What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?

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What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?

I find this odd but very interesting, which is the reason I wanted to share it with you.

Copywriters (known as continuity writers in broadcasting) are used to help create direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content (although if the purpose is not ultimately promotional, its author might prefer to be called a content writer)


The reason I used "bold" on content writer is due to the fact that I call myself a content writer. I write tons of information on a daily basis, both for free and for money. I get paid to write content. - However, I would never call myself a copywriter, as a copywriter, in my opinion, is a person who is extremely talented on writing sales letters. (I've hired multiple copywriters in the past to write sales letters for my products.)

I often don't think that I possess the necessary skills to write a good enough sales letter, which is the reason I hire others to do it for me. - That basically means, that I would never call myself a copywriter. I am a content writer.

What do you guys think? - Are these two the same? - What would you call yourself?


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The most basic explanation of a copywriter that i can give you is someone who is writing an article, website content, blog posts, etc. for themselves or a client in order to increase sales through a business or website.

I never thought of myself as a copywriter, but after I researched it enough I realized that people were hiring me for exactly that. I get a lot of people that hire me to write website content, articles, blog posts, video scripts, ad content, etc. I get hired by these people and companies because I can spin my words in a way to increase the sales of their websites or physical locations What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?

You say you're writing a lot of content, you could fall into that copywriter niche if you're optimizing the articles for conversions and not just the search engines. When I'm writing I'll always think about conversions first and optimization second. Over the years it's pretty much become second nature to me to get both the optimization and conversion going at the same time and I don't really have to go over it too much to tweak a line here and there.

To be a killer copywriter and content writer you'll need to capture the person within the first sentence, but I'm sure you know that What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else? And if you're trying to capture them within the first few seconds of them reading, you're doing some copywriting right there What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else? A lot of people don't even realize they are writing content to increase their conversions because they're focusing on optimization. In the end that person will usually go back over their article and rewrite the beginning because it doesn't sound catchy enough, and that's where people start to bridge the gap between just being a content writer and writing content for conversions aka a copywriter What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?

Hopefully that make sense What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?



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I consider myself as a content writer. Being a copywriter is when you mainly write promotional material. Now, a good part of the work I get has to do with promotional stuff, and so to that extent you can basically say that I am doing some of the job of a copywriter too. However, I still prefer to call myself a content writer. Copywriters tend to go further than writing promotional content for sites as they also deal with adverts, brochures, catalogs and emails for example. Obviously as I said before some of the copywriting work is spilled out onto the duties of a content writer, as promotional content for a website is after all copywriting.

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I think copywriting means writing anything and it includes writing blog post, news, articles and comments too.

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I am a content writer but I don't consider myself a copywriter. I think there is quite a difference between them. Like a few members have said I think a copywriter is more focused on writing promotional content and writing for conversions.

I just write content for my websites and I don't focus that much on conversions. Perhaps I should be focusing on conversions more but I find that is not what I am very talented at.

I have even been thinking of hiring someone to write my content for my newsletters and to write my calls to action for me. I suck at that side of things but I can get people to read my content What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?

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Technically, a copywriter is someone that copies other people's writing, works etc. But not word for word. In their own way, in their own words. They find copies of something online somewhere, some article, or even videos etc. And then make their own version of that, using the original to come up with their own version of what they have copied. Although that's not strictly copying and is more just writing but just happening to be using some other article or something as the basis of it. Basically, it's taking something someone has said or wrote. And then resaying or rewriting it in a different way. Perhaps in a way that is aimed to a certain group of people and intellects.

Sometimes, articles can be aimed a certain group or type of people that understand what all the big words within that article mean. Where as for some other people they might not have a clue what some of those words mean. So they will get it copy written for them in a way that those other people that don't know what it all means so much, can understand it a lot easier using simple terms or layman expressions.

So a copywriter could also be called a duplicate writer or an imitate writer but that just wouldn't sound right! Where as a writer, well a writer is just a writer. You could call a copywriter a writer, as they are writing, even though they are copying something else. Although not word for word exactly and in their own unique way. But a copywriter is usually writing something that is inspired or based on or duplicated from something else first.

Copywriting is a pretty cool concept really. Since you can basically copy write an article an infinite amount of times. Well, it's true when they say there's only so many ways you can say something. But it's like Chinese whispers and if you hired a million different writers to copy write an article you gave them for you to do they would all probably be able to produce a completely different version from it.

Anyway that's how I see it and the difference between them for what it's worth! What is a Copywriter? - A content writer or something else?

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I consider them the same thing. If you earn money by creating content for any type of website, then you are an online content writer and from my point of view you must know basic SEO and have skills most popular social media networks.
If you don't have this skills then you are just a writer.

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Content writer is some one who writes for the internet. All the written materials on any website is called contents and the person who writes these materials is called content writer. Copywriter is basically a writer who writes broadcasting materials (TV, Radio, Print, audio-visual media). Copy writer and content writer writes different things.

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Copywriters offer much more in the sense that they go into research and write contents that are basically used for marketing purposes and all that. I have a friend that is a copywriter and his work is basically about making research about the products and services offered by his clients and write contents that can increase sales for those products and services.

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I am not really a writer but based on my understanding, a copywriter is one who writes and article based on the outline given to him by the writer or editor. It is like enlarging the items in the list. For example, the list contains points about a speech of the mayor. The copywriter should expand the item that says “water interruption” which is probably a big problem in the city. A content writer is one who writes from scratch and the only basis is the subject matter.

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