What makes a website search engine friendly?

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What makes a website search engine friendly?

So you're asking "What makes a website search engine friendly?" and I can say that you're in the right place to learn. You website needs to be easily accessible between both the search engines and your visitors. If you can optimize your website for your visitors then Google will in turn love what you're doing because they're all about people being happy when it comes to websites.

When building a website it can be confusing when it comes to making it search engine friendly, but don't worry because I'm here to help as best I can What makes a website search engine friendly? If you don't want to learn, you can always resort to paying a designer and programmer to do what you need done. Now if you go that route you will still need to be able to convey what you want, so I would brush up on my terminology when it comes to web design and programming so there aren't any techy language barriers.

Your content should be easily indexable
When making a website you'll want to have your content in HTML text format. This will result in a better crawl by the search engine bots and spiders in order to you to get indexed properly. Avoid having an all flash website because Google now hates this type of design and will either index your pages wrong or not at all.

  1. Add alt tags to your images in order to help Google understand what your images are about. In fact, alt tags are now a good way to help increase your rankings in the search engines.
  2. If you do have java or flash parts of your website, be sure to add text to it somehow so it doesn't get overlooked by the search engine spiders.
  3. Audio and visual aspects such as a video embedded into your pages won't get indexed unless it has a proper title and description added to it. If the page just has a video then Google won't be able to accurately assess what your page is about.

Why you should optimize for specific keywords related to your niche.
When it comes to making your website, or pages, search engine friendly you will want to optimize each page for specific keywords related to your niche. This is because you will want to show Google what keywords each page is about. If you're not telling Google what the pages are about how do you expect to gain any traffic from their search results?

A few ways to optimize your pages for specific keywords
  1. Add your keywords near the beginning of titles, descriptions and content.
  2. Add your keywords 2 to 3 times per 100 words of content on your pages.
  3. Add alt tags to your images to show Google what the image is about
  4. Try and get your keyword into the sub pages URL
  5. Interlink your pages with keywords that are related to the pages they are linked to.

Making your design responsive (mobile friendly)
You'll need to code and program your website in a manner that makes it friendly to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. With one of Googles recent updates they made it so that websites which are responsive, or mobile friendly, will rank better in the search engine results pages because Google is all about keeping it's visitors happy.

Think about your URLs
When adding a subpage to your website you'll want to think of the the title to the page is going to be. You'll want to keep it under 70 characters in order to have a better chance of ranking for your desired keywords. Now this doesn't mean you can't rank for keywords with a 200 character title, but it's going to be cut down the the maximum amount of characters allowed for Google.

In Conclusion:
There are a lot of things that you have to do in order to make your website search engine friendly and start pulling in that sweet sweet traffic from Google. You need to do so many things from optimizing your titles and descriptions to adding optimized content and adding alt tags to your images for better chances of ranking. Not only do you have to worry about that, you have to remember that your design has to be responsive. A plain Jane website with 100 high quality backlinks and a responsive one with the same links will rank different since Google now loves mobile friendly designs. So make your design responsive and avoid the headache of struggling to rank.

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Great post and am following you. I use some of these on youtube as well as websites . Great tips mate thankyou razzy some of the information I have took notes of and will implement them on my future sites and the sites I own already.

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I want to appreciate your effort to guide all of us with useful information on making a website search engine friendly. It is true that website pages should be easily accessible by the search engine and users. Content should be high quality and keywords should be related to the topic.

This article provides the complete A-Z information about making your site search engine friendly. I never read such a piece of information in a single place. I am really thankful to you for providing best SEO tips.

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I think the quality of the search results is what makes and breaks the deal. Most of the quality of the content from google is lot better than the Bing and others. You can find that google has lot better search and they improve their own self. You can see that sometimes it can be easier to have the search engine with typical result. But it's not easy to have it made per query basis. Google keeps an eye on cookies so they know a lot about user actions.

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Having decent backlinks to authority sites. Having a good number of visitors, that of course means having quality contents that provide value. I have seen sites with not much contents (articles) and decent enough visitors because the articles are very rich, not in keywords, but in providing solution to the content discussed.

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Here comes that mobile friendly issue again. Maybe website designers have to set a standard when making the design that it should be compulsory to be mobile-friendly otherwise the website will be missing 50% of the potential visitors. I have been to several websites that are not responsive and I had to use the computer in order to post. Using the phone or tablet will just show me the page but I cannot input on the site.

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