites using their phones. It's definitely worth putting extra time into that.

I know that you will do amazingly Razzy. You have extensive knowledge in several different areas and all of this will come to good use. I really wish you great success in your eCommerce business.

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The design is the most important thing. We should optimize our site according to mobile phone and other portable devices for better exposure as we know that nowadays most of the people use the Internet on their portable devices rather using it on a desktop computer.

Razzy is the man with a lot of knowledge and he is a good person share it with others. I learned a lot of things from him. I wish him a great success in his field.

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I have found that the feature of paying through multiple options definitely helps. I know some of the people who are paying for e-commerce products through such methods. And one has to consider how the helpful designs are going to be any good. You can see that people who are making such products based website pay attention to the website the most. So that's another thing to watch out for.

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In our favorite online store, we always use the search feature since it is not easy to navigate the entire pages just to find one particular product. Earlier this week, we purchased a garden hose. Our first approach is to use the search feature and voila, we got what we needed. We were brought to the right page that showed the category of garden hoses. In some other stores, particularly the fast food outlets, I sometimes have difficulty in finding what I need especially when there is a promo.

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