Can I create SoundCloud Services?

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Can I create SoundCloud Services?

Hey guys
I'm Mount, I want to create A lot of SoundCloud Services.
So can I create this service Now?



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Hi Mount! Soundcloud services are allowed on here yes. But I don't think they are accepting/allowing any more new soundcloud services if there is already lots of them on here for sale already. They have been removing people's services for this reason. So unless your soundcloud service offers something totally new and unique. I don't think they will let it be and it will possibly get removed.

Honestly Mount, there are already many many soundcloud services on here. More than a buyer could ever need! From many different sellers too! So as said, unless yours offers something completely new and unique to the Marketplace that nobody has ever seen before I don't think it will "stick" mate.

The best thing to do to is open a new support ticket with staff and ask them first. It's good that you asked here first though! Kudos to you for that!

But I hope this helps!


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