Hiring social media management companies to help you out

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Hiring social media management companies to help you out

When it comes to social media, sometimes you need to hire a social media management company (SMM company) to help you out. One the the best reasons to hire an SMM company is to help you with all your social media needs to you can focus on other aspects of your business like fulfilling orders, answering emails, managing your PPC campaigns or other R&D projects you plan on launching in the future.

So many people are paying SEO companies to do their social media management, but it that always the best route to take? I do SEO for all my websites but even I get overloaded and sometimes bring in a friends company to help me out so I can focus on other aspects, but that's pretty typical when it comes to SEO. What if I get overloaded and I need some social media management done instead of SEO? Wouldn't it be smarter to hire an SMM company that focuses solely on social media posts and such than it would be to hire an SEO company who does social media as just a part of their package?

When it comes to an overall SEO campaign you need on page optimization and off page optimization. A key factor that we all know is that social media posts and getting activity on your pages is going to help you rank better for all your keywords. Google wants to see that you're active and that your following is talking with you. So by hiring an SMM company I wouldn't have to really worry about this on any of my social media platforms, right?

The Pricing
So we all want to know the pricing of something like this, right? Well if you're just hiring a company to do all of your social media management and not your entire SEO campaign it should be cheaper, right? Well it all depends on what you want and need I guess. You can easily set up hootsuite and schedule everything to run for you, but you'd have to respond to everyone and do market research to see what would get the most attention to your posts and how to configure and design your images for the biggest impact within your following.

For all the major platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest and Google+ you could probably get a good bundle package for around $200 a month. Now this would include all of your posting, follow/unfollow, commenting, answering questions, etc. The company would basically be YOU while running your profiles and your followers wouldn't know any different.

If you were wanting to target just a single platform, lets say Instagram, you could probably pay $20 to $70 a month depending on what exactly you need done. One of the companies I've been working with to build a few of my Instagram profiles has a few different payment plans, each having a bigger benefit than the one before it, and I pay them $70 a month to help me out. All they do is post on Instagram, follow and unfollow, like pictures and respond to comments for me. Within the first month I got just under 5,000 followers naturally and this month is on track to get even more Hiring social media management companies to help you out It also depends on your niche, so keep that in mind when gauging your success with Instagram. You might get 1,000 followers using similar services or you could get 10,000 which is amazing, but again it really depends on your niche.

If you were to hire a different company to work on each of your social media profiles it would definitely cost a lot more, but you could probably pull in a lot more traffic in a quicker amount of time. But think about it, if you're paying $70 a month just for Instagram then they other platforms will likely be similar in price to that. Factor in the bigger platforms, the 5 I mentioned, and you will be paying $350 a month in total. Now this isn't a bad price at all if you think about it, you just have to find the right companies that will do good work for the right price Hiring social media management companies to help you out

When it comes to finding the right SMM company you'll need to sift through, or filter out, a lot of the garbage in order to find the real gems. It's a tough thing to do if you're impatient, but it will definitely be worth it if you can manage to get through it lol. You will need to treat this the same as if you were trying to find the right SEO company.

Steps For Filtering

  1. Search for the companies for a specific social platform
  2. Figure out the pricing for each (if it's listed)
  3. Add all companies you like to a list
  4. Contact all companies via email 1 by 1
  5. See who responds quickly
  6. Remove any companies where there is a language barrier
  7. Pick your favorite

Doing the steps above will leave you with a company that is on top of their game and doesn't treat their service like a random $5 service you can find online. They respond fast and that's a key factor when I choose a company to hire. If there isn't a language barrier then it will be easier to relay information and they won't have to any translation when posting.

In conclusion:
If you want to hire an SMM company I would only do so if you're overwhelmed or have enough funds that you don't mind having someone come in and work with you. You will definitely have to filter out the weeds to find the flowers, and it can be pretty extensive but worth it after you find the right company or companies Hiring social media management companies to help you out

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I wonder how expensive it is if you consider the results that they give you versus you doing it all alone? I'd love to see some percentage of how different it is.

I personally never hired a social media management company so I honestly have no idea. I'd love some information since you have experience with it Hiring social media management companies to help you out and maybe which would you recommend? It has to be a bit tiring finding a good one when you have so, so many available ones to choose from.

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Well, if you are not running a big business and have some free time to spare, you can easily manage it on your own. If you had multiple social networking accounts / sites / pages, and thousands of people following you, it might be smart to add someone to your crew. You might miss out on some important questions and topics about your business if people post and mail you often

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I have personally worked with business for their social media promotion. And managed to reach as much as people possible. I can tell you that there are ways with which many people can manage to get the most out of their social media campaign. I think it all comes down to content and the viral possibility of the content. That's where things can change for any brand.

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I have never worked with a social media management company or social media manager. I have always done my own social media campaign. Well, actually I am not an expert on social media management, however, I have never hired an expert because I don't have the budget. What is more effective, a social media management agency or social media management expert? Is there any difference between working with a company and working with an individual.
Pricing is very important. How much we pay should depend on the amount of work we have to be done.

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Your estimated cost of $200 a month for marketing in social media platforms is affordable for big companies. It is just like paying a part time worker. But my concern is the effectiveness of the work. How do you measure or quantify the positive effect of social media marketing, just by the amount of sales? Anyway, I think some individuals with a big business can also avail of that service although it’s not that easy to hire a company in doing that work.

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