Hosting companies are not created equal. How to pick the right one.

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Hosting companies are not created equal. How to pick the right one.

If you're reading through this discussion there's a good chance that you're looking for your next favorite hosting company. Most of us have our favorites, but your favorite hosting company may not be the same as mine, and vice versa. What all hosting companies have in common, besides hosting plans, is that they all claim to be the best and have 99.9% uptime. They will all claim to do everything perfect, but in reality there are a lot that just fall short of your expectations. When it comes to hosting plans for your new website, it's best to shop around before you make a decision.

Below I'm going to go over a couple tips on how to choose the best hosting plan for you. Now your choice may be much different than the ones I like, but your specifications could be vastly different, so I'm not going to get into each companies specifics and I'm just going to give you pointers on what to look for when searching Hosting companies are not created equal.  How to pick the right one.

3 tips on how to pick the right hosting company

1. Look for reviews and testimonials
When it comes to hosting companies, they'll likely have or have had a lot of clients who left reviews and testimonials. I try to avoid reading these on the companies website because they could be fabricated just to get you to sign up. Your best bet is to do a basic Google search for something like "(hosting companies website) reviews" and you'll usually get a good list of where people have left all kinds of reviews. You'll see review platforms, personal blog posts, forum posts, etc. and you can get a good understanding of what the company is like before you ever contact them for your own needs.

2. Look for Hosting Coupons
When you finally figure out a list of 3 to 5 hosting companies that you're interested in, you'll want to start searching for coupons in order to get a cheaper plan. There are plenty of platforms out there that will list hosting coupons for anyone to use and you can also search marketing forums where the hosting company may have a sales thread posted. I personally like doing a search for "(hosting company) coupons" and I can find forum threads which were posted. Usually these threads will have some sort of discount code attached with the link on the post and all you'll have to do is click on it to forwarded to a unique page just for sign ups from that forum. The great thing about this is that they usually don't ask for your username and you can just sign up at the reduced price Hosting companies are not created equal.  How to pick the right one.

3. Make sure it's compatible with your needs
A lot of times someone will have a big 'ol fancy script written up for their website and it won't be compaitble with the hosting they're about to sign up for. I've ran into this a couple times in the past because I had a social platform with tons of code within it and I couldn't get it on the hosting platform that I wanted because of it's size and the server wasn't compatible.

To be 100% sure that your hosting company is compatible, you can simply ask them through their contact us form or support a ticket. You may have to register in order to submit a ticket, and in that case you should just email them Hosting companies are not created equal.  How to pick the right one.

When your website has a lot of programming with PHP, ASP or something along those lines you'll want to be extremely sure that the hosting plan you're looking to start with can hold your scripts. If it can't, you just wasted money for a month of hosting. If the company is nice they will usually switch you over to something that is compatible, but there's no guarantee Hosting companies are not created equal.  How to pick the right one.

In Conclusion:
It can be difficult to choose the right hosting company since there are hundreds to choose from just by doing a basic search for "Hosting Company". You should get recommendations from friends or browse around marketing forums to see what people are saying, they usually know what they're talking about. Be sure that everything is compatible with your websites code just so you don't run into any headaches later on.

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Yeah, there are so many available hosting companies it's overwhelming at times. Especially, if you are a bit new and trying to make the right decisions. I'd really suggest that you do your own research before making the final choice. Look through the forums that discuss these companies or ask people that you know have years of experience.

The most important thing to check is the companies reliability/uptime. And perhaps things like price, load speed, control panel, that it satisfies your needs and so on.

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While looking for a hosting company you need to consider following points
pricing: How much you will charged per month based on your necessity
Reputation: you also need to consider how popular is the hosting. You cannot trust a new company, what if it vanishes in short time
Support: You must get 24 X 7 support from the company. If you don't get good support, your website will perform poorly.

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I do think these days many hosting companies out there. I strictly avoid using EIG hosting companies. I have found that almost every hosting owned by them have some sort of issues. And that can be seriously bad for many reasons. I prefer not to use the host which has some of such issues. So I go with VPS host or managed hosts which are not owned by EIG.

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Very interesting this post. I particularly went through a lot of trouble with hosting companies.

As my sites grew, I had to change hosting because they simply did not take account of the increasing volume of visits from my sites.

6 months ago I solved my problem when I simply studied for a few weeks and set up my own VPS server. Today I have no more problems, but I confess that I had to work hard and break a lot of head with hosting companies that promise in their plans and simply do not comply.

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Awesome , well I am with namecheap as they do offer great coupon codes and cheap rates on domains and hosting plans. They also offer reseller on hosting which was thinking about doing and doing a service on here.
Just want to make a success of it and find out who is interested in hosting before I become a reseller.

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You are always killing it man! Thumbs up for the post. When i choose a hosting company, i look out for two important things, Uptime and bandwidth limitations. Every other thing i can leave with if it doest meet my needs, support is not always a big issue for me because i no my way arounf my hosting files and i also have a good friend in google when ever i need something sorted out.

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I will first see their reputation. Then goes on with their price and payment method that can be acceptable first, because I want to mainly monetize them but with very low cost and not to be scammed.

Then I will look at the uptime factor and their support. Most of the plan I look for are 99.99% uptime so it will not be a big problem here.

I have thought of iPage and namecheap because they are cheap price, especially iPage. But namecheap can use bitcoin as payment processor. Siteground is best in their support.

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It’s a good thing that almost all companies in the internet have reviews and testimonials. You can also ask around in the social media if you cannot find one. With hosting companies, my husband had a sad experience for their office website. They were given a small amount of bandwidth that was not specified in the service contract. It took him more than a day to realize that problem because he was assuming that the host provider had the mind to provide enough bandwidth. That caused the contract to be rescinded and they went to another host provider.

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