10 reason to start blogging for your business

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10 reason to start blogging for your business

10 reason to start blogging for your business

It usually know, but you should start blogging for your business because it's a great way to get people in to see your website and content.  Content is king, no one can argue that, and it will bring in a good amount of traffic if done right.  Now it will bring in traffic from your keywords, but that's not the only benefit blogging for you business has. 

When you're blogging you're actually getting words on your website about your niche.  People want to see what you're like and you can get that through when you frequently blog for your followers and random people who find their way to your pages.  In this discussion I will be going over 10 quick reasons on why you should be blogging 10 reason to start blogging for your business

  1. Blogging will help you be seen as an authority within your niche.  Being seen as an authority by Google and the other search engines will only increase your rankings and help you get new posts ranked higher in a short amount of time as well.

  2. You're creating your own content hub for your niche.  This relates to being an authority, but with this you're giving the people loads of content to browse through that they are interested in.  A hub of information for your niche will get people linking to your posts through their own websites as well as sharing your posts on social media.

  3. When you blog for your business you're basically educating your viewers about a topic.  If people learn something from your blog, they are more likely to come back and share more content they like.

  4. After you publish a good amount of blog posts you will notice that your viewers will start turning into clients because you're starting to be seen as an authority by them and not just the search engines.

  5. You will be branding yourself or your business with each blog post.  Every post pushes you a little closer to be branded, and that's always a good thing 10 reason to start blogging for your business

  6. If you're publishing high quality content you will start to get recognized by the search engines and they will eventually fall in love with you.  Again, this will get you a good amount of traffic because the search engines will begin to send you traffic due to your rankings being higher in the SERPs.

  7. Over the years, you will have hundreds or thousands of posts which will be similar to an encyclopedia or amazing content that could be linked to for years to come.

  8. If your goal is to make money through adsense or something similar, a blog is the first step in that money making direction.  Now you don't need to use adsense, you could actually monetize your blog or website however you wish.

  9. When blogging you will start to get on the radar of people in your niche.  I've actually built pretty great relationships with people in my own niche simply because they came in to one of my posts and started talking with me in the comments 10 reason to start blogging for your business

  10. Blogging is just a fun way to build up your website lol 10 reason to start blogging for your business

In Conclusion:
Blogging has so many benefits and I briefly touched on the 10 above.  I'm sure there are dozens of more reasons you could start blogging, and if you know them I encourage you to post them in the comments 10 reason to start blogging for your business  When blogging you are increasing your rankings by becoming an authority, building loads of content to rank on your website for years, gaining more clients and overall you'll be branding yourself while building your business to be even better 10 reason to start blogging for your business

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I agree with all of these reasons. However, you need to consider other things as well. Your blog entries need to be of high quality and properly optimized for search engines. Your blog posts also need to be original. If you publish duplicate posts or copy from others, you might be penalized by search engines and advertising networks.

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Postagem muito interessante! Eu acredito que os blogs se tornaram fundamentais para educar usuários com artigos úteis e orientá-los através do funil de vendas.

Eu particularmente comecei um blog com dicas do Excel há 3 anos e lancei uma loja de planilha online. O resultado não pode ser diferente, porque eu já tinha um público envolvido que passou a ser meus clientes.

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I found this post very interesting and agree with the 10 reasons. But first of all it is essential to get to know the audience you want to reach well, and then start to produce content that is interesting to them.

For the success of a blog is essential to always have quality in the posts, especially write original content and that are appropriate to your niche.

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I agree with all the reasons you say on this post! Although you have to publish quality content to get your business grow bigger! Also, I have one more reason: Have fun with you blog! I think its the most important reason for your business.

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Blogging is highly important because it will make people to view your blog which will definitely help in your business and since it doesn't cost you anything then why not create it!

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I agree that writing a blog can help a great deal in promotion of business. A good and attractive content can increase the work opportunities by increasing the number of interested clients.

But I feel that blog promotion is not that easy as it sounds. It also requites a large amount of planning, time and efforts so as to promote a blog and make it reach the targeted audience.

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I'll definitely have to start writing a blog. I never knew the bigger picture of how impactful having a blog could be up until now. Thanks for getting me off my lazy stool and helping get me motivated to do more.

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I agree particularly with no. 9. Blogging is a great way of connecting with potential customers. And as I have stated in a separate post, it is also essential to get connected with everyone in his niche, be they fellow bloggers, customers, suppliers, marketers, book authors, magazine publishers, or some other actor in the niche. I believe blogging would be an effective tool for networking within the niche.

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I have a blog but not for my business. I actually have a Facebook page where I display my products. However, since I will be diversifying my business I now want to start a blog. I want to hire a writer actually as I want someone who can write some quality posts. I really want my blog to stand out. If I am to succeed my articles must be persuasive. I am entering a new market. Thank you for all those tips. I will keep them in mind.

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In my case, my web hosting business would do a lot better if I had a blog and/or forum. In that case, a lot of material could possibly make it seem like that I know what I'm talking about. However, though, it's not everything. In fact, the pricing, reviews, payment system, and homepage are incredibly important.

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In your #8 – making money through other means aside from Adsense – can you elaborate on this? What kind of monetization is there to make my blog earn. I have been reading that creating an Adsense account is not that easy anymore, it takes months to be approved and there are other requirements like the contents and traffic of your blog. I have a full time job at present and my plan for retirement is to be a full time blogger as a way of sustaining my expenses. My internet work now is mainly to learn the ins and outs.

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Getting approved for adsense is becoming harder day by day. If you do not have adsense or are disapproved, there is still a way to earn. You can try affiliate ads on your blog. You can try Amazon, Clickbank, CommissionJunction and LInkshare. By listing products from these networks, you have a great chance of making money.

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