User Testimonials will help increase your sales

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User Testimonials will help increase your sales

When it comes to selling anything online, a service or product, your visitors will want to see what is being said about your services or products prior to making their own purchase. Usually people will do a basic search like "(company/website) testimonials" and see what pops up. Usually you'll get citation websites and big testimonial sites like which became a booming business pretty quickly because consumers always went there to see what others were already experiencing.

A great way to get people to see all your positive testimonials is to post them on your own website. Users will see what's being said, but they might think you're just typing up your own testimonials to sway their opinion of the store or service. I would suggest using a third party system that integrates into your hosting/website and lets verified buyers leave their own testimonials, similar to how works.

Why do testimonials work so well?
Well it's mainly because the person who is wanting to make a purchase will always be hesitant of a new website they've never heard of. If they see testimonials from other random people who have already purchased, they will likely let down their guard and think "Well that person had a good experience, which means I shouldn't have any problems". Increasing the trust value you have with your visitors is your main goal when it comes to online testimonials is key, and testimonials will help do this very well.

Is it bad adding natural testimonials manually?
Well if they are natural testimonials you're getting via email then it won't show on your website. It's great to know that people are saying wonderful things about your services or products, but no one else will see these testimonials and that doesn't increase conversions. By adding these testimonials on your own to a homepage or subpage, you will not be breaking any rules. The only downside to doing something like this is if you are advertising through Google Adwords. The Adwords team could see this as potentially trying to increase your sales through misleading text, even if they testimonials are real User Testimonials will help increase your sales

How to add testimonials to my site?
Well you can go the shady route and just write up your own testimonials, which will make you look amazing, and then manually add them to your own pages. Or you can take the automated route of adding a script like Yotpo and have verified buyers leave testimonials when they want. Now I'm not 100% sure of all the features offered by Yotpo, but I do know that your users can leave testimonials as well as help build content on your site by answering questions from other users.

Are there any tricks I can use to get these testimonials read?
Well there is one little simple trick, and that is to bold what you want people to read.

A good example of this would be if I were to post a natural testimonial that said...

"SEOclerks is the greatest online marketing marketplace that I've ever been on! I saved a ton of money using the services here compared to other platforms!"
With this I would bold out the words "greatest online marketplace" and "saved a ton of money" because those are the selling points. The end results would show as follows:

"SEOclerks is the greatest online marketing marketplace that I've ever been on! I saved a ton of money using the services here compared to other platforms!"
People tend to just skim over websites today and getting them to focus on specific lines of text can increase your conversions a good amount, if you do it right that is User Testimonials will help increase your sales

In Conclusion:
Adding testimonials to your websites will easily increase your conversions because your current traffic will read, or at least skim, the content on your pages and see what others are saying. You can bold out the selling points in order to get users to focus better and make a decision User Testimonials will help increase your sales

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Firstly, I have to say you write really good threads! They're all easy to glance and get the gist of it but also amazing to read through properly because they're informative. Loving you User Testimonials will help increase your sales

On topic: Yes. I think, especially lately, with certain markets getting over saturated with different kind of offers from a million of companies, people will ALWAYS pick and buy from those that have the best reviews. You should try and put yourself into the buyer's shoes. Ask yourself: ''Why would I buy a product or service from a completely unknown site that nobody has ever heard of or reviewed when I can choose a site with over 1000+ positive reviews of happy customers?''. Only a fool would pick the first option.

Investing your time, effort and resources in this aspect (user testimonials) is 100% worth it in the long run. You can also go the extra mile and add these reviews to your social media, like twitter and so on. You tweet about a product of yours then below you quote a positive review. Trust me, it will boost your sales!

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As a buyer, I always look for testimonials and reviews. Therefore, I understand my buyers will also be looking for testimonials and reviews while buying from me. I don't trust a seller that does not have any testimonials and reviews, therefore, why should my buyers buy from me if there are no testimonials and reviews. The first thing you need to sell successfully is testimonials. In order to garner testimonials, you should be selling high quality products and services.

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Yup user testimonials is a great way of attracting clientele and what greater way to advertise your product that having a consumer give their honest opinion about it in a positive way.

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Testimonials are always useful in advertising a product. Often, I see products on sale, I have to look into the reviews which potentially become testimonials, which are effective in selling me their product.

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I think user testimonials if legit can be really helpful. Instead of the online testimonials. I think it'd serve well if those content can be posted offline on some newspaper or so. I have found that word of mouth testimonials from clients to their friends are far more effective. So one should definitely go for that. I am just learning things so hopefully I can make those changes with testimonials.

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Usee testimonials, especially positive testimonials, will add value to the products and services you are trying to sell. user testimonials add authenticity to your products and services. When a visitor lands on your page and spots many positive comments, they will have high regard for the products and services. An online buyer always avoids products/services that have negative feedback. Users testimonials also build content on your website.

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Definitely, testimonials greatly affect your business. When we plan to buy something, we always check the review of the particular product. And when there is 1, just one bad review, we tend to look for another similar product. If your product have positive testimonials, it is one way of getting more sales especially for the searchers who are looking for information on a product.

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