A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write

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A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write

A great about us page isn't as difficult as you think.  So many companies fall short with their about us pages because they simply don't think anything of them.  In the eyes of most companies, about us pages are just a page where you post a short paragraph and an image or two of the people who run the business, but that's not going to show who you really are.

I know that whenever I go to a website I want to see their a nice homepage, their pricing (if any) and what their about page is bringing to the table.  This page gives me an idea of what the company is, well, about!  If the company doesn't take some time to design a decent about us page then I think they will likely take that attitude throughout their entire site and possibly not have the best things for me to purchase.  Now I may not have the same opinions as the majority, but just imaging how many people you could possibly be losing due to a page that was suppose to tell me about you but instead I get a few lines of text and a "Buy Now" button lmao A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write

I'm actually a little annoyed that people don't take some time on these pages and because of this I've written down some bullet points everyone should follow when putting up an "about us" page.

  1. What is your company about? 
    If you said anything like "We strive to bring the best products to the market at the lowest price!" you'd be so wrong.  Your company is about your customers, and if you don't know what I'm getting at then you're not going to have many good reviews online.  Focus on your customers and potential buyers, they want to see that you're for the people and to do this you can talk to them in your "About Us" page.  Change your thinking from "about us" to "How we can help you" and you will notice people being more friendly, an increase in sales, and overall joy A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write  Now when doing this you want to be persuasive and not sound like an ass.  Don't come off as pushy and say something like "We have the best products for you and you're wrong if you buy somewhere else" because that just makes you sound like a jerk.

  2. Selling Proposition 
    What makes you stand out in a crowd of your competitors?  If you say "My pricing is lower" then you're going to be wrong.  Sure the pricing is nice if it's lower, but I know for a fact that a lot of people will purchase the same item for a little more money if they have a good experience on a website compared to yours selling the same thing for cheaper.  Make the users experience on your website your selling proposition.  Think of this as if a girl was going in with her friends to get her nails done.  If she is given a mimosa when she sits and waits, that's a selling point!  They will come back, not for the booze and orange juice, but for the experience A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write

  3. Add Videos 
    If you have professional pictures of your staff on the about us page, that's great.  A well designed video showing your employees in action is much better.  This is because more people want to see something interesting, and a video can bring that better than a professional head shot can lol.  In fact, a video that isn't movie quality works best because it looks like you're down to earth and not spending loads of money on the production just to impress your viewers.  Now you're not going to want to shoot this with a cell phone, but you should already know that lol.

  4. Showcase your customers  
    What your customers are saying about you online is 100x more powerful than anything you could tell your visitors about yourself.  Add some testimonials to your pages and even link to platforms where you have positive reviews to show your viewers other people are loving your website or business already.  If you can get permission from your client I would add their name, business/website and a photo if they have one.  This will really seal the deal and it's basically a referral A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write

  5. Stop overdoing it  
    Your customers get it, you know what you're talking about.  Did you know that you can actually push people away with industry jargon and technical words?  This is because you're not trying to relate to them on a personal level.  Not everyone looking for website hosting is going to know how to configure a server for optimum output, so talk to them in a way they understand their website is safe with you.  Just tell them a story, which includes them and your business, and they will be happy to keep browsing.  If you get too technical or sound like you're just trying to impress someone, you're going to lose sales.

Your about us page is where you let it all out so that your viewers see you as transparent.  You don't want to seem like you're hiding anything because if there's even a hint that you're not transparent, you could be losing sales.  Your about us page can close more deals without having a single line of text trying to convince someone to buy compared to all the ad copy on your homepage lol.  

In Conclusion:
On your "about us" page you need to be real with your readers.  If you're not trying to talk to them like human beings they will feel put off and leave your website fairly quick.  Invite them in and talk about everything which will show you as transparent and have nothing to hide.  People want to know they are in good hands, so tell them they are without trying to sell them everything through your about us page lol A great about us page brings in more loyal clients than any ad copy you can write

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I also always check out the "about us" page to try to know more about the company. I like the point you say about "How we can help you". I have been reading about this phrase lately, instead of thinking how much we can earn, how successful we can be, but thinking how we can help or serve others will change the whole picture.

After reading this, I will need to go and check out what I wrote in my "about us" page. I am sure it's so outdated, and I have to revise it, especially with the points you have mentioned above. Thanks a lot for sharing your tips!!

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I think the about page should contain the summary of your business that includes the physical address and contact numbers including emails and social media pages, if any. But more important, based on my experience when I look at that page, is the business side. What exactly is your business and if it is product-based, what can you say about your products. And maybe you can add some testimonies as a kind of reference. Coming across with a templated about us page, it loses my reading appetite.

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