Buffer as a social media analytic tool

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Buffer as a social media analytic tool

In the constant rise of the popularity of social media platforms, there are more interests coming from the businesses and advertisements. We want to use these platforms to our advantage and in order to do so we have to analyze and research certain things like the followers, tweets, and so on.

There are quite some available social media analytic tools but I'm wondering specifically about Buffer. In essence, Buffer is sort of like your social media assistant - it lets you share and manage social media. You can also use it to extract data though so it can be used as a very good social media analytic tool. You can get many stats on the posts you make on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on.

Does anybody use Buffer for analytical/data collecting purposes and not just social media management? Share your tips and experience!


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I think buffer or hootesuite can save a lot of time and money for you. If you can schedule like 10 posts or so. It can surely make some good impact on your social media presence. I have found that such tools can be handy for client management too. I think it all comes down to how you manage the buffer and how much plan you can afford there.

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Thank you for posting this Buffer as a tool. I think I have a very good use for it because what I understand is that you can use it not only for analytical tool but also for scheduling posts. Maybe I will check on that Buffer after finishing this comment. Instead of hiring a virtual assistant, this looks like a good tool that can help me with my posting to the forums especially in times when I am away or on a holiday trip. I can prepare all my posts and let Buffer post it later.

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I've been using Buffer since I started working as a freelancer. I retired not so long ago. And while I was lecturing (The University of Texas at Austin Department of Chemical Engineering), I didn't care about social media so much. I was just an old professor with geeky lectures about chemical engineering and AI.
Now, I chose Buffer, because I can schedule posts beforehand and share my blog posts on thesis writing at as well.

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