A blog is more than just content on your website

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A blog is more than just content on your website

Setting up a blog is fairly eash nowadays because of all the systems out there to choose from that have one click installs and auto uploading sample text so you get an idea of where everything goes.  When I have a client ask to set up a blog I usually have it finished in less than 3 hours because all I do is upload wordpress, add a theme that matches their website and I'm done.  I may add some content to the blog so they get an understanding of what is going on and how everything works, but it's not too difficult to understand after they post once or twice A blog is more than just content on your website

Blogging is a great way to bring your readers in and build trust with them.  You have the chance to talk with your readers and also the lurkers on whatever you're blogging about, and that's a marketing point that can't be overlooked A blog is more than just content on your website  The comments section of your blog will be where you'll usually be talking with these people.  You'll be answering questions, giving advice and possibly getting a new client or two in the process.  Not only will you do all of that in the comments section, you'll also be building content on your page which the search engines will see and love A blog is more than just content on your website  If you can create a "safe place" for people to come and have a conversation about a certain topic, they will come back time and time again.

Blogs are always promoting themselves to the search engines if they are active.  I would say at least one post a week should keep the search engines coming back to check out your new content and conversations.  Today if someone comes across a blog, they will see it as a credible source of information whether it's a review or just something you have a passion for and want to talk about.  The more you write about, the better chances you'll have to attract more visitors. 

Social Media
In today's world, social media is a main source of interaction with others. If you have the share buttons properly displayed on your blog posts, you can get a decent amount of shares and get those people to start talking about your posts A blog is more than just content on your website  The people coming to your website will literally be your marketing team if you get those share buttons in front of them.  This will increase your newsletter subscribers and engagement with random strangers, in turn building your blog to be even better with every post A blog is more than just content on your website  When someone uses your share buttons they are telling their friends, family and followers that they endorse your post.  This is a great thing because you don't have to do all the work to make yourself look like an authority lol.

Bloggers are Experts
Bloggers are usually seen as an expert in their field because why else would they be writing about the topics they are?  They don't have to post any degrees or qualifications to prove that they know what they're talking about, their articles do all of that and the followers talking in the comments section cement that they are the authority.  For this reason, people tend to blog in order to gain authority within their niche because they don't get scrutinized much on their own websites.  And even if they do, they can just delete the comments lol A blog is more than just content on your website  But one of the most important things is that if you're a blogger, you're doing it for yourself and not usually for the money.  Now if you do it right, the money will start rolling in over time because of all the traffic the search engines are sending you A blog is more than just content on your website

Building Trust
In the beginning you'll have to do a lot of the leg work.  You'll have to talk with everyone that is commenting on your posts, do off page optimization and talk with others in your niche so that you can eventually get guest posts on their sites to solidify your place as an authority.  If a reader likes what the original article is about that brought them to your blog, they will usually stick around and read a few more pages.  If you're publishing high quality content and people are coming in to read it, sharing it and commenting on it then you're obviously building trust within the community.  You can't just write any boiler plate content either, you need to be yourself because that's what will get people to stick around.  Being basic or corporate in your writing won't show any form of individuality and people will leave fairly quick.

Connecting with People
When people are commenting on your blog posts, you will want to engage with them.  Not very often do you see a successful blog post something and never come back to talk with it's commenters.  The author will usually come back and talk to anyone that has a question and they will even respond to the people just leaving statements like "Great blog post!  I've learned so much!" now these are basic posts, but they still warrant a response if you keep them on there A blog is more than just content on your website  You will eventually be turning your blog into a community and you could even add features to turn it into a social media platform similar to Facebook but for your own niche A blog is more than just content on your website

Contacting Subscribers
When you are posting quality content to your blog, you will likely be getting sign ups to your newsletter.  This basically means that people want to hear what you have to say or they want to be updated about your business.  Some lists have a few sign ups while others have hundreds of thousands, you'll just have to be persistent on building your list over time to hit those big numbers A blog is more than just content on your website  Now that you have some sign ups, you will want to be sending out newsletters.  You won't want to send out a newsletter every time you post something on your blog, but you might want to send out one every week with all of your blog posts on it A blog is more than just content on your website  Think of it as an overview as to what you've been talking about and people can knit pick what they want to read.  This will only increase your click through rates, comments, engagement, shares and overall interactions with your now growing community A blog is more than just content on your website

Now a blog is something that needs to be grown just like a child.  You'll never be able to skip years of hard work nurturing it and pushing it in the right direction.  You will never be able to be an instant authority without doing a lot of work to be seen by the masses, just like if a kid were playing baseball and wanted to be a pro.  You need to do the hard work and get noticed before you start getting rewarded with subscribers, shares, comments, etc.

In Conclusion:
A blog is more than just a page on your website, it is an intregul part of your marketing campaign and will bring in the masses if you treat your content like it's a golden ticket to riches.  Each blog post you publish is one step closer to gaining the fame you want, but you shouldn't be counting your posts because you'll just go crazy lol A blog is more than just content on your website   So start up a blog and get to posting that quality content already!

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I feel like every website should have a blog. I can't think of a niche where you can't create quality content that can attract as well as social media related traffic but mostly importantly, organic traffic.
There are tons of success stories across the web where people started writing in highly difficult niches where you may think no content can be implemented, but the truth is, you can create bridges between subjects and write in EVERY niche out there.

You definitely need a blog if you have a website. Organic traffic leading to your articles is STILL traffic and some of that traffic may drop over in your store and convert.
I always get the same questions from clients "Why do I need a blog?" - all of them end up thanking me 6 months later.

