How do you become a SEO Copywriter?

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How do you become a SEO Copywriter?

I'm working in SEO & doing all on-page & off-page optimization works but I'm not good in content writing. I wanted to start off with something to get my hands on content writing but to no avail.

I read several blog post about seo content writing but still I'm scared to start with something. The reason is like others have grammatical mistake but alongwith that I sometimes don't get words into my mind which takes my writing to somehow 2hrs long. I don't know how to overcome this problem.

Also, I want to write something great which can be worthful & not just one time read post.

Please help me out in improving my SEO copywriting.


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You shouldn't be scared at all. You need to practice, practice and practice. I had now idea about this whole seo thing 2 years ago when I started writing. Read other blogs, forums, articles from which you can get some inspiration. If you keep learning, you'll be a great writer in no time.

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