You don't need to know how to code to be profitable with websites.

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You don't need to know how to code to be profitable with websites.

When it comes to websites and being profitable, you don't need to know how to code or program anything. Over the years I've been attempting to learn how to code and program with no success because I take too many breaks between teaching myself that I don't retain much information for when I do get back into it. I never have enough time when it comes to teaching myself a programming language or HTML because I have a lot of work to do for clients.

If you're in the same boat as me, it's not a bad thing because you can always hire a person to help you out You don Sure it costs money, but it's not as much as you think. Some programmers and designers will charge you $30+ per hour to get something done, but that's just insane when I can pay someone $300 a month to do the same thing and they're working 8 hours a day for the month lol.

Being Successful
When it comes to being successful online you don't have to really be great at everything. Focus on one thing and be the best at it in order to get noticed online. I am pretty good at online marketing and SEO so that's what I focus on while I outsource the rest. I've put up and worked on hundreds of websites over the years and I've gained an extensive knowledge of how to make these websites profitable over time.

The wording it takes to convert into a sale and the linking structures that are needed in order to rank a website are just a couple things that you will learn over time, and they have nothing to do with programming and coding lol. The most code I do is an HTML hyperlink in order to get my links on websites which aren't mine to increase my rankings in the SERPs You don Now I do know my way around the code of my websites, but I couldn't type all of that up myself.

Cross Learning
When it comes to making money online you need to know how to do some marketing, but that's not always the easiest thing to do. If you're great at marketing already, but are horrible at design and programming, you won't have a great website to put up in order to make money off of. On the flip side, if you're great at design and programming you will likely be bad at marketing. You'll have a great looking website but no one to come and play on it lol.

Now this isn't always the case because I have ran into a couple programmers and designers who also know how to do proper marketing for their websites in order to make money online. But these people are extremely rare and should be treated like an online unicorn lol.

Learning how to do proper marketing, programming and design is extremely tough to do and you'd be better off focusing on one and outsourcing the others. For me I'm not great at both programming and design so I tend to outsource it to people I've built relationships with over the years. I tend to purchase wordpress themes from themeforest and then I will have my designer tweak what I need done and have my programmer add some stuff if I want it You don I basically have a 3 person team that can get anything done for a website You don

Cross learning all of these is definitely possible, but you're going to be investing an enormous amount of time into it and you could be making money in a quicker amount of time just learning one of these while outsourcing the other 2 for a small fee.

In The Beginning
When the internet started and the first website was launched, I'm pretty sure it didn't look great. But what happened if the programmers and designers weren't any good, how did they make money? Well back in the day, when everything started online, there wasn't the greatest search engine algorithms set in place like we have today.

Hell, there wasn't even search engines right at the beginning because there wasn't enough information online in order to index lol. This means that with very basic coding skills anyone could get a website up and running and profitable with the right marketing techniques.

With basic code and designs these first websites were making money hand over fist by selling online if they knew how to link it to their bank accounts. Remember, PayPal didn't even exist right when the internet and first websites launched, so people had to code something or have it coded in order to link to their bank accounts.

Marketing back them was much more guerilla warfare compared to what it is today. Now you can buy ads on the search engines and niche related websites in order to gain traffic, but back then it was tough to do. You had to put up a website and talk about it on other websites in order to pull in traffic. You're not going to want to hear this, but, everything was done manually back then You don

The learning curve for programming and design was pretty steep since there wasn't much as to an online tutorial, YouTube video, how to or even a book to read in order to learn. A lot of it was trial and error and I'm sure a lot of the programmers and designers today wouldn't be doing what they are if they had to learn this way lol.

In Conclusion:
You don't need to know programming, design and SEO/Marketing in order to be successful online. Figure out what your strengths are and hire someone to back up your weaknesses. If you're a good marketer then hire someone to do the design and programming, and vice versa. You actually have it a lot easier in today's world to become successful online compared to when the internet first launched, so be grateful You don

What do you think?

Do you need coding skills to run a successful website?

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Yeah, no, I don't think you need any coding skills to run a successful website today! You might have done years ago since everything was less done for you back then as opposed to how it is today where everything is virtually done for you and you just have to "slap" things together. You couldn't really do that going back about 5+ years like you can today!

Mind you, saying that, you didn't really have to learn code back then so much either. Although sometimes you was forced to! Say if you had some problem with the code on your site. You basically have 2 choices (1) hire someone to fix it for you or (2) learn how to do it yourself. And the amount of times I had some code issue/error with my sites, that's how I learned how to code or learned about HTML coding anyway. And I probably saved a fortune too doing that. Not time though, as it takes time to learn things yourself like this but when you're living on a shoe-string budget, learning to DIY is the best way to do it IMHO! You don

Thanks for a great article!


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No, I don't think you need to know code. Really, you don't even need to know how to use an FTP. Nonetheless, though, FTP or cPanel knowledge can be a major help. However, as for coding, it's helpful, but, honestly, you don't really need it that much unless you want to put a banner on some forum. In that case, you need to know a little BBcode or HTML.

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Knowing some coding is always a nice, helpful thing, but you don't really need to learn coding to be able to make profit from your websites, I think. Anyway, coding can make websites interesting, mesmerizing, and more user-friendly, though.

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It can help if you know how to code, but nowadays, you don't really need to code to be able to launch and maintain a profitable website. If you're using a ready-made theme, you can use its customization features to give your website a unique flavor. If you have more funds to invest, you can pay someone to customize the site for you. It does take time to build a website and if you have no plans at all to offer website design as a service, you can use the time to start working right away on growing your site. It can be too much to handle if you're operating the website as a one-person team and handling the backroom at the same time.

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Do you need coding skills to run a successful website?

Hmmm …?? Let me revise your question just a touch.

Do you need coding skills to run a website?

Had to take out the descriptive term “successful” because I have run several websites.
But whether or not they were “successful” is up for debate. You don

I have tried both. DIY, build your own websites apps AND Ready Made websites, already built for you, just customize with minor tweaking and fly like a bird!

The DIY apps were free with upgrades. I recommend them. There are many out there. Webs, Weebly Wix, WordPress. And those are just the ones that begin with “W”.

The Ready Made websites, cost a monthly fee and I paid out more than I took in. Was not profitable for me. Might be a good idea for others.

A friend told me he was going to learn how to build websites to earn extra income. We lost touch with each other but that probably worked for him. Me? It's a good skill to have but not something I want to do for others.

But like you, what I have learned is that you don't need to expend your effort and energy learning design and programming UNLESS you're going to be that person that other people hire for that particular “job”.

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I don't know how to code yet I have 6 wordpress websites running successfully. If you have coding skills, your job as a webmaster will be easy, however, if you don't know coding, there is no end of the world. I cannot say about other CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, for instance, however, wordpress can be run without any coding skills. All you need to know is manage themes, plugings and tweak few things. Having said that if you want to give your website professional look tou need coding skills.

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What I understand in cross learning is enhancing your knowledge outside your forte. And with the example, it is the opposite in me because my main line is writing so I can call myself a content provider. But with marketing, I still have to learn the basic steps although I have some knowledge in offline marketing before. I know that online marketing is different so it is not easy to adjust especially when the clients are from abroad since your only connection is the internet.

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