I definitely agree on creating content regularly, Even if you don't write every week, you need to keep it regularly, Google will eventually learn and understand your posting habits and will adapt to it. My advice is this: do it as often as you can with the idea of maintaining high-quality content in the process, I prefer to write a lot less but in good quality, than to post garbage stuff only to say "I posted".

Anways, thank you Razzy for this article, highly informative, especially for newcomers to understand the benefits of having a blog.

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Maybe you have the same reason with some website owners that I see their blogs as either sub domains or just in the inner pages of the site. I guess a blog is worthy of explaining things in details and you can also add pictures like it is really a newspaper or magazine article. I sometimes read blogs even if the topic is not very interesting to me but only for the way the blog is written and with the catchy pictures therein.

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I think blogs are opening new form of marketing. It is known as the content marketing. Many people are choosing to use the blogs as their medium because it converts well. And more websites can see the regular conversion of the content. You can see that some of the good blogs are also creating community and trust around. So it all comes down to how people react to such type of the content.

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I find it fascinating the way blogs have evolved through the years. Remember the first years where everybody was blogging just as a hobby? damn, we have come a long way. I love these new age blogs where the blogger uses them in such clever ways. Whether it's self-promotion, marketing or just interacting, it is really incredible how different they are nowadays.

I agree with everybody that every good website should have a blog set up. It is such a free way of endless promotion and marketing that it's very dumb if you miss out on it. Blogs aren't even hard to start. You have really nice blog hosts that are even free of charge. Just be smart about it and make some easy profit.

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Blogs can really help website to achieve their desire position. However, its only possible if you update your blog with unique and fresh content on daily basis OR thrice a week. I am blogger and an SEO in San Jose city, I got to update my three blogs on daily basis. Believe me since the day I started blogging on daily basis, the rankings of those blogs are really pushed upward. So, In my opinion it is the only way to increase website visibility these days. Whats your opinion?

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I remember when people screamed that blogs were dead, due to oversaturation. That was in 2013 and blogs have boomed to new levels since then. This post is exactly why they can do so much with just one post. Got to get my blog back up and stick it out.

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Have a wonderful day.

Web 2.0 blogs and Tier 1 to tier 9 do follow back link will play a very much important role for the search engine result based website position up and will increase a huge traffic to your website for the life time from keyword based research on search engines and also will play a role for immediate page rank to your website.


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If your website is basically a content site, then you don't actually require a separate blog. However, it you website is a company website, an online store or ecommerce website, than you require a blog. On this blog you can write about your company, services and products you are selling. You can also allow your staffs to post on this blog. You can make this blog a notice board for your website or company. When you promote your blog, your website will automatically promoted. It is a win win situation.

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Thanks for a better explanation. Yeah, I thought about that myself because you do not really need a blog if you have a forum or other application that can publish content. I am glad I was not alone on this.

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I have an affiliate store. The website basically sells affiliate products from Amazon, Commission Junction and Linkshare. I have listed the products by putting HTML code on pages. Therefore, my website lacks original content. If you do not have original content, you will be penalized by search engines. In order to compensate this, I have a blog section where I have articles on the niche related to my blog.

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Excellent article! Personally, I feel the power of blogs on your website isn't tapped into the way it could be. To only view blogs as just "content" on your website is a highly impractical way of thinking. The articles you publish on your website can either attract or repel the readers, which could ultimately seal or kill the sale or objective you're attempting to complete.

In my opinion, blogging is about writing quality content for your visitors to relate to. Giving them a chance to express their feelings in a response, and you elaborate on their responses as a means of generating a connection between yourself and them. This connection formulates a bond or trust. Making it easier to sell a product from that website, because of the articles within the blog.

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Are blogs equal to posts? If yes, then every website should have blogs. Good content blogs with keywords to bring in external traffic and gain respond from readers

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I totally agree with you Razzy, you will get a faster connectyoin with your readers with a blog in your site, especially if your blog is really good. To reach there you need a lot of work and dedication and positive thinking.
Once you did all that, you may find success in your business because a blog can really help a website to achieve a lot of popularity on Intenet !

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Great, that is good of you to take your time out sharing these useful hints. I am planning to open a car review site but it is solely as a hobby. I won't be displaying those annoying ads on my site and I won't be selling anything. My aim is to offer a place where we can share info and also learn in the process.

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Love the ideas. I completely agree with you. If you are paying too much attention to you post count, you will go insane. This is speaking from experience. Just have fun doing it and it will pay off.

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These are very sensible tips for newbie bloggers like me. I'm a blog reader myself and I actually read the comments section of the blog to see how other people react to the blog post. I easily get turned off by bloggers who don't care to respond to their readers and I imagine how the commenter must feel. Bloggers who don't bother to reply to their readers are missing the opportunity to connect directly to their readers who have the power to make or break their website. On the other hand, I've seen bloggers who publish so-so topics but have large followers because they're actively and directly communicating with their readers. I'm taking all of these idea into consideration and action as I go on my blogging journey.

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For me, a blog is an expression of oneself. Like one friend whose blog was created for his fiction stories. He was not after the traffic nor the earnings because his blog is more for the exposure of his writings. And I believe that passion creates a more creative blog because it is an expression. As I had posted in another thread, my future blog is about my dogs to give them exposure and to fulfill my expression. That means I agree that a blog is not mere content but it has a personal meaning.

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I wish we had blogs (and especially forums) when I was a teenager and a kid. They're definitely a way to get you writing. I mean, back when in my day, we had pen and paper and typewriters - and certainly no fun way to communicate what we wrote. However, now that's all changed and I'm sure there are lots of people who would have hated writing in the early 90s, but now love it and of course, it's a way to generate money - maybe even a lot of money (incentive).

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