Getting follower on Twitter

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Getting follower on Twitter

When it comes to social media then first important thing is to get followers. This how i do to get followers on Twitter. I use to follow many users of twitter having same interest and more than 50% of them follow me back. It is necessary to use the correct and eye catching tags in your tweets. To get traffic for your blog or website from Twitter, you should have a lot of follower so whenever you post a links they will visit it.

What is your suggestion to get followers on Twitter?


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One of the easiest ways to gain followers on twitter or any other social media is by following like minded people. For example, if you share recipes, you should follow people who share recipes. There are chances that the person will follow you back.
Another way to gain followers is by sharing useful and interesting contents. If you share useful and interesting contents, it is very likely that you will gain followers. If you use popular hash tages, you can gain followers. You can also do cross sharing, for example sharing your twitter links on other social media platforms to gain followers.

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Twitter is a really good tool to boost your traffic and business if used correctly.

The easiest option to increase your followers is of course to simply buy them.

But if you do not want to spend money then here are my suggestions:

- set up your profile properly, your information as so on,

- use hashtags (like you suggested),

- follow people so they follow you back,

- tweet as often as you can but with good content and links to promote yourself,

- promote your twitter on various websites.

I know that it can be frustrating if you aren't gaining as many followers as quickly as you wanted but don't give up. It will be worth it in the end.

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Followers on twitter take strong commitment and unwillingness to give up. Follow the tips above to make your posts more likely to be seen in order to gain the popularity you want.

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A way that I have found success with gaining twitter followers if by doing a couple little things that can make all the difference when gaining real and responsive followers. I always use hashtags that are relevant to what I am tweeting about, not using a bunch but enough to get peoples attention. Another big thing that helps is if you are making an account about something for example a specific music genre. Follow people who seem to be into that same topic and tweet things that cater to that specific topic. Over time you will be able to build followers that are interested in what you tweet which is a very big thing when trying to build a twitter account.

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An easy way to get followers on Twitter is just by following people that are recommended to you and people that you know. You should also follow people who you share the same values, beliefs, etc. So, just follow people you think you have things on common with. Or I'm sure there are apps you download to get free followers.

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i think you should follow those persons who does not have a lot of followers and when you follow those kind of persons they will follow you back so quick and then with doing that a lot you will get two benefits:
first you have a lot of followers
second most persons that you followed are real deal of consumers and if you wanted to do affiliate marketing or leading them to buy something those are the exact persons you are looking for...

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There are easy, like4like exchanges out there that can beef up your follower count quickly.
However, if you are using Twitter to sell a service or product, then these are very low value followers. The best thing to do is define your niche. Search groups on Twitter and join them. Search keywords on Twitter and follow people who have that interest. Many of them will follow you back. Let's say my niche for Twitter is "Cooking Recipes". I want 100 followers interested in cooking as I push my book on "100 recipes in 10 minutes" who would be interested buying my book than 10,000 general followers who don't care and would rather go to McDonald's for dinner. Get my point?

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It is good to share your content and the links to your blog with the people of your own interest. If you want to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account then you would have to follow the people with the same interest. If you have a blogging about cars and bike then you should follow those people who are having the interest in vehicles. In this way, they will follow back you.

This will not only increase the number of the follower to your twitter account but it will also increase the traffic to your blog or website. There are a lot of other ways that people are trying to get more out of Twitter.

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I don't buy likes to grow my original account. Instead I try to follow other people who follow me back. And that sort of strategy works for me. If I continue with such strategy then I am sure it can earn me a lot of good likes and followers. Though these days follow for follow usually does not work. And that is another reason I don't follow the celebrity.

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Great tips cited in this post.

I particularly like Twitter, but unfortunately I have not been able to use it successfully in my marketing strategies on my sites.

I know it's a good tool, but I still need to improve on some things so I can see better results there.

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I like Twitter very much, and I do have 290 followers, I know this is not too much but I least I know that I'm not invisible there and are some people who watch my posts and check on me. Unfortunately, I am following more than 1700, so, I don't know how you took 50% back from those you have followed!

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You can use apps to track your followers on Twitter. You can typically use them to mass follow a bunch of people and then wait a few days until you unfollow all those that didn't follow you back. Aside from that, posting decent content works pretty nicely, but not as much as following people do. I only earn around 1/5th of my followers through my content and the rest are from following them.

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So many have told me that you have to first follow before you get followed. And the best people to follow are the popular ones like celebrities because you get more chances with their followers who may notice your tweets. And the more you tweet, the better chances you have of getting new followers. Twitter is like a game that uses communications or tweets to expose yourself. And with good posts, you get attention and thereby followers.

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Get twitter followers does not happen by luck. You need to think about your content, engage other users, and work on your profile so that you can entice more followers.

If you have no idea on how to start gaining followers, you can follow this easy steps. These will not take much of your time and effort, but you will definitely see a difference.

  • Tweet regularly
  • Schedule your tweets
  • Learn when to tag, reply, and retweet

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