Bloggers: Write for humans, not search engines.

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Bloggers: Write for humans, not search engines.

Write for humans, not search engines.

A common issue today, we are seeing a lot of people say:

I don't know what's wrong, I purchased all these backlinks and SEO services, but I can't get ranked.
This is probably because you are not writing for the right reasons. You need real, unique, valuable content on your site to make a difference. Sure, you could purchase backlinks, traffic, and almost anything else you can think of, but at the end of the day, visitors only return if they like what they see.

Chances are, you started a blog about something you are knowledgeable in, or you researched keywords and selected a niche based solely on profitability.

If you are aiming to obtain a passive income from blogging, you are not going to find it.

Websites that generate passive income are typically those that sell something and are dedicated to selling this product or family of products.

If you want to make money blogging, you or your writers need to be well educated on the subject. There are tens of thousands of blogs out there that have quality content, that readers are looking for, so you need to provide something better. You need to develop a follower base, that feels like they are getting something out of reading your content.

SURE, buying a bunch of services here on SEOclerks would help you, but it will all be for naught if you do not continuously provide value to your readers.

SPUN CONTENT will almost certainly lead you to failure, and nobody likes to read a bunch of gibberish.

Tips for blogger success:

  • Find a subject you like to write about and don't lose interest.
  • Provide something your readers have never seen, be it a unique writing style, or content that could be used in a research paper. Aim to provide value.
  • Realize it takes hard work to be successful, in anything you do. You are not going to get rich overnight. It will not happen, I'm sorry.
  • Build relationships with other webmasters/bloggers in your niche. It is important to establish a reputation in your niche.
  • NEVER use spun content.
  • Exercise caution when paying for articles. There are a lot of people that will give you spun content and call it a handwritten article. I have tested outsourcing for articles, and unless you are ready to pay $50-$100, you should not expect a high impact article. 1/10 of the cheap articles I've bought, were able to be edited into publishable content. The rest are sitting in word documents collecting dust.
  • If you continue to provide value, you will gain followers. Do not be discouraged when you have spent a month on a project to have no traffic. Lots of websites do not gain traction for several years. NEVER GIVE UP!



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Definitely an insightful post made to be able to personalize your blog to attract even more regulars!

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Very well-written. I have always try to make the search engines to notice my blogs. Sometimes, I feel lazy, this may be the reason why my blogs aren't successful. Thanks for the magnificent advice.

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It is true that your contents must be found by search engines. In order to increase visibility of your content on search engines, you have to optimize your content for search engines by using keywords, have search term or keywords on the title, use visual media etc. However, optimization is not enough for the success of your content. Your content must be readable. In order to make your content readable, you will have to make it useful and information. Content must be interesting as well. To make your content interesting, you should avoid writing on heavily saturated topics. Content is the king and it should be written for humans.

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This is a great article about something that definitely has to be said. A lot of people write for the search engines and try to jam in as many keywords as they can into a couple sentences. You have to think to yourself when writing content, will someone actually enjoy reading this? If not then its obviously not organic and quality writing.

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I am really thankful to you for the suggestion about writing content. It true that most of the writer are writing to rank high in search engine. There are a few writers who are writing useful information for the human being in their articles.

The English dictionary and vocabulary are limited and there is a limit for the combination of words and sentences. If a person is writing an article about an iPhone then another writer would have to write the same specification. How can be the content unique?

People who are running search engine should understand this thing and they should check the content manually to figure out whether the content is written by a human or it is a spun.

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Insightful and well thought out post! I also somewhat agree with your points...

Personally, I feel this all falls down to what your purpose of blogging is:

  • Are you looking to optimize SEO withing your website via blogging?
  • Are your writing for a passive income as a blogger?
  • Are you writing to gain a relationship and connection with your visitors?
Question's like these should be asked in the pursuit of successful blog writing. A lot of times, people think they can just write out text, put it on a website and expect a positive response; it doesn't work like that. Visitors that read blogs are seeking a specific type of informal tone mixed with formal information that captures their attention. Without being too wordy at the same time.

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If anyone wants to seriously make money off affiliate marketing. They need to write for humans. And this way you can see that search engine are going to favor you because the site is popular among humans. That's how many people are making money. And you should focus on earning in that way only. I am sure that there are blogger who write for search engines. But that usually don't work out much as well.

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This was quite a good tutorial I must write.It really exposes what we bloggers should do from the onset.Blogging just like an art needs to be learned, explored and implemented to get the needed result.making passive income from blogging is no child's play and we don't do what it should be then we might not see the needed effects.

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I have met several veteran writers and some of them evenwrite scripts for tv and screenplay for movies. Their first advice to the aspiring writers is to know your audience or readers first. That means you do not write for yourself but for your readers and how would you know what your readers want when in the first place you do not know your readers. There’s a big difference between a young reader and an old reader, that means you also have to classify. Nevertheless, write with gusto and later on revise so it will fit your readers.

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Sometimes I laugh quietly when I see people concentrating in SEO without thinking about creating good or better content. It doesn't mean that if you're doing SEO your site would be ranked better. SEO works hand in hand with good content. Without good regular content SEO won't work.

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