Question regarding Links

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Question regarding Links

Hello there,

Before I get a panic attack (and rate a seller negative): The seller has posted fake profiles in wikis. He claimed "this is my site" and wrote all short of BS.

Sometimes: "I am Ranjid and I like crickets" or "I am Dutch female and like Family Guy".

Most of the backlinks are on sites for "sleep apnea" where it has to be considered as spam.

I can't believe that google falls for that sh... and I find it very embarrassing.

Are these bad links or is it my lack of knowledge?


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Sounds like bad links mate! Usually any suspicion on a link at all is enough to consider it a bad link. What I mean is, if there's any doubt, then it probably is. To be honest, it sounds like the guy is providing some service that used to be okay to do back about 10 years ago and is probably some 3rd world guy that is using some push button software. If I was you, I would ask him to delete every single link and if he says he cannot then I would leave my honest and negative review of his service and tell everyone what I thought of it without holding any punches!

Those kinds of links are spammy as hell and will only go on to hurt and hinder your site in the long run. It's not worth building links like that today. Especially to your money site! Maybe to your tier4's or something but even then, there's so many better links to build than those types of links. And they can be very time consuming having to clear up as well!

If he gives you the login details for all the sites where the links are placed. Then that will make it easier. Still possibly time consuming depending on how many links we're talking about but that is one way of dealing with them and removing them. That is unless he is willing to do it himself. Or you could hire someone to do it for you (will cost more money though).

Hope this helps!


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Yes, Mike. Thank you very much.

Not what I would love to hear but it's better to know the truth. I will remove them.

Thanks for taking the time!

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It looks like the guy is a fakery with his profiles which he may be using for the purpose of link pyramid or even a link farm. When the seller hints on dishonesty then it means we cannot trust him with his business. Always remember that honesty is still the best policy especially when doing business because you are dealing with strangers. Online business has so many risks that we should always be on the lookout for scams.

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