Which Is More Profitable Flipping Domains or Flipping Websites

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Which Is More Profitable Flipping Domains or Flipping Websites

I am new to the business of domain and website flipping. I bought some domains including some new ( .xyz, online , club ) domains but I found it is very difficult to sell them. I tried most flipping and auction websites with no luck so far.
I know that premium .com domains are expensive and beyond my budget so I focused on the new extension( xyz. club, online, io, ...etc) domains.

Now I am thinking in developing websites based on some of my domains for flipping but as most of you know already, developing a website may take long time and effort.
Will flipping the domain be more easier and profitable than building a website for flipping?
Which working method can I use in each case to be successful.

Your suggestions will highly be appreciated.


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Both domain flipping and website flipping have their ups and downs.

I'll go over website flipping first.

Some people will set up a website and claim it's making millions in a month or so and they want to sell it for $100,000. Now this is an instant red flag because if it's making 10 times what the seller is asking for, why would they be selling? I know if I had a website making even $20,000 a month I would be asking for at least $100,000 since that's what the normal business model would be. You can sell a website for roughly a 6-24 month profit depending on if the website has good branding and you can build on it further. Some sellers will even falsify their traffic by buying traffic packages from random websites just so they can submit google analytics reports that show a low bounce rate, high unique visitors and 10 pageviews per visit. Now these are all false, but it's difficult to tell just from images and people will buy. In short, don't be a scammer and say your website is the best when it only gets 3 people a day and making $0.01 a day.

Building The website:
Building a website on a domain is pretty easy for most of us. Putting up shared hosting account and dropping your domain on it with a free wordpress theme is only a few clicks and around $5 a month. If you can set up a website, or auto blog, to generate content for you then this is your best bet. You'll have to edit all the content as it comes in, so make sure you are pulling content from sources that aren't super well known. This way you can become a bigger authority than them and actually get indexed before their pages do. Over time you can generate a good amount of traffic and sell it to a buyer. You can even contact your competition and try selling it to them Which Is More Profitable Flipping Domains or Flipping Websites

Now I'll talk about domain flipping

Time Of Ownership:
You may get what you think is a great domain name, but others don't see how it could be a good one. You could be holding onto that domain for a few years, and that's never really profitable unless you build up a website.

Getting The Right Domain:
Obtaining the right domain can be difficult. You can pay $100 for a great domain and $10 a year after, so now you're looking at $110 for the first two years of ownership. Now you have to sell that domain for at least $110 within the first 2 years in order to break even. Not difficult right? Wrong! You need to get the domain name in front of people and market the hell out of it which takes time. And time is money. Be strategic when buying domains, buy ones you know will sell for sure. Buy domains that are semi taken already, just get a different extension. If someone owns then you buy,, and so on. This way you can pitch them the domains for a little more than what you paid for.

Buying Pre-Owned Domains:
You can snipe domains that are expiring and sell them back to the website/business that previously owned them. This is kind of a shady method since you could be dealing with lawyers if the business has trademarks on the name. Kind of like if was available and you buy it then try selling it to They would basically give you the money you paid for it and you'd be in hot water if you tried it again lol Which Is More Profitable Flipping Domains or Flipping Websites

Built Up Domains:
Now some people put a lot of time into their websites and build up the domains. You can actually get domains with a decent PR and numerous backlinks which would be easy to rank and bank. Or you can put a website on the domain and build it up a little more and then flip it Which Is More Profitable Flipping Domains or Flipping Websites

In the end, I would say to build up a website on the domain and flip it. It's the less risky of all the method and you can actually make money off of monitizing the pages with adsense. If you're making enough to pay for your hosting, you're on the right way to profiting in the long run.



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I personally think website flipping is more profitable. Domain flipping is very hard these days because lots of people do it and premium domains costs a ton. It is very hard to get a premium domain and sell it for more. If you don’t have connections with buyers, it will be very hard to sell domains and you have to reply on marketplaces but unless your domain is extremely good, then it isn’t that easy to sell it there too.

However, with website flipping, you can earn money from the website itself before selling it assuming it generates money. Most of the time, only websites with good income will sell well. There are lots of webmasters out there, like myself who are willing to buy website with income. If you buy a website, increase the revenue, then you can sell it for more, you will earn a decent profit. Personally, I don’t really flip websites as I manage them and earn revenue from them. However, website flipping can be very profitable if done correctly.

