Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows

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Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows

When it comes to putting up new websites and trying to make money from them, the method of ranking and banking for upcoming TV shows doesn't get talked about much.  It doesn't get talked about much because it's not an instant cash flow because you might have to work for 6 months prior to the show coming out in order to make some cash off of it when it does launch.  This isn't an easy thing to do actually, and most people think it is.  It takes a lot of work and preparation before you will see any profits coming into your account.

I've done stuff like this in the past and it does work well, but you never know if you're going to be successful and I think that's why people don't normally do it.  You'll see websites that target hundreds of tv shows, but you don't see many websites dedicate themselves to a specific show because it could be a limited market.  Well, it is a limited market but you don't know if that market is going to be massive or just a few people lol.  If you talked to me 10 years ago and I said I was going to start a website or blog and write about a TV show that focused on smart nerdy people living together and they never really get the girl, would you be interested?  What if I told you that hundreds of millions of people would be watching this in 2017 and the people on the show would be some of the highest paid actors in the world?  Well that show was big bang theory and I never set up a website or blog about it and I kick myself whenever I think about it lmao Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows

How do I figure out what is a good show to target?
Well it's unpredictable to know what is going to be a good show that will go 23 seasons and what show will flop after just 1 season.  You may love what the flopped show is about, but the majority might not like it at all.  If you want to play it safe you can go onto Netflix and look over the shows and movies that were filmed specifically for Netflix and no where else.  You can then get an idea of what is popular and cherry pick the upcoming shows based on the Netflix trends.  

I say to do the Netflix trick because they make these shows based on what people are already watching and rating.  Netflix already knows their show is going to be a hit before it launches because the majority of their users are already saying what they like lol Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows  Follow the trends and it will be easier to figure out what to target.

You can see what Netflix has already launched here:

I would sort them by what isn't aired yet so you can get in early and get a massive amount of content up and running about the show prior to it going live Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows

Now what I like to do after I get info from Netflix is go over Wikipedia and cherry pick from this list:

You will have data from Netflix on what is popular and you can cherry pick from that Wikipedia page to see which fits the mold of success Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows

In Conclusion:
You'll need to have a strategic game plan when it comes to something like this because you'll be working for 6+ months before you actually start seeing some money.  The "Rank and Bank" method is always thought of to be a quick game, but that's not always the case.  Put some tweaks on this system and come back to let us know your results Rank and Bank with upcoming TV shows

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I always wanted to do something like this, but as you said the fact that I needed to work now and see a profit a few months later doesn't quite work for me. I need money now, not in six months and I also have the clients willing to pay me now. Why should I spend time on something that might or may not work?

Short answer: Because if it does turn out fine for you, it may be a gold mine!
Just think about it, if I ever knew about Game of Thrones 6 months before it was launched! But then again, I would probably have thought the movie itself will be weak since most of the actors were unknown and Boromir, well let's just say Lord of the Rings was his best movie.

I think you need to be a fan of the book before the movie comes out. This way you will have all this knowledge you can write about and produce quality content ahead of time. So yeah, if you have a favorite book and you just seen a movie about it will be made at some point in the future, start investing time into a fan based website with lots of content and movies news. There is a good chance you will strike a gold mine once the movie is out and hopefully will be a huge success.

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I think if one has the merchandize shop then it's possible to make some money from the TV shows. You can find some people selling the DVD and some people selling the T shirt and the other stuff. I have seen some people making good money with the T-shirt. And that is one way that can be used to make money though it'd not be that simple for sure.

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For a long time, I have been avoiding publishing on current and seasonal topics. You can, of course, get instant traffic if you publish on seasonal topics, however, the topic becomes stale once the season dies. For instance, if you published articles on season 1 of Games of Thrones, this topic is stale not that season 7 has also ended. game of Thrones fans have already watched that season, therefore, they might not read that contents. However, if the TV series has too many seasons, you can follow every season and publish posts, they will give traction to your posts.

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When featuring tv shows for the traffic and ranking, you have to first check the potential rating of a particular tv show that you plan to feature on your website. My best bet is to focus on the big tv networks because they have a sort of monopoly for the good shows on tv. Over here, there are only 2 major tv networks that we can speak of so if you get the shows of the lesser networks then you cannot expect to have many to be interested.

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