Odd businesses that are profitable

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Odd businesses that are profitable

When it comes to running a successful business you at least need a good idea to revolve it around. This could be a simple drop shipping system or a SaaS system which takes a lot of knowledge in order to program and get running. Now there are some of these companies out there today that go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to a unique idea lol. From dog poop pickup services to cuddle clubs that you pay for in order to cuddle with someone. If it's odd, and you can market it, you will likely get some sales and hopefully go viral enough to keep it going for years to come Odd businesses that are profitable Below I'm going to go over some odd businesses that I've found over the past few years.

Some Odd Jobs

1. Have you ever heard of an eclipse? Of course you have! It's when the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun and is visible to us in the sky. I'm sure that you know if you look at it, it will hurt your eyes and possibly blind you (or so your teachers wanted you to think). Did you know that there is a company that sells paper disposable glasses that are designed just to look at a solar or lunar eclipse? The company is called American Paper Optics and they can get you a shnazzy set of glasses to look at any lunar eclipse you want and not harm your eyes. Their glasses will block out 100% of the harmful UV rays, 100% of the infrared rays, and 99.999% of the intense visible light. Not bad for a pair of glasses, you would think they'd sell more of these to everyone around the world lol. You can purchase these glasses, but not by individually, you will need to purchase a lot of 25 and that will cost you $0.85 per piece. These are great if you're a teacher and you want to let your kids look at the solar eclipse while protecting their eyes.

2. Have you ever been lonely and just wanted a hug or cuddle? Well what if you didn't have the option to get that from a loved one? Don't worry at all because they're is now something called Cuddle party and they can help you out!

When I looked over their website I read that Cuddle Party is a "Playful social event designed for adults to explore communication boundaries, and affection." These little get togethers are full of people wanting to just talk and cuddle. They can work on their person to person conversational skills all while cuddling. It helps teaching the members how to talk and ask for what they want (not sex). It is a really odd business model but the people who have attended a few sessions say that it's a great way to learn boundaries when with a complete stranger and how to communicate while learning about consent and showing affection while not in a sexual environment. Cuddle Party was founded in 2004 and has federal recognition as a non-profit education organization lol.

3. Have you ever been online looking to buy something but then you begin wandering and don't know what you're actually looking for? Well there's a business called SomethingStore where you can pay $10 for an item and literally get anything. You don't really know what you're getting, so it's kind of fun since it's a mystery. The items sold are brand new (never used) and never have been refurbished and will always be $10.

When looking on the website I found out that your "something" could be a variety of things from a nice little gadget to a tennis racket or anything in between as long as it can legally be traded within the United States and is worth $10. Since incorporating in 2007, the company has sold over 200,000+ items. This number could be much higher since that statistic could be fairly old Odd businesses that are profitable

4. Have you ever been out in the middle of no where and you wanted to get married? Or have you planned a destination wedding within the United States and there is no chapel? Well don't you worry because The Wedding Wagon has you covered! This chapel on wheels is main in Las Vegas (of course) but will travel for an extra fee. You will be paying $129 to get a nice little wedding ceremony out of the back of a van lol.

You can choose the exact location of your wedding, usually in Las Vegas, and what time you want to get hitched. The Wedding Wagon will come bearing a minister, a witness and a fully fledged chapel on wheels Odd businesses that are profitable

5. Have you ever had that one friend who smelled? Well now you can anonymously let them know through MyFriendSmells. The website is run by a scent company named SWAGO which specializes in on the go cologne wipes.

All you have to do, if you know the smelly persons address, is to choose the scent and whether you want to send them one wipe for $1.99 or a pack of 4 for $4.99 and then add in your credit card info and buy it. It's pretty simple and will SWAGO will send out the wipes anonymously to the smelly person lol.

These are great for your friends and if you want to play a joke, or if you really like the wipes and want them for yourself lol. Even though there is no way to track the packages back to you, you should never send this to a boss or manager because it could spiral downward and just piss off management and make your job hell for a week or longer lol.

In Conclusion:
These are just 5 of the many businesses I've found online that have odd ideas but are pretty profitable. If you remember my recent post where I talked about how there was no dumb question, well there isn't really a dumb business idea because these oddities prove that Odd businesses that are profitable Stick with your odd ideas because you don't know how much money they can make you down the road Odd businesses that are profitable

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I think I will have to watch Shark Tank to find out some of those. About 30% of the pitchers on that show make business out of bizarre ideas and their confidence levels always shock me.

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You'll find the odd trending video on youtube that will talk about the oddest jobs ever. Or reddit. Aside from that, lucrative, unusual businesses often aspire to be profitable quite suddenly.

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The third option reminds me of the appeal of radio stations. Note, a lot of people like the radio format for certain cable stations and their vehicle because it's unpredictable. Note, this was also the appeal of those CD players which randomly play songs rather than force you to listen to them in the order they were originally placed in. Finally, the big appeal of birthday gifts is that you just don't know what you're getting.

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I have seen people doing genealogy business. And they are hiring other people to work on finding the background. You can see that some of such business require a lot of hard-work to find people. And if they do find and collect the data that would be surely one thing to consider. I think some of such jobs that include people doing hardwork for information finding can be good. But they are not going to pay much. But definitely they can be profitable.

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I once read about a business which offers Face Slapping Massage. I think that this business is based in the U.S. Apparently the slapping will help someone to get rid of wrinkles. I wonder if this business is really profitable. This is one weird business that I have come across.

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Sometimes I wonder how people can think of such wacky jobs. In another discussion, there was that job where you will be paid to sleep. Just to talk and cuddle that somehow may lead to something made me curious. That’s a pretty good job since you are like being in a party. But wouldn’t it be awkward to be cuddling someone who you don’t really know? What if the person has body odor? Or maybe has a communicable disease?

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