Recruiting using Social Media - Why it's so important

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Recruiting using Social Media - Why it's so important

Whether you are in the Staffing or Recruiting industry or not, you may have still noticed a trend with how people find their next job. Being a staffing professional myself as well as experience with SEO, social media, and more, I find that most of my new hires are coming from jobs that I post to my social media. So much so that I decided to up the amount that I post to social media as far as job listings go to once daily. It has increased my business tremendously.

Has anyone else noticed this?

One thing that was on the decline for me personally though is Twitter. I believe it is still useful but the interaction I once had with Twitter is now gone. All the other social media methods seem to still be doing great, however this could very well be my own fault.



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Social media is a good tool for showing people the product or service you are selling. For instance, I you can post pictures of your product on Instagram or Facebook. If people see it they may want to either buy that product, or hire you to make a costume product just for them. It is also a reliable way to advertise your website if you have one. You should also try to have accounts across multiple platforms to attract the largest possible audience.

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Social Media has become the new marketing tool for the whole globe, and for the most part a business that doesn't use Social media for marketing and recruiting is a business that is on it's way out. we are in a different day and age, and the internet just makes life easier, just imagine the time and money it cost to recruit without the internet, recruiting on location, limits the amount of people you can reach.

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Because there are people willing to help in social media some of them are finding online job's to gain profit or part time, job just to earn people are willing to work for money you know that.

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I agree that Facebook is a potent tool for any kind of promotion. With recruitment, I now often see listings of job vacancies being posted by some of my friends. Maybe it's just a start but I know that sooner or later, social media will be the main venue for ads on recruiting and staffing. And why so? Because you can promote your advertisement for free.

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I have seen many companies advertising about their vacancies on Facebook. There have been numerous Pages and Groups created to allow companies or individuals to post about jobs that they are offering. It is free for the companies/individuals to post about their vacancies on Facebook.

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