What to do with old forgotten and abandoned communities

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What to do with old forgotten and abandoned communities

Earlier on I was talking to my mate about something and she was telling me about how she used to play Farmville or something on Facebook years ago and got quite into it and created this community on Facebook about it and it was going great, people were using it to send things to other people like goats or whatever and it was all on that massive game Farmville that has like millions of players although not as many today as it used to thanks to all those other games people can play. But I think she said that she created this community based on and around the game basically and it was going quite well and all that but then she basically just stopped playing that game and abandoned the community and forgot all about it. Then recently she was doing something on Facebook and basically stumbled back on to that community and saw that it was still going quite strong. But she'd lost the will to play the game it was based on lol so hasn't really returned or isn't really doing anything with it you know?

And I've done that myself in the past too on several things and forums too where I've grown them up but then become bored and just basically ditched and abandoned them and watched it slowly die and never even really cared about it lol. And thinking about it, I would imagine that many people have also done this before in the age of the Internet! What to do with old forgotten and abandoned communities

Whether it's starting a blog or a forum community. One that is based on an interest in something like a specific game or even just games and gaming in general. That you've built up somewhat but later got bored and abandoned it! 

Have you ever abandoned any of your old communities you started on something?

Are any of them still going now?

What to do with old abandoned communities like that?

I mean, there are some things you could do. For example;

  • You could carry on working on them or find ways to promote other things within that community and that's one of the main reasons people start communities in the first place! What to do with old forgotten and abandoned communities And you could sort of funnel the traffic in that community, to another one of your communities on something you care about these days like bitcoin or freelancing or whatever.
  • Or you could probably, possibly sell them as well? If you package anything nicely enough and pitch it you can sell it and people buy and sell facebook pages and groups and other social media communities all the time so that's an option too.
  • Or just leave it like you really really don't actually care about it at all as you're into other things now anyway. What to do with old forgotten and abandoned communities
What else is there you can do or what would you do with an old but sizeable but abandoned community?


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Oh god, I've done this too many times through the years, haha. I remember I made some community for one of the mobile games, I can't even recall the name... it was building things and such. Anyway, I made the community on Facebook and it grew so, so fast. I even advertised it on some forum. I had over 10-20 requests of people trying to join daily. One day I simply got bored of the game and I told them that I will leave since I lost the interest - I handed the power to one of my friends. Then a while back I stumbled upon it because Facebook recommended me to look at the page... and there it still was! Still going strong with MANY members.

My decision was to just give the lead to my friend like I've said above because yes, I could potentially gain some quick money by selling it but I would feel bad since there were many people in it that were really passionate about the game and it was a very nice environment.

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I have never gotten bored with any forum project. However, there was a time when my phpBB forums got attacked by spam as well as victimized from another problem, so I decided to destroy them - despite the many posts on them. Anyway, I feel kind of bad cause a lot of work was put into them and there was a lot of good conversation. Looking back I would not have done that, as there was a way around it.

Anyhow, now I use a premium form of forum software that keeps out spam better, so the problem doesn't come up. However, though, possibly spam could have been fought better on phpBB than I thought, but I was inexperienced. In addition, there was another thing I could have done.

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I think some of the time one has to let go. Not a lot of forums can be revived. People come in short time and they make sure they are offering something. You'd find that some of the forums eventually get removed from hosting. And not a lot of them are archived at the You see many people understand the fact that such communities are good but we can't hold on to them.

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With the constant evolution of technology and applications, I guess we just can't avoid some old-school communities will then die. You could try getting some content writers to write something for the community to see there, as an attempt to make it look active, but it also needs proper promotion and advancements imo. The ability to adapt is the way to cheat death.

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Never being fond of communities because nowadays you don't mostly find something useful. In almost about 10 of the communities I checked out, people spam daily with their get rich quick schemes and what-not. I rather do something useful with my time than read all those.

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There was this community that my husband joined in 2007. It is a forum of horse racing aficionadoes. The theme is centered on horse racing and community members are mostly active because it is their passion. There came a time when factions were born and flaming wars erupted. That resulted in new forums for breakaway members which left the original forum hanging in the air. It stagnated for a long while until the owner had talked to some of his friends to revive it. Although it did not go back to its former glory, at least the community is active again because of some stalwarts who are supporting the community boards regularly.

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To be honest I can't even remember all the communities I've left behind over the years. In some ways it feels bad to admit that but such is life. People simply move on to better and greater things once they realize that the flame has died out in their old communities. More than anything else I used to do this with video games a lot. I used to be part of guilds and clans in games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and RuneScape. It was easy to manage and be a part of them while I was still in school and didn't have many responsibilities. But once I went on to college and started working, one by one I began dropping them until I wasn't a part of any of those communities any longer.

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