Google Fred Update details

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Google Fred Update details

A powerful update to Google algorithm happened in Mar, 2017 which seemed to have affected majority of websites which are employing black hat techniques.

So, how do you know if you are affected.

  • Lost google rankings
  • Drop in Alexa - yes alexa is not always about traffic
So to recover, all low profile backlinks disvow them, then add fresh content preferably over 1000 words, don't stuff keywords only 2-3 times in
one content is more than enough, re-write meta tags, build manual links about
50 of them. Your rankings is sure to improve in few weeks time.



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Yeah, a lot of people were affected by this update. We have some threads about it already:

new google's Fred update
What was the Google "Fred" update targetting?

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Pardon me for saying this but you have to admit that there was so much ado in the past Google updates that it can definitely affect the ranking of your site. But did the update affect the ranking of your site? Come on, guys, there is no need for a hype about Google updates because the past had taught us that those updates have nothing to do with the ranking of our sites. Be fair to everyone, no need to scare us.

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