Working with freelance writers

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Working with freelance writers

As you probably know, in order to attract as much traffic as possible to your website or blog, you need to post quality content on a regular basis. The content has to be original. If you want to use your time for other parts of your online business, you need to work with freelance writers. My advice is to choose only native English speakers and to test them before they start working. A short 100-words article is enough to decide if you should hire that person or not.


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Fortunately for those who only want to hire the best native English speaking freelance writers, we have SEOClerks! And SEOClerks has those search filters so that you can find them. You can find services that are top rated, and even sort by price or by those with the most knowledge or recommendations. And you can usually ask them for some samples which they'll likely provide to you. Or you can just hire them one time to see how the quality of their work is and if you like it hire them again and go from there.

You could even create a WTB (Want To Buy) and specify what you need and your terms and conditions and then a freelance writer can bid on that WTB according to your preferences and then you can decide whether to purchase from their bid from there.

The great thing about SEOClerks when it comes to finding a freelance writer is that we already have so many great, respected and truly talented writers on here already so you're never too far away from finding one that will be right for you and your site. Working with freelance writers

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Most productive freelancer writer engagements require up-front time investment -- but it's a good use of time. If you can get them up to speed on basics from the get-go, it's more likely you'll get what you're looking for earlier on, eliminate rounds of revisions, and decrease the back-and-forth that ends up delaying projects and burying you in email.

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Here is that native English speakers again. Pardon me but I have to be honest that I am offended by that line. It’s like saying that non-native English speakers are not that learned and they don’t merit writing English. This is not to brag but my English was praised several times by Americans. Okay, let’s continue with the topic. I agree that you need to hire freelance writers when the writing assignment is getting gargantuan that you cannot handle it anymore. But choosing a writer is not that easy. Just be discerning and evaluate the first 3 articles that he will submit.

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yes, agree content always matters to get more traffic to your website so you should always add good and unique content at your site. If you have no time to write your content by yourself then you can hire and good freelancer to write articles and content for you.

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I think it not only depends on the price but also on your goals. Some designers can be good from europe. And some coders can be good from India and other asian countries. And VA can be good from philipines. So it all comes down to what you want. And what type of your business goals are out there.

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My friend once hired a content writer after conducting a little test. He passed the test but unfortunately the articles that he wrote afterwards were not that good. Ever since my friend has been writing her own articles. But now we have SEOClerks and you can easily find good writers here.

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