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Great topic! I think it all comes down to the sales page really. You can sell any domain with the right sales page. If you big up your domain enough, even if its just the domain, no website, no social pages nothing but just the domain. It can still sell for a pretty penny.

For example, listing out the reasons why that domain is a good domain for someone or for some business. Telling people what sorts of things they can do on that domain such as run a blog or business portal, online store or a forum perhaps.

Tell people why you registered it in the first place and what the idea and inspiration behind it was. People want to know why they should buy something and once you tell them this it gives the domain or website a much better chance of selling and getting interest in it.

Most people just put something like "Hi all I have some domains for sale" then list them out in the post. This isn't really helpful and wont do much for you. Its fine to have a title like "Some Great Domain Names for Sale Must Look!" but don't just put the list of domains. And if you do, put some other details about them such as their age, their PA, DA, CF, TF (if any), Alexa rank, moz rank etc. People like to see the numbers as well as the domain.

But its often best to create one thread per domain and use a descriptive call to action like "An excellent opportunity for BMW enthusiasts with my great BMW domain" if you was wanting to sell a domain about BMW cars for example. As long as you get my point. Come up with your own titles for whatever domain you're selling. That should help you get more interest and sell more domains! Which Is More Profitable Flipping Domains or Flipping Websites


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Domain flipping requires research and patience. You can't get to sell a domain in a flash by just buying and throwing it around for sale. I suggest you look into flipping websites. That too requires research and some initial work plus time but it has more guarantee than domain flipping. You can be creating amazon associate websites, develop them with contents then sell after 4 - 6 months for a profit. That is more easier if you put in the work.

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I think both can be profitable. One has to see what is good in terms of profit. And in some cases domain itself can be profitable. And in some cases the domains can be not but more of the hosting. In case of the profit, I have seen some of the website is good there as well. You can find that flippa with the good monetization strategy.

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I think flipping a domain is easier. I can't speak from my own experience but from the experience of a friend. It turns out he bought a domain name that was useful, although he did not know it at the time. He had plans to use the domain but never got around to building the website. He was contacted by a buyer who wanted to buy the domain. He sold it! For a pretty penny! Although it was unintentional, his experience tells me that it's probably easier than you think to flip domains.

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Flipping domains and flipping websites, both are difficult. I tell this from my experience. I have tried to sell my domains and websites through various marketplaces, however, I have been unable to sell anything. Flipping a domain/website is just a matter of luck. I saw on flippa a domain that is just a random letter sold for more than $500, however, my two letter keyword rich domain remains unsold even though the price is just $30 (I registered for $10 and paid another $10 for renewal).

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I also registered the new domains in a hope that I may make money by flipping them. I marketed my domains for the entire year, yet without any luck. Then someone told me that websites sell faster than the domains. Then I began building websites. It has been over six months, yet I have not found buyers. Domain flipping and website flipping both are difficult to achieve.

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Both have their own good and bad points. Domain flipping is more challenging and a timely process. You need to have a lot of capital to buy all the ones that you think will be in demand and then wait.
On the other hand, website flipping will get you instant buyers if the website has high traffic and revenue generation model. But to build such a website, it will take you at least a year.

The one pro with website flipping is that you have sites like Sedo, BuySellEmpire, Flippa, and FE International as broking marketplaces. Domain flipping is a niche in this niche, and hard to find success in unless you own premium ones already. Thanks.

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I also think that your best bet is website flipping. Most people want to make quick money from this but there is no shortcut. I think you need to learn the skills needed to build a successful website. If possible take a course and get a mentor who will guide you through this process. Then build your website from scratch and build its earning potential. I think once its earning you have little to loose you can sell it or continue to build it. There is no shortcut to life, guys.

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This reminds me of an iconic movie star here whose children wanted to have a website for her. But when they checked the available domains, all were taken. One fan who is our friend contacted the owner of one domain. The owner replied and when the fan demanded for the guy to release the ownership because the name does not belong to him. As expected, the guy did not reply anymore. Maybe it was a trick to sell the domain later.

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