Google now has a "Personal" tab. Controversial or Not?

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Google now has a "Personal" tab. Controversial or Not?

Google decided to roll out a feature that was added to the search engine.  This feature basically lets you track your own footprints through Google, which could get pretty creepy if you ask me lol.  The feature is a personal tab within "More" when you do a search and get your results.  You know the little link under the search bar to the right a little bit?  If you click it you'll get a drop down menu and you can choose between a few different options, now one of them is a "personal" option which shows you what you've been doing on Google.
This feature expands on your entire Google portfolio and will dive into your Gmail, Google + or even a photo you saved to the google cloud.  Now all of that will show up under your "Personal" tab if you click on it.

It's a pretty straight forward process and it will stick to the navigation menu within the SERPs until you change it.  I personally like the "Images" tab because I like to look through a bunch of images I can use for blog posts or Instagram Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?

Let's say you search for "" for instance.  Any photos, videos, anything in your gmail referring to will now show up in your personal tab on Google.  I thought it was a little scary when I checked it out because I saw my PayPal payments showing up on the search results, which is unnerving.

Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?

You'll need to be logged into your account in order for this stuff to show up.  It won't base it on your IP address since that's not exactly "Safe".  It will actually say "Only you can see these results" when you switch to the personal tab, which is a bit of a stress reliever, but my heart still raced for a little bit after I figured everything out lol.

Now Google hasn't really released any type of announcement about this new feature, so maybe they're just beta testing it in certain regions or if it's a mass launch and they just didn't see the importance of telling anyone lol.  I'm not sure of how wide spread it is, the region specific idea is simply that, an idea Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?  I did notice that you can't access it through any mobile devices, which seems a bit odd, but again it's new so they may not do a mass opening until they're sure it will work well.

I would assume that the Google personal tab is a little addition on how they can data mine your information to help target you for specific advertising.  It's just an idea, but wouldn't that make sense?  They're getting more personal with us and the only reason for that is to make more money for the multi billion dollar corporation Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?

Now if you think about it, this could be something that is going to pair up with Google Lens.  The Lens basically is a contact lens that you will put in your eye like a normal lens and it will convert text to visual.  It will go one step further by identifying animals, insects, landmarks, roads, etc.  There have been sources that said you can actually look at restaurants and a menu will pop up for you to read prior to even going into the establishment Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?  There's also suppose to be something integrated within it so that you can translate foreign languages into your own so that you can read something like a menu in Cantonese Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?  It's cutting edge and some people are on edge about it because it could just be Google trying to take over, but I think it reminds me of Ghost in the Shell and I'm excited lmao.

Now that I'm done ranting about Google lens, Google personal is basically you saying you're ok with Google diving into your information such as your search patterns and your preferences.  For this reason, people are complaining about the privacy issues that could arrise.  Again, I think that Google is just testing everything out and may not launch for the entire world until they're ready Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?

In Conclusion:
Google personal seems to have it's good and bad side.  It's good because you can keep everything showing up on Google and you don't have to switch to a different tab.  It's bad because it seems like your privacy is at risk, and that's never a good thing.  The personal tab could also be something to do with Google Lens, but we won't know for sure since we can't access it just yet Google now has a "Personal" tab.  Controversial or Not?

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Oh wow. You notice things very quickly. I didn't know that they added this. Maybe because I don't really click the ''More'' option.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it can be useful but on the other, I see the risks that we're gonna get exposed to. I'm not sure how much I can trust Google with my own personal information. I hate it when companies get so invasive and want to know EVERYTHING about the consumers. I understand why, but still hate it. Soon they will know what shoe size I have and at what time I go to bed... it's creepy.

What would happen if somebody was able to breach this personal information that they're now storing?

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yeah That's not rally good; For me it's a violation of people's privacy no matter the reason though no one is going to say he clara your brosing history is funny I hope that won't happen because I would feel supper bad about it!

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I still didn't see it, but it might be due to where I am from, they might be implementing the feature slowly over certain areas first before hitting the worldwide button.

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Hmm I Googled "SEOClerks" and checked out my Personal Tab and it was blank! :| I'm not sure what that means! LOL.. But I've looked into it a little and from what I can devise, it will work similar to how the existing News, Maps or Images tabs work. But instead of just showing you links to different sites, it will show things that are related to your Google account including private resources from your Gmail account or Google Photos Library or even other peoples stuff too, friends, circles etc.

And I get your thinking and feeling about it too in that you see a good thing and a possible bad thing in it. The bad being that you could inadvertently have something private viewed by someone, such as if someone used your computer as you when using Google. But the good thing is that it could be helpful to help you find stuff you're looking for as well. But just how much that will come into play (both the good and the bad) we will have to wait and see.

I'm sure there's more to it than this lol. And in time we'll hear from Google about it as to it's benefits and advantages. Had a quick search and can't find anything official yet which is a bit strange from Google as they usually blow pipes over most new stuff.

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I am not sure how much this can be good enough. We jut have to wait and see how long they may keep such feature. Some of the time they are known to remove such features. And this turns out to make some random odd changes. I know many such things have limits. But it looks good to see such app in the market. I have yet to get full control over such apps.

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I was not really aware of that. I just checked it out and found that when I clicked on the personal tab it listed some of my received mails. I don't really like to share my information. So if this is something which will invade my privacy then I am against it. However as of now we don't really know the purpose of this Personal Tab.

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I don’t think it is getting controversial with the Personal Tab of Google. It is actually a helpful tool for monitoring our past actions. But I have noticed that Google seems to be focusing on its products like Google Plus and Gmail which gives me a notion that the Personal Tab is one way of pushing the promotion of Google products. That is one move of the giant to grow bigger.

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