What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it.

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What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it.

When it comes to linking, you'll want to be associated with all "Good Neighbors". Google will evaluate your website based on how many of these good neighbors are sending you some link love and this is one of the main factors when it comes to ranking high in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Not only will you need loads of good neighbor links, you will need a lot of sources for these links. Having 100 high quality links from a single website won't benefit you much, but if you spread them out over 10 or 20 websites then you're rankings are sure to increase as well is your authority in the eyes of Google.

There are various types of links that Google values differently. There are profile links which are extremely easy to obtain manually or through the user of software, but these have been devalued due to webmasters abusing them. You can also get guest posts on high authority blogs which will help, but if that's all you're getting it won't do much. You can get a load of other types like wiki links, in content links, Web 2.0's, High PR links (pointless now), and so on. Diversify your linking structures and you will notice that your rankings will go up in time What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it.

In it's basic description, you'll be building quality links from authority sites and in turn Google will deem you as a popular website. When you become "Popular" you will gain more traffic from the search results What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it.

Building links sounds easy and all, but if you make one wrong turn you could be figuring out how to dig yourself out of a penalty. So if you don't know what you're doing, you need to hire someone to do the work for you. But the great thing is that you're already on SEOclerks and there are loads of great service providers that can help you out with that What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it.

How can I naturally build links?
There are a few ways you can do this, you can do it by yourself which isn't technically "natural" but if you do it slow and don't make it look like a blatant advertisement you'll be just fine. Be sure to post only on good websites that are niche related so that your authority is boosted.

Another way to gain links naturally is to encourage social sharing through your website. Now you won't necessarily gain backlinks from this, but people who see your links might share it on reddit or other websites they are frequently on. This usually takes a lot longer to do because you don't have control over whether someone shares your links or not, and this is why people prefer to do it themselves.

Know who is linking to your pages.
A lot of times a person, not a good one, will run a negative SEO campaign on your website if they see you as a threat. This is usually a good and bad thing, but normally just bad. It's a good thing because you're getting on the radar of your competition but a bad thing because they could be harming your website without you knowing.

A good tool to use is which will show you all the places your getting link juice from. In the most basic description, it's showing you your backlinks lol What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it. You can sift through all of these and try to figure out which are the lowest quality ones which are normally the ones hitting you in a negative way. When you find these links you can begin to remove them by trying to go to the website and asking the owner to remove the link because you did not place it for your own benefit. If you can't get a hold of the webmaster, and usually you can't, you'll want to go on to the "Spot and Stop" step.

Spot and Stop
So you can't get a hold of the website where you want your links removed, what to do now? You can compile all of your negative URLs and open up the google disavow tool. The disavow tool was designed because of the negative SEO campaigns and the need to tell Google that a link is bad and you want it removed from your ranking factors.

Google says to use their disavow tool as a last resort, but you can just open it up and submit all the bad links as your first step if you really want to just like all of us usually do lol What websites are linking to you and how does Google view it.

In Conclusion:
Be sure to be linking to good neighbors and you should be fine until you start getting big enough that your competition starts to see you. Once your competition sees you, you're possibly at risk for a negative SEO campaign aimed at you so just be sure to watch all of the links coming into your website. If there is a jump of 1,000 blog posts overnight, open up the disavow tool and add them all in because these are likely scrapebox links intended to hurt your rankings.

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Google is so tough many have given up. Nonetheless, though, if you are willing to take on the challenge, then one wise move would be to check backlinks via some tool and then later disavow spammy stuff. That would be the first step, but I'm sure there is much more to do. Any ideas on what the work might entail?

Oh, by the way, you might need to look up the Google disavow tool on a search engine. It can be hard to find.

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At one point, website owners and internet marketers would try to cheat the system by buying ... Read more about Google Quality Guidelines for link building

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I pay attention to the sites that are linking to my blog. I have managed to remove some of the links from the webmaster. But often that is not possible. Because lot of links are inside the forums. And this is what makes it a bit harder to manage the links which google indexes. So on that note you can see that websites need to learn how to fix some of the issues using the webmaster tools in due process. I think it's always a good practice to get linked from the genuine websites. That's how we can fix most of the website related issues as well.

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Pardon me for asking this. But why would a person run a negative SEO for a competition? To me, that sounds immoral and indecent. I understand that business is business and the main objective is to earn profit. But to ruin a competition is out of line already. Perhaps we can just do more SEO work on our own website to increase the ranking but it is not needed to run a negative SEO. Again, pardon me for my moralization on the issue.

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