Basics of On-Page Optimization

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Basics of On-Page Optimization

When we concerned about On page optimization techniques some basic things we have to keep in mind.

Basics of On-Page Optimization

  1. We have to keep the pages easily readable by spiders.
  2. Include your keywords into your description of your pages ,but do not overuse it.
  3. Ensure no broken or outdated links are found.
  4. Use your keywords all over body text,specially at beginning and end,by keeping its natural sounding to peoples.
  5. Emphasize your keywords by marking them bold, use html markup.
  6. Update your pages on regular basis.

Title Tag
This is one of the most important factor that a search engine crawler considers. Use your primary keywords in tittle tag. These should be placed at start of you title.

Below are the some points we have to follow which help us in creating optimized title.

  1. Avoid including lots of capital or special characters in the title.
  2. Keep title under 59 characters.
  3. Put your primary keyword phrase up front and secondary phrase to the rear of the title.
  4. In creative mode, keep your audience requirements in mind.
  5. Avoid keyword stuffing or stacking the title full of multiple phrases.

We will discuss about Meta tag, heading tag Image tag and various other aspects in near days.


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Have a wonderful day.

There are huge and huge matters on on page optimization. Like meta tag analysis, content check, title tag, image alt and url check. The main matter is on here about the content. To make rank of any website - the website content should need to be 100% unique. After that all image of the website should need to do follow backlink with image name and a small description and add the hyperlink with the website so that when visitors click any image than tgey will get divert to the image related article or link or url. Thirdly we need to check all website url within the main website content are ok or broken. All url should need to be ok.


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I think the links should always be up to date especially when there is an external link to other sites. Just recently, I have been clicking on a link in a forum that doesn’t work. It is not a link in the post but a link in the webpage which is part of the design. But the link to an external web page of another site seems to have been deleted already so clicking on the icon gives an error message. I guess that is a big letdown.

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