Are you a Freelancer, Writer? Do you know about WordClerks!? It's for you and..

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Are you a Freelancer, Writer? Do you know about WordClerks!? It's for you and..

I was going to title this "Got my 1st WordClerks Order - Are you selling on WordClerks?" But I changed it as I wrote this out to get straight to the point of this post in the first place. To ask and talk about WordClerks. To get your opinion on it, what you see in it and for it. And if you have sold / are selling anything on it yet?

So as you might know, the Ionicware nation now has 2 similar freelance marketplace platforms, both more dedicated to the buying and selling of specific things. is a marketplace for buying and selling content services like article writing, translation, blog reviews, case studies, data entry, eBook writing, email and newsletter creation, forum posting, legal writing services, presentation and speech writing, press release writing, product and book reviews, resumes and more!

But WordClerks is quite quite new, and it doesn't have a lot of buyers and sellers yet. However, I put up a couple services only in the past couple weeks and have made 2 sales already. The first one I had to cancel as I was mad busy and didn't want to write about what he was asking for. Basically I pussied out lol. Well, as writers/sellers, it's our choice what we want to write about and who to work for right?

Anyway yeah, I actually think WordClerks is really cool and has a lot of potential for a lot of success by anyone that taps into it. Whether you're a seller, writer or someone that can provide some of the services that are in demand from those listed above. Or you're just someone that wants to make money (by promoting it as an affiliate).

And this is what I wanted to talk about. I had this crazy thought that sent alarm bells ringing. It was like I realized and saw something that nobody else (or only a few people) see and know. Firstly, as you know, for any successful site today, those that got in first are usually the biggest, most successful users later on down the line.

Take the early days of SEOClerks for example. There wasn't hardly anyone here at first. But those first sellers are some of the biggest sellers today. And some of the biggest, top earning people too. And that's how it can/could/would/should be for WordClerks too! And that's just that.

The other thing is, as it's so new, there isn't really many people promoting it as an affiliate right now. And that's where you can really excel! Because by being the first affiliate to promote it, you will likely go on to be the one that gets the most affiliates and earns the most from it.

Well, I've got 2 orders on WordClerks now and I haven't promoted my services or anything. I'm going to be putting some more services up for even more Kerching!

Are you taking advantage of WordClerks yet?

Have you listed/sold any of your services on there yet?

The sooner you do, the more success you'll see later on down the road!

Thanks for reading.



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I am a freelance writer, I have written articles for clients as well published articles on residual income sites. After writing on various sites for years,m I have finally launched half a dozen websites on different niche. Currently, I am publishing on my own websites.

I have not heard about WordClerks as I am still new member of SEOClerk. However, I would like to check this out.

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Excellent good good!! Get on there Vinaya, with your XP it is your destiny! Are you a Freelancer, Writer? Do you know about WordClerks!? It

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A little while ago, I discovered that by having an account on SEOClerk, I would automatically have an account on WordClerk (since these sites are owned by the same company). When I was on Word Clerk, I listed my writing service. I hope that I will get queries soon. I am active on SEO clerk because this site was available to me through Postloop and I did not go to wordclerk because I did not have enough rating to post on wordclerk.

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Quite a professionally sounding site. I have learnt me it now and it sounds a bit like Freelancer but with added tasks here and there with some microtasks. I appreciate your post and am going to try my hand there. I should enquire whether itwelcomes international writers and their payment options, thanks.

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I am a writer and I use to put my energy in writing new articles for different websites. I am planning to write articles for by blog as I have planned to make a blog for myself. I am really happy with SEOclerk and I don't want to give a try to another website as SEO clerk is a trusted source.

I will check the Wordclerks upon your suggestion but I would be able to work for that site as I am already too busy.

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I checked wordclerks, it is very similar to seo clerk. Interestingly, you don't have to create a different account if you are already on seo clerk. I have listed my two services for sell, hopefully I will get some work. By the way Ionicware, the owner of seo clerks and word clerks, also owns numerous similar sites such as code clerk, listing dock, pixel clerk etc.

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I also work on a number of these freelance marketplace that I want to sell my digital stuffs to earn some passive income.

But I am wondering what kind of thing I can sell repeatedly to the customers with only a single digital product. I know ebook can sell in this way, but how about others like online courses, banner design, logos, photos, vector illustration, software code etc

thx for any suggestions !

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I just check out the blog,it almost like SEOclerks.I think it a very good platform for writers.I will try to sale my services on there to see how it goes.

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I do some forum posting on the side and I really enjoy it. Maybe I'll look into listing that as a gig on WordClerks. I like the community of forums and being able to make a little income on the side by participating in discussions with people from around the world. It's exhilarating!

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Apart from Contentgather and the Iwriter I have not much tried anything. And for this reason I wish to try into wordclerks. I am not sure what type of gig would be suitable though. I mean can we use it to offer say ebook? Not the ebook writing service. Something like that ebook writing services if possible. I have not written much into client based content writing though. So that's something I want to explore and check out for sure.

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I've not started selling on WordClerks yet, but it is something that I've definitely thought about in a long time on how to do and I'm already making plans on how to start selling my services on the site in no distant time.

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I have been with this site for more than half a year and to be honest, I am not in the marketplace yet for I still don’t have the courage to offer any service. Right now I am in the process of learning SEO and I hope to get my “diploma” soon so I can offer a service as an SEO specialist. But on the contrary to positive thinking, I sometimes encounter terms that make me confused like the do-follow and no-follow links.

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