The social networks that your customers care about the most

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The social networks that your customers care about the most

Social media marketing isn't a new thing, but do you know which social platforms you need to be pushing your business on the most? The answer varies from website to website due to what age range you're targeting. There are a few different age ranges from the millennials who are 18 to 34, the Generation X who are 34 to 54 and then the baby boomers who are 55 and over. Figuring out what your ideal age range to target is crucial when it comes to marketing. A good example of this is if you were selling hover boards you would likely target the millennials since they're more tech savvy and fall for fads lol. Anyway, let's get the the main part of this discussion The social networks that your customers care about the most

3 things you need to know about your
customers and social networks

1. Facebook will usually be the main platform, but that's not all.
Almost everyone will tell you that facebook is their favorite social network, and it makes sense. The next, which was a distant second, was Instagram and it too was popular across all age ranges.

Now millenials didn't think that facebook was the best of the best when it came to social platforms. They actually say that Instagram was their favorite, and that's likely the reason Instagram came in second overall throughout the age ranges.

The funny thing is that Instagram isn't even thought about when it comes to the baby boomer age range. This could be due to the fact that there is only pictures being shared and then there are comments. There's no news, important posts, something to learn from, etc. which is what baby boomers want to see. Also with baby boomers, YouTube fell in the second place for them and Google+ came in third.

Now with the Millenials, they will tell you that they like Instagram more, but that doesn't mean they aren't on facebook. Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the same company, so cross marketing is done all the time. Also, since facebook was the big social platform for the millennials when they were growing up, they all have accounts and won't just delete them lol.

So if you're selling a product you should definitely be on facebook, but you should also be selling on other platforms as well to maximize your reach. If you're targeting older baby boomers you'll likely want to be on facebook while if you're ideal target is the millenials you'll want to be on Instagram more.

2. Millennials and gen Xers are more likely to follow a business page
Roughly 25% of the baby boomers will actually follow a business page on a social media platform while around 50% of generation X will. Another thing to think about is that millennials and generation X expect different things from a business, so you can't please everyone The social networks that your customers care about the most

  1. Millennials prefer entertainment and info.
  2. Generation X prefer contests, deals and promotions.
  3. Baby boomers prefer deals, promotions and info.

Knowing what your target market likes is only half the battle. Knowing why they will unfollow you is what really can make or break a businesses social media profile.
  1. Millennials will unfollow a business if they had a bad experience, heard about a bad experience or just thought the page was getting pretty annoying.
  2. Generation will more likely unfollow a businesses page if the page says something offensive. It could be anything actually, like you have Mondays. If a Generation X person absolutely loves Mondays, there's a chance they will unfollow you lol.
  3. Baby boomers are the more logical of all of them and will unfollow you simply because they feel you're just posting too much spammy crap that they don't want to see. So don't post too much lol.

When it comes to social media marketing, you'll need to know a lot about your target demographic. Not know about them will likely mean you are just wasting your money on things you know work for your other websites, but not this time. Just remember that each network will work best for specific demographics, so target wisely The social networks that your customers care about the most

3. People will usually buy from pages they follow
When it comes to making a purchase from a page the person follows, it was almost a landslide for all demographics. Roughly 71% of all users in each demographic said they would be more likely purchase from a page they followed since they know what the business is about and liked what they were reading.

They all said they would be more willing to purchase from a businesses page if they had a good experience with the business.

So basically what you'll want to do is get a good amount of followers and interact with them at the same time. Answer any messages and respond to comments on your posts to increase your engagement. You don't know who's watching, so keep your conversations PG and people will likely purchase without talking to you The social networks that your customers care about the most

In Conclusion:
Knowing your customers is the best way to increase your conversions, which will increase your ROI. We all know that increasing your ROI is a great thing, so be sure to figure out what your target demographic is and hit their main social media platform first The social networks that your customers care about the most

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Have a wonderful day.

Now a days in this world there have huge social media platform available. For doing social media marketing I have seen from my experienve- maximum client say everytime to do marketing on major social media network based. In thst way first 15 major socoal media network from search engines and start marketing client product by post, repist, like and share by hashtag technology based or from api based exchange website or from api based panel.


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Great article as usual Razzy. We are now in the generation of social media platforms and as such, we should adjust our marketing accordingly so we reach more customers but so we also satisfy the ones we have.

It's true the deals and contests seem to be the ''it'' thing right now. People LOVE contests where you can win products or such. It can be a great business promotion if done correctly.

As I've always said in my posts, you should aim to reach and expand to all three primary social media platforms, which for me, are: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you manage to do that you are on the golden horse!

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Sellers online should be aware of this demarcation and use it to their advantage. Selling on Facebook should be use for both young and old but how it is presented matters. Use appropriate words if you need the x generation to patronize you.

Certainly whatever anyone is selling,the appropriate social media should be used for better conversion.

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I enjoyed reading this article, it got right to the point and the social media tips are very useful. I was not a big fan of Instagram until recently, as I was not a fan of social media apps that don't have a PC version with the same features as the mobile app but since all I do on FB for the most part is post memes and photos, Instagram was a perfect fit for me.

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As a seller I use Facebook more than any other social networks. I have been able to attract many customers and also learn more about sales from Facebook. My friends have also helped me to grow my page by requesting their Facebook friends to join my page.

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A company has to be really thoughtful about which sites they spend their time. Facebook is almost essential for every target audience. With Instagram, it works for celebrities and very visual brands, but not everyone.

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In my opinion, the first requirement to make your business successful is identifying who the customers are. The products you are selling determines your customers. If you are selling games, your customers are young people because there are the people who play games more. If you want to cater to young people, Instagram is the best platform because the active userbase is people under the age of 29 years. If you want to cater to women, you should check out Pinterest. Most of the Pinterest users are women.

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Though I don't know most of the Pinterest users are women, I am one of them, and I really enjoy spending time in Pin Boards to find out information about parenting, homeschooling, handwork, bullet journal, and recipes. Though I am not sure if this are more topics related to women, I can see many pins about these topics. I am interested to find out more statistics about this, and wonder why women like Pinterest more.

Thank you for sharing this!

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I have learned so much from this article! I am always interested in learning more about social media marketing, and you have really shared many important information here. I fall in Generation X category, Facebook is still the social networking site that I visit more often, and I haven't understand why there are many people spending time on Instagram yet, though I go there and follow some of my favorite bloggers. It's really important to know who our target audience are and what they like, then it will be easier for us to plan or organize the events. Thanks a lot for sharing all this!

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I agree that followers of a page will have the tendency to patronize the products there. It is like going to a department store because you like the ambiance and a side effect in going there is that you will buy an item that is being sold in that store. So if you have a substantial number of followers in your Facebook Page, you’d better care for them and make ways in keeping their interest towards the contents of your page. Take note that a simple reply to their comments is big deal to them.

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