Blogging with free host

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Blogging with free host

In case you're thinking about beginning an blog with free blog hosting , it is a smart thought to do a touch of research as to where you will set up your own blog. There are a lot of free blog has showing up nowadays in light of the fact that blogging has turned out to be unfathomably prominent! These are the things to consider when searching for a free blog hosting


Does the blog have give an extensive variety of formats? Is it simple to modify? Is there a guide for clients about the layouts?

It's reviving to see sites with a look that matches the blogger's identity. Discover a blog host where you can without much of a stretch personlise the hope to make an enduring impact on viewers or even maybe subscribers.


How simple does the blog have make it for clients to begin blogging? Do you need to peruse up on an arrangement of long directions before you can begin?

Individual blogging ought to be fun and simple so if the blog have makes it convoluted by being excessively jumbled or not sufficiently giving information to kick you off, it can be somewhat of a mood killer. You ought to have the capacity to login and instantly have the capacity to begin posting!

What about contact or support

To what extent before they answer to your email or your or there support tickets. Do they even have a contact accessible? Do they have a FAQ area?

Diverse blog has have distinctive approach how they handle their clients' worries. Regularly, if the host is genuinely new , they would or ought to go to more push to help their clients to make them stay and continue utilizing their administration.


It is safe to say that you are searching for different bloggers to peruse, rate, survey your blog? Would you like to make companions during the time spent your adventure through blogging? Is it true that you are intrigued to peruse what other individuals need to state in their web journals?

On the off chance that you need to get your blog up and running and different bloggers looking at your webpage rapidly, look for a blog host which is additionally a group to help you appreciate blogging significantly more!


A reward to any blogger is getting paid to blog! A considerable measure of blog hosts are adding more components to their support of pull in more clients.

One such host is Blog Charm, which pays its clients a rate of promotion income they produce. Everytime a blog client gets a guest, that client will get paid.

There are a great deal of other free blog has out there so before choosing where to settle down, consider which components are vital to you.

I hope this information helps those who are blogging or even thinking about blogging.


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Nice and informative post that tells you exactly what you need to know.

You really have so many free available options when it comes to blog hosting. You have to consider the things you have listed before you commit to one. Do not forget to do all the research needed. The blog hosting website should fit your needs and the blog's vision.

The best free blog hosting sites are probably: Blog, Blogger (backed up by Google), Medium (same people that made Twitter).

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If you are a simple blogger without needs or wishes to be contacted you could just leave that part out. Let people comment or share the posts, and you can just moderate and delete something that might be offensive.

If I would start blogging, I would focus mostly on layouts and simplicity if possible, followed by features.

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What do you mean by free host, do you mean to say free blogging platforms that let you create a site for free and run it freely without paying any money, or do you mean to say free hosting site. In any case, if you are serious about blogging, blogging with free host or free platforms are not recommended.
Free hosts are unreliable. You never know when your site will be down.
Even if you publish high quality article, your article on a free blogging platforms is considered unreliable.

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I concur! even though free hosting can sometimes have benefits for starters in blogging, the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages.

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I don't see any benefits apart from "no money involved" Let me illustrate this. You see a title that reads "Make $100 a day," when you hover the mouse over the title, you see an url with a subdomain dot weebly dot com. Consider this. Will the blogger who can make $100 a day still use dot a subdomain instead of his own domain. The visitor will not trust this topic.

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This is a very interesting subject to be discussed, especially for people who are starting with their blogs.

When I started with a blog (about 4 years ago) there was little information about creating a paid or free blog. At the time I started with Blogger and it really was very good for the time.

Over time, I saw the need to improve layouts and also noticed a great difficulty in optimizing the SEO of my articles. With a little more research, I saw that I needed to invest monthly in a hospital to have some success.

Briefly, I think if you do not have the financial conditions, it's still worth investing in a free blog. But if you really want to succeed with a blog, it is important to invest in a paid blog.

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I don't advice people to use free hosting services for whatever they are planning to launch online. As the saying there is nothing free even in freetown, much so in this our mordern era of the fight for survival. There are many cheap alternatives online now. Though this your post is an eye opener.

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As we all know blogging is popular and to be a blogger you don't need to be a pro in what you choose you just need to be unique, so every blogger has target of why he or she owns that blog or website, if you are a starter and want to choose a free web hosting I advice you to look to what's your aims? question yourself about what you want to do with that blog in future? are you going to monetize it when you get famous? are you going to post endless information? or is it going to be just like a diary, so after knowing the future of your website that's when you'll start to look for a free web hosting that has all feature that you'll need even if you'll have to buy them in future but just be sure that they are they so that you won't have to start over again.

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Thanks for the helpful topics. Its all will work with any one who is new in this online world. Its great. I have been enjoying this facility by taking free sub domain and free sub hosting. Check: BanglaSEO.


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Your post is really good Money, but I don't advise people to use free hosting service. Nothing comes free in this life, we always must pay for anything so if you want to have a good blog and a high traffic I advise you to have a paid host web.
Yes, this is my opinion, to make money from any business, you must invest if you start any business for free there are fewer chances to get money from it!

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if you seriously want to earn money from your blog, then free hosting is certainly not the way to go. A blog on a free hosting platform has limitations on the layout, disk space, and bandwidth among others. If you simply want to express yourself and your personal thoughts, get either Wordpress and Blogger. But if you want to work on something that can make money for you in the future, there are many hosting plans that can fit your budget. Having your own domain gives your site credibility which is important if you want people to start trusting you.

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These are great pointers in evaluating not just free blog hosts, but paid hosts as well. As a lot of replies have stated here, it is much more preferable to go with paid hosts.

Since these free blog hosts are easy to setup and maintain, I believe the value of these free blog hosts is when they are used to rapidly create a blog network. Especially when combined with forum posts and social media posts, the blog network would be an effective support structure for the main money site.

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I have found that people who blog on and, are doing good. But at some point of the time, they have to move onto other means for the blogging. Like getting their own host and domain. This way they can do things more professionally. I have seen people doing their best with the paid hosting. In fact they take blogging more seriously this way.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of Blog Charm. And it looks like a good one because it pays you to blog. Maybe I can try it because I had been a co-blogger before and I enjoy blogging. It’s just that I had lost my spare time due to pressures of my job in the office that’s why I had to quit my blogging. But now perhaps I can find a little time even for writing one article in a week. And if the earnings is substantial then I guess I can give it more time.

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