Shopify Marketing on Facebook

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Shopify Marketing on Facebook

I have recently opened a Shopify store and am finding targeting for conversions quite difficult. I have sold with ok numbers on twitter as an amazon affiliate in the but I'm having a bit of difficulty with fb targeting through my ads manager. Do you guys have any tips or golden nuggets to turn my engagements into conversions?


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FB ads are not as easy as advertised by the GURU's.
I did find a good source and it's free. Look up Franklin Hatchet on YouTube.
He offers free videos on Shopify and how to do FB ads.


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I also opened up a Shopify store which I linked my fb page to and to tell you honestly I gave up on it. In my opinion it's easier to earn money using a stand alone page or a group converted into a store.

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I have read so many discussions about the effectiveness of Facebook Ads that it can hit the target market better than other advertising schemes. Facebook Ads is a PPC which means you only pay when someone clicks on the ads thereby it is cost effective even at first glance. Maybe you can try the budget Facebook Ads for only $5 per day which is affordable even to small site owners like us.

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