Best hosting platform for free blogging

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Best hosting platform for free blogging

I have a suggestion for the new publishers and bloggers. A new blogger should choose a blogging platform that offers free hosting so you could host your main domain over it.

I started my blog with a sub domain from . There sub domains are Seo friendly and the interface is much easy to use. I earned from there and bought a .com domain. I hosted this domain over Blogger and i am still on it. I don't need to create the pages on the back end as i am not aware of programming and coding.


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That's a nice suggestion, i do agree that blogger is an amazing platform for new bloggers but there's also another web hosting service that offers free hosting to new bloggers , that is word press, it has a few advantages over blogger, it has got better plugins,greater flexibility and provides wide range of web development options, but the only disadvantage is, it is less user friendly when compared to blogger.

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Free hosting is an excellent solution for a business, organization, or church page that doesn't get a lot of hits. Well, I mean no offense to the places I mentioned. In fact, they might even get a lot of business, but they simply don't get a lot of web visitors. In that case, what is the use of paying for hosting?

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I agree that Blogger is a good free option. It is one of the longest running free blogging platform.

There are a lot of free options available though.

One that I would suggest is Medium. It is made by the same people that made Twitter. The only downside that it doesn't offer a lot of control.

And of course the two famous options: WordPress and WIX (I made a thread comparing them, if you are interested).

It depends how much control over customisation you want and if you want simple and easy or more complex platforms where you can freely transform your vision into reality.

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I like the idea of maximizing profits if that's the goal by utilizing a free platform. If in the case the profits begin to grow, then having a smaller investment in just getting a simple domain will come a long way.

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At the moment, the best platform for a beginner blogger is by far Wordpress. The most important aspect for a beginner is that it does not involve costs, so it is ideal to be able to test the market in advance. After this step, you can upgrade to meet all your needs as you move forward in this area. The idea suggested by you is an interesting one, but I do not think there will be any platform in the near future that comes close to the quality of the services offered by Wordpress.

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I personally think that the best hosting site for blog website would definitley have to be host gator, just because I have a couple sites on my plan with host gator and I have had no problems with my sites at all. Now I know that host gator isn't free which can be a problem for a lot of people that are just getting started, but if you can scrap together some extra money host gator is definitly worth the small investment. Also if we are talking about platforms for making blog sites wordpress is the way to go, because the layout is so simple and you can get started right away with no problems.

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I have used two free blogging platforms , wealthy affiliate and ucoz.

For wealthy affiliate, you just need to know a little of HTML code and implement the basic functions there. For texts, you don't need to write codes, just type things in your pages and all can be done. It is very simple to use, especially for promotional usage ! You can also set up many pages for your blogs and have 2 free sites without paying !

For ucoz , the things are very similar to wealthy affiliate and i also need to try more functions of it. Of course, i also use ucoz as promotional purpose!

However, I found that free hosting services cannot hardly be indexed and be ranking by Google. I don't quite sure for this. Hope anyone can help!

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If you'll consider paid platforms, I'd suggest choosing namecheap to host you wordpress. There are thousand of free themes that can be customized to your taste.

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My experience is only with a free blog with blogger, I never tried premium service. How much does it cost to host your blog with blogger?
Instead of upgrading to the premium service with blogger or wordpress, I choose to buy a hosting plan and create my blogs. I started with shared hosting. I paid $9.88 for hosting 3 websites with namecheap.

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Is Wordpress also a free blogging platform? I have been reading good reviews of Wordpress in so many forums that I go to and it gives me an impression that Wordpress is far easier to use than Blogger. However it seems that you have to pay for using Wordpress. For small bloggers like me, the choice would be a free blogging platform which is offered by Blogger.

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