WHMPHP or Zamfoo - which one is better ?

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WHMPHP or Zamfoo - which one is better ?

If you have good knowledge about web hosting services/business then I think you will know about WHMPHP and Zamfoo. However let me share some basic info about these two plugins/tools...

WHMPHP is a control panel developed for creating Master Resellers and Resellers. With the Master Reseller privilege, a reseller can resell reseller accounts, control the reseller quotas, assign private name servers, suspend, unsuspend as well as terminate resellers. WHMPHP is available only for cPanel based servers


Zamfoo is a plugin which provides additional features to a Reseller and makes his work a bit easy. Zamfoo plugin needs to be installed on the server and can be integrated with Reseller center. The OS recommended for Zamfoo is Cent OS, as its the most compatible OS for cPanel/WHM

From my opinion WHMPHP is better then Zamfoo. WHMPHP is professional and good for any successful hosting providers and Zamfoo for a Oversellers. I have tried both WHMPHP & Zamfoo and WHMPHP is my favorite one. Its works like a charm. Its smooth, easy to use and professional. It would awesome if we have option to buy WHMPHP lifetime license...However,,,. which one is better form your opinion ? Do you like WHMPHP also ??


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I actually prefer ZamFoo because it's so easy to use, updating is smooth and I've had good experience with their support - super fast. Plus clients love it WHMPHP or Zamfoo - which one is better ? Doesn't ZamFoo have more features than WHMPHP?

Another alternative you didn't list is WHMReseller but I've never used it so I can't say if it's good or bad. Maybe somebody else has experience with it.

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I heard about Zamfoo firs time on this thread. I have used the WHMPHP plenty of times with the client. And it can be surely a good option for those who want to get thing quickly done. I think zamfoo would be worth checking out. I have to check out it's demo on the youtube and see if that's fit my clients needs.

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WhmAmp is the most secure and easy to use plugin those days.

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