Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

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Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

The top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017 may be known to you, but not to the mass majority.  Did you know that shopping malls are closing at an alarming rate due to the fact that there simply aren't enough stores renting out retail space for them to keep their doors open?  There are a few select malls that are still going strong, but there are many more which are on the verge of being closed while others are already being demolished.

In fact, the mall near where I grew up is actually in the process of being demolished due to not having enough stores renting out space.  When I was little, the area was nice and anyone could go there to buy whatever they wanted.  As I grew up, the mall only got worse and gangs started walking the corridors, then fights started breaking out.  It was doomed as of 10 years ago and only recently started to get demolished.  It was considered abandoned, so I can only imagine what was going on within it's walls after that Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

The downside of a mall is that it doesn't cater to someone being compulsive.  Sure someone could be there for something like a dress and leave with a pair of shoes, but eCommerce websites are capitalizing on compulsive buys.  Not only that, there are a few big ways that eCommerce is taking over and I'll go over them in this discussion Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017  

Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

1. Chat bots
Big corporations like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft released updates with their won chat bots and now other companies are starting to follow suite.  These chat bots are actually starting to take jobs from people because they're getting so advanced that they can literally answer any question that comes in.  We will see more and more companies leaning towards these chat bots because it cuts costs drastically since you only need 1 bot to be your entire support team.  Chat bots won't just answer questions either, they will be able to follow up on your orders, answer your complaints and everything will happen in real time making it super convenient for users.

2. Brick and Mortar stores at risk
The amount of mom and pop type stores are closing at an astonishing rate.  There were roughly 8,000 physical stores closed in 2017 while just 2,000 closed in 2016.  Now that's just a 2 year spread, but if it keeps going this route we will see more and more companies going solely online.

The more that stores like Walmart and Amazon tweak their systems to perfection, the more people will be willing to start shopping online.  As soon as everyone has the Amazon or Walmart apps and realizes they can do all their Christmas shopping from their couch, like what I do, they will not have a need to go out and purchase something from the store.  Sure you have to pay for shipping and handling, but the big corporations have that covered too!  I have Amazon Prime and I pay $10 a month for it.  I normally only use it in October, November and December but I forgot to cancel it and I realize that I tend to use it more than just those 3 months lol.  But if you factor in how much it costs to drive around and shop, you will notice that the $10 a month for a prime membership more than pays for itself.

3. Social media is starting to be seen as a force of it's own
Facebook has been working on it's shops over the years and is trying to make it's platform as easy to load products to as say something like WooCommerce and Shopify.  Not only that, Facebook is one of the best ways to drive traffic to an eCommerce store since you can easily load pictures of your products within your ads and that always converts better.  Some people like using Facebook live to demonstrate how a product works, but I think it just looks cheesy lol.

4. Everyone wants convenience
When you shop online, you do it because it's convenient.  You can literally shop from your bed without getting dressed and having to go to the store, like I mentioned earlier Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

Of course websites will have to work on their own structures to optimize for mobile traffic.  If they don't, they will notice a drop in sales because their websites aren't user friendly and possibly crash when someone is browsing.  

5. Fast and Efficient Delivery
In the beginning, eCommerce might not have had the best shipping rates and that's probably why they didn't take over sooner.  Now they have same-day or overnight shipping which is extremely fast and very efficient because if you forget about someones birthday, you can order something and have it at your house the next day (I've done this) lol Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

This is the main reason I use the Amazon app paired up with Amazon Prime.  I can take my phone out, find something I like, order it, and have it to my house quickly because I have 2 day free shipping Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017  Last Christmas I got an item that was wrong and I had to send it back.  I knew that I wasn't going to be refunded in time, but I wasn't worried about that.  I was more worried about getting my item in time for Christmas because it was December 19th.  Luckily I got it on December 23rd, which was past the 2 day shipping, but that's understandable since Amazon shipping around a billion products during the Christmas season and were swamped with orders.  

In Conclusion:
If you're not trying to crack into eCommerce and you have a brick and mortar store, you're falling far behind and you need to change your ways.  Get out there and have someone set up a website for you.  You could set it up yourself, but you're better off hiring someone that can do it for you in a week or so and configure it with all the 5 key points I talked about above Top 5 trends for eCommerce in 2017

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Yeah, the chat bots also caught my attention. I always somewhat feared that the ''robots'' or A.I. would sooner or later start taking over our jobs. I just wonder how effective they are in the customer support area? I'd love to see some sort of comparison between an A.I. and a human doing exact same tasks for a day. But we'd have to consider not only how many tasks he completed but also how satisfied the customer was, did the customer feel like the bot/person attended them in a proper way and so on.

I think that we are safe until they start turning A.I. into sentients. Then I will fear.

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Well, not just that. When it comes to more delicate matters, I don't believe bots would be perfect choice. Raging customers for example. Bots can't really know what is going through customers mind, while an employer surely will know when dealing with such issues. Random / premade replies from bots might anger customer even more while the employer would surely take his time and put as much effort as he can to calm a certain person down and deal with their problem.

There are many more things to think of, but I don't think bots will ever win over humans in costumer support. Bots can deal with simple questions, that is for sure and it would be helpful to employees as well. They can concentrate on more important matters.

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The year 2017 is very importanrt for me because I launched an ecommerce store this year. After a through research, I decided to launch my online store on lingerie niche. However, when my site was launched, I discovered that the niche is very competitive. I am also working on a front store with maternity store which will compliment with online store. I think this will be a lucrative niche for me. I am still learning the trade secrets.

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I think automation is going to be trend for next 2 years. And more and more people are going to invest into this type of the stuff. I have seen some people making their investment into automation. And that can be rise of the chatbots and other online automation. That is where things are going to be lot different on that part. That being said, it'd be reasonable to see ecommerce changes as well.

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I understand the situation of brick and mortar stores particularly those small businesses dealing with dry goods such as clothing items and footwear. They are losing their clients to the online stores. The rationale of the customers is that purchasing online is very convenient since all you need to do is check the products using your computer or phone then place your order and that’s it. Waiting for the delivery is not a long time so it adds to the convenience.

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