Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

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Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

When someone starts out working online they will likely need to have a website set up and that means you need to decide to go with a pre-designed site or a custom designed site. Each type of design has it's own benefits and drawbacks, and I'll go over them in this discussion. I like going with each of these, but I do provide to go the wordpress route for some reasons that suite me, which I'll list below Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

When it comes to custom and predesigned sites, which is better?
Neither type of design is better than the other because they both do the same thing, they get a website up and running for your traffic to come in and comment, like, share, etc. You can judge which is better based on how they look, how much they cost, how they work, how user friendly they are, etc. But in the end it's all up to you to determine which you like best Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

What is the cost associate with a predesigned site and a custom one?

  • Pre-designed - A pre-designed site, or a theme, is usually what you'll upload to something like wordpress. Purchasing a theme isn't that difficult, but it could be intimidating if it's your first time. I would recommend going over to and searching for a theme and spending a few bucks on one. You can usually get one for less than $80, which is pretty good when it comes to a theme with a load of free plugins that would normally cost you an extra $50 to $200 but instead get packaged in with the one $50 to $80 purchase Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website
  • Custom Design - With a custom designed website you will be looking at a much higher amount of money. This is due to having to hire a designer and programmer to do the work. Finding good designers isn't tough to do because you can just search through SEOclerks and contact a bunch of them, but if you didn't know about SC then you'd be doing a Google search and ending up on a random website that will most definitely charge you $1,000 to $3,000 per design. I know this for a fact because that's what I charge for a custom design lol. The benefits of a custom design are that no one else will have what you do, unlike a theme that is available to everyone, and you can be seen as much more unique.

What do people prefer to browse through?
The beauty of this is that people usually don't know they're on a wordpress theme or custom website unless they actually do some research Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website You can go to some websites and type in a domain name to see if it's actually a theme or a custom design, and if you're doing this then it means you couldn't tell from just doing a basic search, so do you think your traffic will know if you didn't?

Having custom designs are great, but a wordpress theme will help you get online quicker and possibly making money to cover the costs of what you paid for the theme and hosting Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

What do you prefer, Razzy?
I actually am pretty biased to Wordpress because I have been scammed by plenty of "Designers" who claim they can do great work but in the end they just wanted to get paid and said what I wanted to hear lol. I remember back in the day, maybe 5 years ago, I paid $3,000 for a custom design and in the end it just looked like a templated piece of crap. In the end I found a great looking wordpress theme for $75 and had it customized slightly for another $50 Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

I prefer to go with the wordpress themes over custom designs because it saves tons of money and the TAT is as quick as you want it to be since your get an instant download and have to upload it yourself Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

In the end it's always good to have a custom designed website, if you can afford it and have a good team to build it. I prefer to go the wordpress theme route because it's much cheaper and I can control the speed of launch and not rely on a designer or programmer talking back and forth to get everything finished Wordpress Theme vs. Custom Designed Website

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I will always choose wordpress, I did use to own and run few normal websites but I always use wordpress these days. Apart from one of my business websites which is just run from a php script. Also wordpress as a great amount of really great plugins for also seo uses and other uses like built in forums such as buddy press and much more .

Yoast is my best plugin for word press.

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A third way involves uploading a ready-made theme and then just messing with some banners, pictures, and colors. In that case, you could make a ready-made theme look quite unique. However, though, you need a little tech know-how, but not too much.

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I find that with a lot of the ready-made websites that you get from ThemeForest, they are so customizable that in the end it doesn't look like a cookie-cutter product that is a clone of the rest! Wordpress has always been my go-to when making websites, and I'll always turn to Themeforest to get a base theme I can play around with rather than spend hundreds, if not thousands on a customised one.

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I'm no web design expert, but I've always opted for Wordpress themes.

Usually I choose the best theme for the project and make timely adjustments in colors, fonts and logo. But despite this, I value a lot the work of a site 100% customized.

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I'm currently using Wordpress and you're right, it's the quickest way to get your blog running which is just great for a newbie like me. I've learned HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and even AngularJS online but I know that it will take time to build a website that will fully satisfy my requirements. That's on the pipeline, though, and I hope to be able to do it by next year on a new website. Meantime, my blog is already up with less fuss and a few tweaks, thanks to a free Wordpress theme.

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I prefer to build wordpress sites with themes instead of custome design. In order to do custome design, you need coding skills, or hire some one to do it for you and this cost a lot of money. Having a good theme can make your website awesome. This also cost less. I have never paid for themes, however, I am thinking to buy themes and have them installed on my websites.

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I have always loved the WordPress theme than the pricey custom made which might still turn out crappy especially the amateurs webmasters.With Wordpress theme it comes at little or no cost and the theme can be tweaked to our own desired.It all about going for the theme that best suits one's taste.

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